Indian Wedding Mandap Decorations

Indian Wedding Mandaps

The most pious place where two lives become one is the Mandaps. Yes, the marriage rituals are carried out in Mandap and this is why we believe in providing the best Mandap Decor to start your new life. All the Mandap related materials, decor, lightings at the backdrop etc are taken care of by our team to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Our Indian Mandap Decorations are extremely beautiful and made with very high quality. May it be Hindu wedding or any Indian Wedding the Mandaps will stand out and grab the attention for sure! Contact us for Mandap Hire Sydney.

Indian Wedding rituals are carried out in a Mandap, a four-pillared stage. Being a place where the main rituals are carried out, a mandap is made beautiful with floral displays and swathed in vibrant colours traditionally. Mandaps have transformed from what it used to be in the past, and nowadays mandaps are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, shapes and finishes. Indian wedding mandaps are normally very opulent and ornate.


Are you getting married and looking for mandap hire Sydney that can make the wedding celebrations go with a swing? We offer a variety of Indian wedding mandap decorations that can complement other decorations, themes and colour schemes in the wedding venue.


Quality is what matters the most, in the case of mandaps, since it is the centrepiece of an Indian wedding. At Symphony Events, our vision is to provide you with high-quality Mandaps and lend a personal touch of elegance. Our team decorates the mandap using fresh flowers, lighting, and silk or satin drapes to make the wedding venue look nothing less than stunning. Be it any shape- square or circular mandap or any design concept that you have in your mind, we make it a reality.


Picking the apt mandap decorators is essential since the entire look of the wedding venue depends on them. Our mandap decorators will work closely with you, and make sure that you get the best mandap within your budget. 


And when it comes to Indian wedding mandap decorations, you need to consider the decoration of all the extras such as flowers, lights, silk or satin drapes. Our mandap decorators at Symphony events, will make suggestions and give you advice regarding the mandap decorations in order to get the overall look of the mandap right.


We offer an all-inclusive Indian wedding mandap decorations, starting from mandap transportation, assembling the mandap, and demounting it.

With years of experience in decorating mandaps, our wedding mandap decorators design bespoke mandaps. With this extensive experience, we manage the design and decoration of the wedding mandap creatively. Since our team is experienced in Indian weddings of all sizes and shapes, they are flexible while working in complex wedding venues. In order to make sure that the wedding mandap suits every other aspect of the wedding, we take into consideration the Indian wedding theme and the attire of the bride and groom.


We always strive to come up with something unique for our clients who want something out of the ordinary for mandap decoration. We make use of all the resources for the purpose of decoration, to create a personalised wedding decor that will leave you in amazement.

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Even though there are numerous mandap designs to choose from, there are mandaps available in different materials as well, from hand-carved to fibreglass mandaps. But mandaps from Symphony Events stand apart from the rest, with its excellent quality, made of quality materials with traditional designs that will look spectacular. Our team makes sure that the decorations are hassle-free, right from the initial enquiry until the completion of mandap decorations.


Our team of passionate mandap decorators will first consider your idea, preferences and opinion, and then only move forward with decorations. Our mandap decorators are well-versed in the current decorating trends and only use advanced accessories for Indian wedding mandap decoration. We know what it takes to meet the requirements of our clients, right from our inception through providing elegant mandap decor and highly personal service.


The mandap can be decorated in a simple or complex manner, according to your wedding theme. We merge both traditional designs and modern designs as well.

We have built a strong reputation in providing the best in class Indian wedding decoration services because of the experience, competence and most importantly, the deep understanding and clearcut idea of Indian weddings.

Since there are a lot of mandap preferences nowadays, it’s essential that you need to prefer the mandap that reflects your personal preferences and style.  Most importantly, the mandap decoration should complement the decor theme of the venue.


Choosing the mandap that’s right for you becomes difficult since there are plenty of mandaps hire Sydney options available nowadays. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Simply tell us your mandap requirements- be it a basic or a comprehensive one and we’ll deal with the rest!

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