Luxury South Asian Wedding

Among the numerous types of weddings, Luxury South Asian weddings stand out for a lot of reasons. One reason is that it reflects the exuberant attitude of South Asians like Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Afghans etc. towards their life and culture. Another reason is their great emphasis on fine details and not merely spending a lot of money. Luxury South Asian weddings consist of more elaborate traditions and rituals that are closely linked to each other, that span for about a week.

South Asian Wedding Traditions 


Roka Ceremony 


Deemed to be the beginning of a formal relationship amongst the families of prospective bride and groom, Roka ceremony is observed to secure commitment to their relationship. Both the families present gifts and sweets to each other, symbolising the future welcoming of the groom’s family to the bride’s family and also the other way round.


Chunni Chadana Ceremony 

Chunni chadana ceremony is reckoned as the token of acceptance of the bride-to-be by the groom’s family. The ceremony resembles engagement in the west. During this ceremony, the groom’s mother places a chunni(a scarf) on the bride’s head and gifts her traditional jewellery. Following this, the bride and groom exchange rings.

Sangeet Ceremony 


Considered as a women centric event, a Sangeet night ceremony is held at the homes of the couple, where the relatives sing wedding songs while the rest of the relatives and friends dance to its tune. This is a point when both the families forget about the wedding jitters for a while.


Mehendi Ceremony 

Luxury South Asian wedding tradition calls for a Mehendi or henna ceremony, where the bride’s hands and feet are adorned in beautiful henna designs depicting different motifs. To get the Mehendi art done, the bride has to sit for hours with her hands open, and most of her relatives and friends also get the art done, in turns.

Jago Ceremony 


Jago means a steel pot, with candles. Held days before the wedding, the groom’s family will leave for their paternal home with the Jago. To announce their arrival, they boisterously sing songs and concurrently summon the neighbours to join their revelry.


Milni Ceremony 


Better known as Baraat, the groom’s family arrives in a procession to the venue and is welcomed by the bride’s family. This is the symbol of coming together of the two families. The bride’s family lends a shagun to each of the groom’s relatives, starting from the eldest relative.


Wedding Ceremony

The wedding celebrant chants the sacred verses from the scripture of the couple’s religion. In Hindu wedding tradition, both the bride and groom, circles the ceremonial fire for seven times, and this tradition is named as Saptapadi. The bride’s father places his daughter’s hand over the groom’s hand, and this ceremony is known as Kanyadan. This is named as Anand Karaj, in Sikh tradition. The families arrive at the Gurdwara, and the priest recites a set of prayers called ardas. They exchange flower garlands to each other and are thereafter considered as married.

South Asian Wedding Dress 




Among the plethora of South Asian wedding dress options, Lehenga is the most quintessential choice of a South Asian bride. And you’ve a myriad of options to choose from to pair with your lehenga, such as crop top, long kurta as well as jacket. On top of that, if you’re after an attire which is easy to wear, then a lehenga will be your best bet.




Designed to turn heads, the South Asian variant of the gown worn by western brides is the most sought after attire ideal for a Luxury South Asian wedding. Take your look a notch up by donning a gown.



From Nepali brides to a Sri Lankan bride, a saree is the iconic attire worn traditionally by South Asian brides that you’ll never go wrong with. But the style in which the wedding saree is draped varies from one region to that of another. And when it comes to saree, the options are plenty, which lends you the perfect bridal poise and makes you look exquisite.

Sydney’s luxury South Asian wedding planners strive to actualise beautifully planned weddings that are opulent and unforgettable. We are well-versed when it comes to wedding planning, and have more than eight years of experience in planning Luxury South Asian weddings as well as bountiful weddings of other cultures around the world. Our adept and meticulous team, here at Symphony Events will see to it that everything is perfectly detailed, and creates an experience unique to you.


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