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A stage will be the centrepiece of any event. We endeavour to deliver sturdy, safe and pristine stages to make your next event shine.


 Our stage available for hire is quick and easy to assemble with a minimum of fuss. We can leave its sides open, facilitating easy entry and exit and provide a set of steps according to your specifications. 


The staging modules are crafted to the highest standards, making sure that it can withstand heavy loads and stay locked in throughout. Safety won’t be a concern since all our stages consist of a non-slip top surface.


Irrespective of the size of the stage, be it small or large and everything in between, we offer indoor stage hire Sydney, outdoor stage hire Sydney and portable stage hire Sydney.

Indoor Stage Hire

We are Sydney’s leading supplier of quality indoor stages suited for small and large events alike. Our range of indoor stages available for hire is of different dimensions and configurations. Be it a wedding, engagement or any other indoor functions, we have a range of indoor stage hire options that best suit any type of event. Whatever be the size of the stage that you require, be it large or small indoor stage, we got you covered.


These indoor stages feature stairs, handrail and stage skirting. Owing to its lightweight design, the stage can be manhandled into position. The indoor stage Hire can be assembled in a matter of a few hours. All these features make our stage the best option than those applications that need a high loading capacity, easy installation and dismantle. We also provide a range of roofs that can cover the indoor stage, and install stages on uneven ground. 

Portable Stage Hire

If you’re in the lookout for portable stage hire Sydney then look no further than Symphony Events– our portable stages are quick and easy to set up. Portable stages require only a fraction of time to assemble when compared to other stage options. If you require extra stairs, besides the existing steps, we can provide it as well for an extra cost. We can deliver the stage to any suburb located in Sydney.


A portable stage hire will be a great addition to all your events, be it school functions, sports events, concerts, food festivals and various other outdoor events. 

Outdoor Stage Hire

We offer a variety of stages, ranging in dimensions and height for outdoor use. The outdoor stage hire is available in a range of vibrant colours and style, to create the right ambience for your event, yet still serving the purpose. All our outdoor stages are durable, sturdy and meet the highest standard and withstand weight loads. It doesn’t matter what the size of your event is- be it small or large, and if you require a stage apt for that, we have it all! Our outdoor stage hire is completely waterproof and can be complemented with extras such as lighting, sound, effects and visuals.


You can either choose from an open or covered option and single-level or tiered option. Our outdoor stage hire can withstand any weather condition. The stage can be built over sloping ground, or over uneven surfaces or even can be lined up with an existing stage. Outdoor staging can easily be installed in surfaces such as concrete, pavement, compacted sand or even on grass. 

Stage Hire Sydney

Symphony events offer the most convenient, professional and efficient staging setups in and around Sydney.


Our stages available for hire meet all the compliance regulations, with temporary structure certification and engineering certification, so safety is not a concern. 


No event is big or small for us. We strongly believe in offering the staging and customer service par excellence. So whether you’re in the lookout for stage hire Sydney solutions, we have the skillset and tools to meet all your needs.

Our staging systems are the ultimate in easiness to install, convenience and portability without any fuss. Our stages feature modular platforms and risers with which it’s height can be adjusted.

At Symphony events, what matters the most is the quality and safety of each stage that we provide. Get in touch with us to take the first step, and we’re more than happy to help.


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