Indian Wedding Gifts

Finalising an Indian wedding gift for a modern Indian couple is quite challenging. Owing to the changing trends, the utility and prevalence of certain gifts have diminished, yet the rest have stepped to the fore. That being said, you should give thought to choosing the right Indian wedding gifts for the couple.


While you’re in the lookout for Indian wedding gifts for the couple, you should be mindful of certain things such as the bride, the groom, your relation with them, your budget and more. Couples are gifted in abundance on their big day, so you should think of a gift that is well-remembered by them yet stands out from the rest. Take a look at some of the common Indian wedding gifts and find your inspiration!

Personalised Prints 


Nowadays, a lot of websites offer designing personalised prints and have it printed on any gift of your choice. Not only do the couples love this gift, but it’s a much-personalised gift that you’ll ever gift to the couples. The options are bountiful- cheeseboards, cushions, glassware and much more. So be assured that this Indian wedding gift is useful, yet something that will be remembered for long.


Clothes and Accessories 

This is one of the most practical and popular Indian wedding gifts for couples. When it comes to grooms, the options are plenty- give t-shirts, shirts, sherwanis, or even kurta-pyjamas a go. But if you’re quite intimidated to gift these, then you can never go wrong with blazers or suit pieces. On the other hand, an Indian wedding calls for multiple occasions and having that in mind, let the bride make a fashion statement and truly shine by gifting her with ethnic gifts such as saree, suit, salwar-kameez, or even lehenga. If your budget permits, then wow her with designer labels such as Anita Dongre, Rohit Bal, or Sabyasachi.

Personalised Photo Album 


Here’s an Indian wedding gift that will truly show the bride and groom that you care- amaze them with a personalised photo album. Design the album such that the bride’s photo takes up the front cover and that of the groom’s in the back cover. Or you can design it such that both the couples feature the front cover of the album having their names engraved in the bottom. Let each photo has space for date at its bottom so that they can recall the dates when the photo was captured.


Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen appliances are practical, yet indispensable items essential for a modern household. After the wedding, when the couple moves in, basic kitchen essentials comes in need. Presenting them with this go-to gift option is a way with which you can earn a heartfelt thank you. Consider gifting them microwave ovens, refrigerator, induction cookers, food processors, or even mixer grinders.

Travel Accessories 


Luggage cubes, foldable backpacks, roller duffle bags, rolling bags there is a broad range of travel accessories that the couple may find much useful, yet they’re a one-of-a-kind Indian wedding gifts that you can ever think of. If you’re after Indian wedding gifts to gift the tech-savvy bride and groom then consider adapter with a USB charger, laptop stand and more. To take your gift to the next level, try printing the initials or the couples or get Him and hers printed on their respective gifts, and make a difference!


Hope you’ve found one among these one-of-a-kind and practical Indian wedding gifts suggestions and got a hang of the requirements for the couple. From practical gifts to materialistic gifts, the choices seem to have no end. So, take into consideration what the couples will love the most. To portray emotions and rightly express it with your choice, you have to present them with the one that perfectly fits the occasion.


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