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Undoubtedly, Indian wedding jewelry is the most prized possession that any Indian bride can have. It is something that is passed down from one generation to another.

Once you’ve finalised the wedding attire, the next thing that you’ll be looking forward to is the jewelry pieces that you’ll be wearing for your wedding day. And when it comes to Indian wedding jewelry, there are quite a lot of options.


Indian wedding jewelry has a special value, especially in India, and the bridal look on the day of the wedding greatly depends on the jewelry that you choose to wear.


Since Indian wedding jewelry is available in numerous types of metals, it’s mostly affordable for people belonging to all classes. When compared to jewelry made of gold, silver and platinum, the jewelry made of colourful metals are becoming more and more popular these days. Some Indian brides prefer jewelry pieces that are in trend, with intricate designs. 


Here are some of the different types of Indian wedding jewelry, that help you choose the right one for that most auspicious occasion.

Polki Jewelry

Traditionally used by Mughals, Polki is an exquisite piece of jewelry with uncut and unpolished diamonds embedded in gold. When compared to diamond jewelry, it costs next to nothing.

Owing to its raw finish, and exotic shine, Polki jewelry is the most sought after choice of Indian brides. When compared to Kundan jewelry, Polki jewelry has a good resale value.


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Mughal Jewelry

Another on-trend Indian wedding jewelry, mostly preferred by Indian brides and Bollywood divas alike is the Mughal jewelry. What makes Mughal jewelry stand apart is its ethnic motifs and chunky gemstones- it ranges from navaratna gemstones to enamelled motifs.

Kundan Jewelry

Introduced by the Mughals, Kundan jewelry is crafted by Rajasthani artisans. It is one of a kind, with its intricate designs and flawless finish. Kundan jewelry has gold or silver shade and has glass imitations that are set in stones.

The Kundan ensemble consists of maang tikkas(forehead jewelry, neckpieces, nose rings, to name a few. It is the most expensive Indian wedding jewelry. 

Gold Jewelry

Traditional Indian wedding jewelry is mostly made using gold. Gold jewelry has an auspicious value attached to it. South Indian brides usually wear Gold jewelry. Gold jewelry occupies a special place among various types of Indian wedding jewelry. Since it’s price continues to surge, Gold jewelry is considered as a great investment.

One good thing with having gold jewelry is that you can remodel it as you wish, to give it a trendy look. Traditional gold jewelry can be transformed with the help of modern artisans and technology. 

Pachchikam Jewelry

This type of Indian wedding jewelry originated in Kutch and Gujarat, having a one of a kind elegance and an old-world charm. Pachchikam jewelry stands apart with its intricate artwork, style and uniqueness. It’s a unique combination of silver base metal and precious stones. Crafting pachchikam jewelry is quite a difficult task, but the results are really worth it.

Silver Jewelry

Mostly preferred by Indian brides for their pre-wedding rituals such as Tilak, Mehendi or Sangeet ceremony. If you’re looking for a rustic bridal look, then look no more than oxidised silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is the most favored choice of Indian brides in rural areas, owing to its affordability.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl is considered the “queen of gems.” If you’re trying to achieve a minimal look, then just go for pearl jewelry. The options are many- fine stranded, multi-layered and statement pieces with which you can make a bold statement. A pearl ensemble consists of maang tikka, neckpieces, bracelets and earrings. Pearl jewelry goes well with any attire.

Temple Jewelry

Normally used to adorn the idols in temples. But nowadays temple jewelry is used as dance jewelry and as a Indian wedding jewelry. It is a bulky piece of jewelry having ornate patterns and a pendant with Hindu deity such as Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi etc.

Temple jewelry is the most favoured option of South Indian brides. Temple jewelry is often associated with prosperity and good luck. 

Diamond Jewelry

Most Indian brides wish to wear diamond jewelry for their wedding. What makes it appealing is its lustre and colour. You have diamond jewelry available in numerous cuts, carats and unfinished forms to choose from. Diamond jewelry is a classic choice of Indian brides. You can pair it with almost any type of wedding attire.

Meenakari Jewelry

If you’re looking for a colourful and bright piece of jewelry, then just go for Meenakari jewelry. This type of Indian wedding jewelry originated in Rajasthan and later on gained widespread popularity all over the world. Meenakari jewelry is crafted using a range of colours such as green, yellow, white, red etc. and precious stones are embellished in it. Popular design options are fish, peacock, flower etc. Meenakari jewelry has kundan design on its reverse side, making it a dual-purpose jewelry.

Jadau Jewelry

Jadau jewelry is popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It features various types of gems such as diamond, pearl, ruby, sapphire, and emerald with a stone in the middle of the neckpiece.

Jadau jewelry has meenakari design on its reverse side, that you can wear according to your attire. It is one of the most expensive types of Indian wedding jewelry.

Lac Jewelry

Lac jewelry or Lacquer jewelry, has its roots in Rajasthan and later on gained widespread popularity across the world. Lac ensemble includes necklace, maang tikka, and bajuband(bracelet) to name a few.

There are plenty of Lac jewelry designs to choose from. Wearing Lac bangles are regarded as auspicious, especially for women who are married. It features glasswork and is bright in colour. 

Navaratna Jewelry

The name itself suggests that it is made of nine precious stones. This type of Indian wedding jewelry is considered as auspicious since it brings good luck to the bride or anyone who wears it.

Navaratna jewelry used to be immensely popular in the past and regained its popularity these days. Gems such as Emerald, diamond, pearl etc. makes it exquisite, with a ruby on the centre. 

Filigree Jewelry

Filigree jewelry has a rich history since it was discovered more than 5000 years ago. Mostly metals such as gold and silver are used for making filigree jewelry. When paired with bridal attire and makeup, filigree jewelry gives an exotic charm to any bride, especially if your choice is an elegant and trendy attire.

Numerous filigree designs include scrollwork, lacy flourishes and art deco design and much more. The speciality of this type of Indian wedding jewelry is that it has both traditional as well as modern look. 

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is one of the most sought after Indian wedding jewelry that will definitely bring a royal touch to your bridal look. As the name suggests, Gemstone jewelry has precious stones such as Emerald, diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc. that are embedded in gold. What makes it stand apart from normal gold jewelry is its colours and cuts.


The most common combination of gemstone jewelry is diamond embedded in gold. It has its own value and fine elegance. Gemstone jewelry is always worth investing in. The gemstone jewelry ensemble includes necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet and pendant. 


When it comes to the selection of Indian wedding jewelry, always pick the one that best suits your bridal attire and consider other factors such as usability and value. These jewelry pieces not only form a part of a bride’s jewelry ensemble but also make a bride look their best on the auspicious occasion.


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