10 Favorite Indian Wedding Dresses Choice Of Brides Across The Country

India has a unique culture and a deeply rooted tradition which is reflected in Indian weddings. The Indian wedding dresses are designed so as to match the traditional decor and ceremony. There are different styles of Indian wedding dresses, and it varies from one state to another. Indian wedding dress is rich in intricate embroidery, exquisite designs, and embellishments.

Normally the colour combination of Indian wedding dress is red and gold. But these days, brides also prefer blue, orange, silver, pink etc. A girl looks her best on her wedding day, by wearing a wedding dress, paired with jewellery and makeup. Take a look at some of the choices of Indian brides for their wedding ceremony. 

Wedding Lehenga

Another traditional Indian wedding dress preferred by Indian brides for their auspicious occasion is a lehenga. It comprises a choli, skirt and a dupatta. Normally a red lehenga is the most favored Indian wedding dress among Indian brides. But some prefer coral, gold, blue, green lehengas as well. Lehenga is rich in embroidery, using a 24 karat gold thread, and is embellished with crystals. An ornate dupatta and jewelry complement the lehenga worn by the bride. Sometimes the dupatta is worn over the head or draped over the choli. These days, more brides prefer a lehenga for their wedding after getting inspired by Bollywood wedding outfits.

And after the wedding ceremony, the bride wears another lehenga for her reception. The colour of the lehenga for reception chosen by Indian brides are gold, orange, pink and blue. 

Saree is the most widely used traditional Indian wedding dress with heavy and detailed embroidery. But the way a saree is draped varies from one region to another. Normally a wedding saree has a mix of red and green colours, and the saree is made of silk. Indian brides usually prefer either red, green or white saree. These days Indian brides also prefer colours such as orange, maroon, yellow, pink etc., and fabric other than silk, such as satin, crepe, georgette etc.

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Tamil Wedding Saree

South Indian brides wear a saree for their wedding, where the brides wear silk saree and glistening gold jewelry. Brides of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka wear Kanchipuram silk saree, with a zari border. A Kanchipuram silk saree is made in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu.


Tamil brahmin brides wear Madisar, which is 9 yards long for their wedding. The draping style of madisar is different from normal sarees. A bride wearing a madisar and temple jewellery will look gorgeous on her wedding day. 

Kerala Wedding Saree

Normally Hindu brides in Kerala prefer either Kanchipuram silk saree or Kasavu saree. But some brides also prefer Banaras silk saree, brocade silk saree, and georgette saree for their wedding. Silk sarees, lehenga sarees, and lehengas are the choices of a Muslim bride. Christians prefer white, ivory, or cream saree.


A kasavu saree is most popular among Malayali brides. The beauty of a kasavu saree is in its white fabric and golden zari. One of the favourite picks of Kerala brides is a Kancheepuram saree, better known for its craftsmanship and quality. The saree is used by Hindu and Christian brides alike. 

Bengali Wedding Saree

A Bengali bride prefers wearing a banarasi saree with zari for their wedding. A Bengali wedding saree stands apart with its bold color, design patterns, and red embroidery. The saree is worn in such a way that there are fewer pleats, and are not draped stiffly like other Indian wedding dresses. The pallu is pinned to the right shoulder of the bride. Normally Bengali women wear red, maroon, or pink Banaras saree.

Gujarati Wedding Saree

The wedding attire of a Gujarati bride is characterized by intricate designs that have a strong connection to her Gujurati community. The pallu of her saree faces the front, which is different from the style of wearing other wedding saree. Panetar and Gharchola are the two types of sarees worn by a Gujarati bride on her wedding day. Gharchola is the saree gifted by a mother-in-law to the bride. The color preferences of a Gujarati bride can be either white or red. Even though lehenga cholis are gaining popularity these days, most Gujarati parents want their daughters to wear a traditional red or white wedding saree.

Kashmiri Pheran

Unlike other regions in India, a Kashmiri bride wears a Pheran for their wedding. It is a traditional attire which is similar to a long-sleeved kurta. Pheran is made of pashmina and zarbaf, a golden thread is used for intricate embroidery works in the pheran. Often the brides choose red, orange, maroon, or brown pheran. A Kashmiri bride wears a Tarang on her forehead along with an embroidered dupatta that matches the pheran. These days, Kashmiri brides prefer lehenga and saree too.


Suppose if the bride chooses to wear either saree or lehenga, they will also wear a dupatta and the tarang along with the jewellery. 


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Assamese Mekhla Chadar

The traditional wedding attire of an Assamese bride is a mekhla chadar, which is similar to a sari. A mekhla chadar is given to the bride by her mother-in-law, which should be worn on her wedding day. Normally the preferred colour of a mekhla chadar is an off-white or cream color. This wedding attire is made of muga silk with silver and gold embroidery. Even though it resembles a saree, it has two or three pieces of clothing.

The first section of this attire is worn in the form of a skirt, and the other section is worn as an anchal. Mekhla chadar is characterised by a heavy texture and a broad embroidery. Assamese brides also prefer other colour variations such as blue, green, red and yellow. 

Wedding Salwar Kameez

Another most widely used Indian wedding dresses is a salwar Kameez, mainly because of the comfort it provides. It is available in designs like that of a wedding saree or a lehenga. North Indian brides normally wear a salwar kameez on their special day. A bride looks complete in a salwar kameez, with an embellished dupatta, jewelry, and makeup. The salwar kameez will be embellished with beads, stones, sequins, etc., to make it exquisite.

Wedding Gowns

Christian brides prefer white gowns as their wedding attire. Most wedding gowns feature Indian touches and are characterized by elaborate embroidery, gold beads, fabric similar to saree, and flowy type material. A wedding gown is complemented by a net veil, an ornamental band, and a flower bouquet. Not all brides prefer a white gown- some brides prefer sarees as well. The style, color of a gown depends on the culture of the bride.

Boula Patta

The Oriya bride normally wears a Boula patta, which is a yellow colored saree with a red zari. But nowadays, some brides prefer Kanjeevaram and Banarasi sarees instead of a boula patta. The boula patta is worn along with an ornate brocade blouse. The bride should compulsorily wear a uttariyo or a dupatta over her head, which is embellished with sequins. She must also wear headwear too. An embellished lehenga is another preference of an Oriya bride.

These are some of the Indian wedding dresses that will surely look stunning when worn by any bride. All of these Indian wedding dresses have been used since ages by Indian brides spanning over different states, and will never get outdated. 


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