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Sangeet Night


The Sangeet Night, as the name suggests, is filled with never-ending music enjoyment and is hosted for the couple, days before the wedding. The stage and the music selected are the main attractions of a Sangeet Night. We make needful arrangements for a Sangeet Night with careful selection of songs and set up a grand stage for the event. Attire and makeup also play an essential role in the success of the Sangeet Night. We can help to connect you to best makeup and costume stylists in the industry matching your budget.


Food and entertainment sessions need no introduction when it comes to an eventful night as a Sangeet Night. The feast is the main attraction of any Indian functions, and Sangeet Night is no different.

A wide variety of Indian and other cuisines are served for the guests. To keep the guests engaged, we offer various entertainment programs. Professional singers and an expert DJ can impart a feel to the occasion. We can help you with arranging them at a budget rate.

sangeeth & mehendi in sydney

Choreographing the dance programs by a professional artist brings in new life and energy for the overall event. Arranging a choreographer can be a difficult task for the ones with less idea about the domain, don’t worry, we can help you find the best at affordable rates. A good anchor can coordinate the programs and ensure the active participation of all the guests. Our services include all services from setting up the stage to arranging the anchor.


Please contact our friendly and enthusiastic team for all your queries and concerns related to Sangeet Night planning. 

Sangeet is one of the beautiful and enjoyable prewedding events. On this day both families from the bride side and groom side will come together to celebrate the union of their children.


To make this day beautiful, before the wedding day all the women in the family come together with dholaks and spoons and sing traditional wedding song. Some say that this is the function to the dreams and hopes of the bride, while some others consider this as a relaxation time of parents. Our expert team members have unique ideas to make this a day colorful and memorable. We provide all the items required to make this wonderful night.

What is a Sangeet Night?


One of the most frolic celebratory events among the varied Indian wedding traditions is Music night or Musical party, better known as the Sangeet night. It’s not just the celebration of the union of the bride and groom, but their families as well. It’s an event where both families bring down their barriers and get to know each other well. It’s a celebration that can be toned down or made grand as both the sides can afford. Sangeet nights are hosted on the day before the wedding. It can either be held in the bride’s home or at a hotel room- it all depends on the number of soirees who would show up for the sangeet ceremony.

What Happens During a Sangeet Night?


During a sangeet night, every relative, cousin or friend, who is talented enough will pent up energy to give a dance performance. The relatives from the bride’s family will entertain the guests with melodious songs. Often the songs that they voice have meaningful lyrics that best describe their family members and how they are. Another important part of Sangeet night is henna, where every female guest gets their hands designed with elaborate and intricate Mehendi designs. The best part of a sangeet night is food. You have an array of dishes to try out, catered by the best in the industry.

sangeeth & mehendi in sydney
sangeeth & mehendi in sydney

Sangeet Themes 


Starry Night Theme 


Starry night theme is trending off-lately. Imagine holding the hands of your better half while you walk with bling all around. What’s more dreamy, whimsical and ethereal than that of a starry night theme? Your sangeet night will turn out to be momentous if it’s centred around the starry night theme.


Peacock Theme 


Imagine your sangeet night turning out to be a photo booth for your soiree, with a peacock theme. Let the entrance be spectacular, with a floral peacock designer set up right at the main hall or entrance. Amp up the spectacular venue by adorning the ceiling with blinking light drops.


Hollywood Theme

If you or your better half are crazy about Hollywood movies, rather than Bollywood flicks, then a Bollywood theme will be your best bet. If you’re after something that matches your tastes and wants to be yourselves without any rituals or traditions, then you won’t go wrong with a Hollywood theme. Just make sure that the sangeet decor, outfit and music goes well with the Sangeet theme.

What to Wear to a Sangeet?


Anarkali Gowns 


Ace a truly traditional look by donning an Anarkali gown. One good thing with this must-try outfit is that it’s ideal for any ceremony. If you want to make the most of the sangeet ceremony and yet want to be comfortable all night, then an Anarkali gown is something that you should try on.




