Srilankan Hindu Wedding

Srilankan Hindu Wedding


Srilankan Hindu Weddings hold significant similarities with Asian Hindu weddings. The colorful yet rooted in religious traditions set the perfect beginning for the new lives of the couple. The wedding-related ceremonies kick-off days before the marriage day.




During the gold melting ceremony, the groom hands over a gold coin to the goldsmith, which is melted to make the bridal pendant. Elders from both families and the groom attend the function. The bride is not allowed to participate in the function, also, from this day, the bride and groom are not permitted to meet each other till the wedding day.


Kanni Kaal Planting


Following the Ponnurukku ceremony, on the same day, Kanni Kaal planting ceremony occurs in both grooms and brides home where the Indian coral(Mulmurukku) tree is planted, symbolizing prosperity and fertility for the couple. After the ceremony, Athirasam(a sweet) is prepared and served to the attendees marking the happy day’s end.



On the wedding day the bride’s brother and relatives, visit the groom’s house, and the groom, along with his family members, is escorted to the venue where the ceremony is being held. With Aarathi and sprinkling rosewater, the groom is welcomed at the entrance of the hall. The bride’s parents lead the groom to the well-decorated Manavarai(Mantap). The groom gifts the bride’s brother a gold ring in return for accompanying him to the wedding Mandap.


The Mantap is decorated with hanging mango leaves, the pillars of the Mantap are adorned with a ripened plantain tree. Kolam’s artistic design is drawn on the venue floor with colored powders, rice flour, saffron, flowers, and scraped coconut. Saffron and mango leave act as disinfectants in the venue. A metal pot, preferably brass or silver pot filled with holy water and mounted with coconut with its head up and surrounded with five mango leaves, is kept on the Mandap.

After certain rituals for the groom like Vighneswara Pooja, Raksha Bandhanam, and some fertility payers, the bride arrives at the venue beautifully dolled up, accompanied by the groom’s sister and bridesmaids. She is seated on the right side of the groom.


The main Srilankan Hindu wedding ceremonies start with Shiv-Parvathi pooja, followed by the Navagraha pooja, wherein the nine planets are worshipped. These poojas are held around the sacred Agni, considered the spiritual witness for marriage. During the Kannikadhaanam ritual, the passed away ancestors are called upon to bless the couple. The bride’s father places her hand on the groom’s, a symbolic way of giving her daughter to the groom.


After the blessing of the wedding necklace and the wedding outfit, the bride changes and wears the blessed bridal dress and ornaments gifted by the groom before the wedding knot. Amid mantra chantings, Nadhaswaram music, and loved ones’ blessings, the groom ties the nine-stranded wedding necklace.


Following the tying of the wedding necklace during the Muhurtham, the couple exchange garlands promising partnership lifelong. After tying the knot and exchanging garlands, the bride shifts her position from the groom’s right side to the left side. Now the new couple holds their hands and walks clockwise around the holy fire.

Ammi Mithithal 


After taking seven steps around the central fire, the Ammi Mithithal ceremony takes place. The groom holds the right toe of the bride and places it on the grindstone. This act symbolizes that the bond between the couple will remain stable even during unexpected difficulties of life. After this, the bride is presented by toe rings(methi) on her second toes, which symbolizes a married woman. The methi is made of silver rather than gold, as it is believed that gold should not be worn below the waistline.

Ring Game


A silver and a gold ring are placed in a pot containing water. Both the bride and groom put their hands together in the pot, and the one who finds the gold ring is considered the winner. The winner is said to have the upper hand in married life.


The Wedding Feast


A vegetarian meal that includes all six tastes is served to the guests. The newly wedded couple eat from the same plate and feed each other as part of a ceremony called Poothaakalam.

Wedding Attire Of The Bride


Beauty and elegance are two apt words to describe the bride. Traditional silk sarees of bright color shade complemented well by heavy classical ornaments is the typical wedding attire of a Srilankan Hindu bride. The sarees with contrast and rich borders have golden weaves held in between in their borders.


Hair is well tied back neatly with a bun and plait combination and decorated with flowers and ornaments that match the saree color. Toe rings made of silver, anklet, nose ring, Thalaisaman are some of the prominent jewelry of a Srilankan Hindu bride. The bride enters the Mantap wearing a transparent golden veil that covers her face.

Wedding Attire Of The Groom


The groom usually wears cream mundu and a shirt made of silk fabric. A special headwear called Thalaip that looks like a turban is worn on the head. Nowadays, it is common to see grooms in sherwani and other western outfits. Groom has minimal ornaments consisting of a gold chain, bracelet, ring, and clipping or real studs made of gold or precious stone.


Srilankan Hindu Wedding ceremonies are the epitome of culture and elegance. Every ritual showcases the grand union of souls, friends, and families. A Srilankan Hindu Wedding will be a real treat for your eyes and mind with the best feast and ambiance around you.

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