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Both Indian weddings and flowers are inseparable. Right from Indian wedding rituals, decor, and outfits, and many more, there are flowers in all aspects of an Indian wedding. The best thing about flowers is that it can either be traditional or contemporary. The beauty of Indian wedding flowers decoration is that it lends a blend of richness and elegance to the whole venue. Adorning the set with the right kind of flowers can take it’s look a notch up.


A typical Indian wedding commences with a ritual named varmala or jaimala ceremony where the bride and groom exchange flower garlands with each other. Fresh and pious flowers are bunched together to make a flower garland, normally made out of roses, jasmines, marigolds and orchids even though the flower used varies according to the season. The significance of the varmala ceremony is quite similar to that of the significance of ring exchange in the West.

Traditionally, Indian weddings actualise in accordance with age old customs beneath a mandap. There comes the relevance of flowers again- the four-pillared canopy is adorned with fresh flowers in vivid shades like orange, red and yellow. For ages, the colour red is regarded as pious, and Indian brides don Red lehengas and sarees since red signifies prosperity, purity and fertility. The decorations using flowers aren’t restricted to the garlands or mandap alone; Shamianas or tents are also embellished with flowers.


Indian weddings and certain flowers are closely connected with each other, owing to its meaning in Indian culture. In Hindu weddings, marigolds, better known as the herb of the sun, are a part of the decor and are most favoured since they symbolise auspiciousness, positivity and represent the sun. Marigolds are a staple at Indian weddings spanning across different regions. Marigolds are also associated with God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, and in Hindu mythology, they’re regarded as the ideal couple. Marigolds in yellow and orange are bountifully used to adorn Indian wedding venues.

Scented jasmine flowers are often used in Indian wedding flowers decorations. After styling the bride’s hair, jasmine flowers strings are secured over their heads and in certain traditions, grooms wear a veil with hanging jasmine blooms. Even jasmine has few connotations associated with it- the flowers are the symbol of good luck. It brings future success and prosperity to the ones who wear it. Jasmines are characterised with its strong scent, which is also used for fragrance in the venue. Most likely these dainty flowers will be a part of the decor in one way or the other.


Besides Indian floral favourites like Jasmines and marigolds, flowers such as rose, tuberose, chrysanthemum, tulips, orchids have also become a popular addition to Indian wedding decor. 



Bougainvillea is yet another popular wedding flower. If you’re in the lookout for flowers that can make up an exquisite backdrop ideal for photoshoots, then look no more than Bougainvillea flowers! They’re even ideal for wedding venue decoration as well!




Synonymous with love, roses often crop up in the wedding decor in one way or the other and have always been the favourite choice of florists and most importantly, brides. Its sweet fragrance and delicate petals have helped to gaudily adorn numerous Indian wedding venues.



Once regarded as foreign and exotic, these flowers crop up at Indian weddings, as flower garlands, decorations and even in bouquets. These exquisite flowers symbolise undying devotion as well as convey a sense of support among the couples.


The chief element that lends your venue that wow factor is the decor. At Symphony events, we will walk you along in highlighting your age-old traditions and rituals and help you with planning the right flowers ideal for your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for traditional Indian wedding flower decorations or decorations with exotic flowers, we’ve got you covered.


All you need to do is pick a flower that you love the most- one that goes well with your wedding theme, or wedding attire, that will have your soiree wowing over your floral decor extravaganza. With superior services, personalised consultations and fresh blooms, we’ll turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to talk through your floral needs.


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