One of the most graceful attire, lehengas, is a wardrobe staple that every woman should have. This versatile ensemble in vibrant hues is something that you can flaunt and make heads turn when you show up in a sangeet ceremony. Brides, bridesmaids, relative or friend, can instantly be the centre of attention with a lehenga ensemble.


Saree Gowns 

If you’re after something out-of-the-ordinary, then a saree gown is just for you. A saree gown will look its best on slimmer and taller silhouettes. Saree gowns feature contemporary drapes, and the playful vibe of this sangeet attire suits a sangeet night like no other. By teaming it up with the right accessories and shoes, you can nail the best saree look, without the trouble of draping.

sangeeth & mehendi in sydney

Sangeet Ceremony Ideas 


Surprise Karaoke 


Who wouldn’t love singing their favourite track with a karaoke?

Sangeet is all about music, dance, fun, merriment, so why not make it more fun? Call out the bride or groom’s name and invite them to sing a peppy number and set the stage on fire!


Fashion Show 


Who wouldn’t love to strut down the ramp, and that too on a Sangeet night? All you need is some jazzy light decor and some Bollywood peppy numbers to take your sangeet night a notch up! Invite every family member and your friends to strut in style!

A Flash Mob 


An idea that has quickly taken over sangeet nights is a flash mob. Get the party started with a flash mob grooving over popular Bollywood tracks. It’s the most fun way to kick start your sangeet night celebrations, and for that, all you need to do is plan a flash mob with your family members and cousins. Spread out among the audience and surprise them with an impromptu flash mob. It will be a fun night to remember.


Sangeet Menu 


Shahi Pulao and Murg Lababdar 


Being exquisite yet regal, the combo of Shahi pulao with the Mughlai delicacy Murg Lababdar can be the main course items that guests come over again and again to relish it. Scrumptious and filling, these dishes cooked in authentic spices will tickle your taste buds.


Lachha Paratha and Paneer Tikka Masala 


The best accompaniment that your guests can have are some flaky lachha Parathas served hot with some mouthwatering paneer tikka masala. Paneer tikka masala really draws the crowd and gives the menu the fullness factor. This is the dish that you can repeat serving for your reception or wedding ceremony.


Yellow Dal or Black Dal Curry 


The best thing with these dishes is that it’s cheap, yet the best accompaniment with roti or rice. Since these dishes are not that heavy, so your guests can groove all night in your sangeet ceremony as well as a safer choice for ones who prefer vegetarian food.

sangeet night mehndi night haldi ceremony

Sangeet Invitation 


Mandala Invitation


Mandala Sangeet invitations are popular for a reason- it’s one-of-a-kind, yet attractive. These invitations feature a gold or silver shaded mandala occupying either the centre or corners of the invitation. A mandala invitation looks stunning with its gold or copper shade and bold serif font.


Flower Invitation


Flowers are obviously an integral part of any occasion that calls for celebration, and sangeet nights are of no exception. These sangeet night invitation cards neither go outdated nor do they seem drab. Flowers occupy either the corners or centre portions of the sangeet invitations and look absolutely stunning.


Quirky Invitation


They’re extreme in vibrancy and liveliness, and you can get hold of one customised based on your exact needs. Oozing with art and colours, a quirky invitation can be that missing quirky quotient of your sangeet night.

Sangeet Decor 


Sangeet nights are incomplete without a glitzy and vibrant decor that draws the attention of your soiree and sets the vibe for the celebration. We are experts when it comes to offering opulent sangeet decor that sets the scene with style, elegance and class. Our sangeet decor spans over sangeet stages, backdrops, seats and table centrepieces. Symphony events offer a broad range of Sangeet stages to choose from at affordable prices. Sangeet stages are one of the basic elements to a Sangeet decor as it sets the stage for you and your guests. Take the first step by contacting us!

sangeet night mehndi night haldi ceremony

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