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haldi ceremony

Haldi Ceremony


The Haldi ceremony symbolises happiness and prosperity in the lives of the bride and the new couple. The paste of Haldi is applied to the bride by the friends and relatives, offering her all blessings at the start of the married life. Haldi ceremony is usually done a day before the marriage or on the morning of the wedding ceremony.


The traditional excitement demands skilful planning to create the perfect ambience of the event. Symphony Events offer a wide variety of beautiful themes to celebrate these joyful moments.


Symphony Events are well aware of the specific responsibilities for the Haldi ceremony. We understand that controlling the number of attendees for this private event is very important, as the Haldi ceremony is hosted only for close relatives and friends. Setting up space with the yellow colour theme, usually an outdoor one at the home of the couple, according to the number of guests covers a significant part of our service.


We also arrange various activities and fun games to make the event a sweet highlight in your memories. Our Haldi menu is simple but rich in variety; beverages cover a greater of the list. Ring us for more details about the Haldi function planning; let’s make the bliss of yellow reflect in your smiles too.

Sangeet Night


The Sangeet Night, as the name suggests, is filled with never-ending music enjoyment and is hosted for the couple, days before the wedding. The stage and the music selected are the main attractions of a Sangeet Night. We make needful arrangements for a Sangeet Night with careful selection of songs and set up a grand stage for the event. Attire and makeup also play an essential role in the success of the Sangeet Night. We can help to connect you to best makeup and costume stylists in the industry matching your budget.


Food and entertainment sessions need no introduction when it comes to an eventful night as a Sangeet Night. The feast is the main attraction of any Indian functions, and Sangeet Night is no different.


A wide variety of Indian and other cuisines are served for the guests. To keep the guests engaged, we offer various entertainment programs. Professional singers and an expert DJ can impart a feel to the occasion. We can help you with arranging them at a budget rate.

sangeeth & mehendi in sydney
sangeeth & mehendi in sydney

Choreographing the dance programs by a professional artist brings in new life and energy for the overall event. Arranging a choreographer can be a difficult task for the ones with less idea about the domain, don’t worry, we can help you find the best at affordable rates. A good anchor can coordinate the programs and ensure the active participation of all the guests. Our services include all services from setting up the stage to arranging the anchor.


Please contact our friendly and enthusiastic team for all your queries and concerns related to Sangeet Night planning. 

Sangeet is one of the beautiful and enjoyable prewedding events. On this day both families from the bride side and groom side will come together to celebrate the union of their children.


To make this day beautiful, before the wedding day all the women in the family come together with dholaks and spoons and sing traditional wedding song. Some say that this is the function to the dreams and hopes of the bride, while some others consider this as a relaxation time of parents. Our expert team members have unique ideas to make this a day colorful and memorable. We provide all the items required to make this wonderful night.

mehandi night

Mehndi Night

There is a purpose for all ceremonies that take place in connection with the wedding. Mehndi Night too is celebrated for a cause. The mehandi designs symbolise joy, peace and happiness and the whole function aims at wishing all happiness and offering all blessings to the bride before starting a new life. The name or the first letter of the groom’s name is also included among the designs. Combining the sangeet night and the mehandi ceremony is convenient as well as a pocket-friendly option.


Symphony Events offer all-round service of Indian pre-wedding events so that you can sit back and enjoy the dream come true moments.

The Mehndi Night is a woman dominating function, and its a part of the custom to apply mehandi on the hands of all the guests. Entertainment programs, live food stalls, photo booths, live bangle making, all these ideas can help make the function unique and welcoming. We don’t just arrange the venue event-ready but work very closely with our client to make the event an exceptional memory in their lives.


Symphony Events help our clients in finding a suitable venue to host the event, allocating budget for the mehndi night, hiring henna artists, booking entertainment programs, selecting a theme for the mehndi night, Plan the menu, and much more. 

Applying Mehndi to the bride on a prewedding day is one of oldest Indian wedding tradition. During this ceremony, the mehndi artist will apply mehndi on the bride’s hands and feet according to the religious tradition. Mehndi represents the bond of matrimony, it shows the love and affection between the couple and their families. This ceremony is mostly celebrated by the bride’s family. So this function is considered to be the bridal shower of Indian weddings.


Do you want to make your mehndi decoration elegant and memorable one? We are here to help you, we the Symphony Events professional team makes your prewedding day a memorable one in your life. Our professional mehndi designer applies modern mehndi design to the bride’s hands and legs depending on the religion of the bride. Our team makes this ceremony colorful and musical also mixed with some fun which makes the event more attractive and memorable.


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