Interesting Facts On Indian Wedding Invitations and Indian Wedding Cards

Certainly, the most exciting part of an Indian wedding planning is giving the wedding invitation card to the relatives, acquaintances and friends. Wedding cards or wedding invitations provide a glimpse to the wedding-the rituals, and post-wedding functions and how the wedding will be.

Indian wedding cards have high demand, the reason being its unique, attractive and one of a kind. Many Indian parents are proud, and regard marriage invites with great importance. So, most of the Indian couples choose Indian invitation cards with elaborate and antique designs to announce their wedding.


But before choosing an Indian wedding card, you have to ensure that you don’t miss out some elements that make it a typical Indian wedding card.

Characteristics of Indian Wedding Invitations

There are many characteristics that need to be considered before choosing a wedding invitation. They are:

Choice of words- Indian wedding cards normally have English and Hindi wordings. The details are written in a simple manner and are easily comprehensible. Normally an Indian wedding card contains the venue, date and time of marriage, name and details of the bride and groom.

Designs- The designs used in an invitation card mostly have symbols associated with the Indian culture. They have their own religious connotations. Some of the popular designs used are- Om symbol, Diya symbol, peacock or its feather etc.

Colours- Indian wedding invitations are available in a variety of colours, like red, yellow, orange, etc. If the wedding invitation has a colour combination, it should match with the designs that the card has.

Symbols Used in Indian Wedding Invitations

Om Symbol- Om is the most sacred mantra in Hinduism. Om stands for both harmony and tranquillity. Therefore it is a symbol printed on the card, which stands for both harmony and tranquillity in marriage.

Lord Jesus and Cross Symbol- Indian wedding cards also have a symbol of Lord Jesus, cross, and that of the church. It represents holiness and purity. These symbols are printed on the card to bring holiness in marriage.

Moon Symbol– Indian wedding invitations have stars, Allah, crescent, bismillah etc. The crescent moon and star symbolises belief in god.

786(Bismallah)- A lucky number in Islam. It is used in wedding cards to denote the beginning of an auspicious occasion. There is a belief in Islam that it took 786 days for Allah to create the world.


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Elements of Indian Wedding Cards


The most essential part of any Indian wedding card. The most prevalent motif for Indian wedding cards is Lord Ganapati. Motifs give a traditional look and feel to the wedding cards. The motif depends on the theme of your wedding. It can be religious, floral or Indie. Just ensure that the motif matches with the theme.

Invitation Box

Invitation box is something special since it contains not just the wedding card alone- it also contains edible gifts and other products with it. The invitation box is sometimes presented to close relatives, acquaintances and friends alone, where they receive it with extreme excitement and happiness. An invitation box normally contains sweets jar, dry fruits, body care essentials, makeup products etc.

Location Maps

It’s been a while since the location map became a part of Indian wedding invitations. In fact, it is a practical addition since the roads and streets can be sometimes confusing, and some guests don’t know how to use GPS. In such circumstances, location maps come as a saviour for guests. There will be major landmarks pointed on the maps that help to find the venue.

Qualification of the Bride and Groom

Even though it’s a bit odd since the qualifications of the bride and groom can be rarely found in an invitation card. But in some South Indian wedding cards, there will be details regarding the qualifications of both the bride and groom. The marriage in South India is more or less the union of two people with equal educational qualifications. Providing qualification of both seems like an obligation in those areas.

Picture of the Bride and Groom

The trend of including the picture of both the bride and groom began merely to introduce the bride or groom to the guests. The picture can be either an interesting caricature image or a picture from their pre-wedding shoot. Suppose if you’re choosing an invitation box, then you can also include a bobblehead to make it more interesting.

Traditional Colour Choice and Language

Indian wedding invitations are normally printed in traditional auspicious colours such as red, pink, orange. These colours have been preferred for ages. And mostly the details in a wedding card are printed in two languages. One is in English, which is normally given to friends and peers. The second language is the native language of the family, which is normally given to relatives and elders.

Designs of Indian Wedding Invitations

Metallic Mandala Invitation

A metallic mandala invitation is a cream coloured invitation serving as the backdrop for the gold and silver mandala. The invitation looks more stunning with its bold serif font, with its gold or copper colour.

Nakshatra Invitation

This Indian wedding invitation looks its best with stars and heavenly bodies in yellow, green, aqua and purple shades. The combination represents the nakshatra in Hindu astrology. The black coloured invitation has a nakshatra in the middle.

Kolam Invitation

In southern parts of India, a Kolam is a drawing made on the floor. This rangoli art is made either using rice flour, coloured sand, chalk powder, dried flowers etc. Indian wedding cards are also available in beautiful Kolam design. Some invitations feature a modern kolam design too.

Golden Elephant Invitation

In India, elephants are given great importance, often considered as magnificent, and symbolise good luck and loyalty. These traits are required for a lasting marriage. In some parts of India, during the wedding ceremony, the groom arrives at the venue, mounted on an elephant. With this symbolism featured in Indian wedding invitations, it’s obviously the best choice.

Gilded Paisley Invitation

This Indian wedding invitation stands apart with its combination of gold, cream and blush colours on a white invitation card. The border has sleek lines as well as intricate patterns and highlights an Indian inspired paisley mandala. Mandala stands for the universe in both Buddhist and Hindu mythology. The invitation has wording placed towards the middle in both small and large, bold fonts.

Mehndi Invitation

Normally, Indian wedding cards are printed in red, pink, orange, or any other bold colours. But a mehndi invitation is unique with the minimal colours it has- black wordings on a white card. The only colour element of this invitation card is its golden envelope. It has a henna design on its top that makes it a ‘mehndi invitation’. The details are printed on italics, with a mix of small and large fonts.


You have Indian wedding invitations to choose from- in different patterns, with different elements and symbols in it. There are many details that you need to take into consideration before choosing a wedding card. If you’re still confused and is in the lookout for unique Indian wedding cards, it’s high time that you do it now. 



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