7 Tempting Indian Wedding Cake Designs And Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes were not that popular in India, until recently. It is becoming the next big thing in Indian weddings. The westerner’s trend of cutting a wedding cake by the newlyweds is gaining widespread popularity in India as well. No matter if it is the wedding or reception, the newlyweds choose wedding cakes based on themes. Indian wedding cakes stand apart with its beautiful embellishments, designs, and vibrant colour. While choosing a wedding cake, the Indian couples are putting in a lot of thought on its design, flavour, and theme.


There are a lot of flavour options to choose from, starting with classic to exotic, a lot of themes to choose from, such as Taj mahal cake, mandala designed cake etc., to name a few. This new trend is all about getting inspired by the western trend and making it purely in an Indian style. Here are some of the stunning wedding cake themes popular not only in India but abroad as well. 

Most of us are familiar with the western bride and groom cake where the newlyweds are engraved on the top of a cake. Indian couples are also choosing this cake for their wedding at the wedding venue Sydney with cute dolls in Indian wedding attire on the top of the cake. And what makes Indian wedding dolls in a wedding cake unique is that there are different cultures and types of weddings in India. A Tamil bride and groom doll will look different from that of a Punjabi bride and groom doll etc. You can also personalise the cake according to your requirements. The Indian Wedding Cakes can also be personalised without the dolls, where the initial letters of the couple are engraved in the wedding cake.


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Peacock Cake

A peacock cake is as beautiful as a peacock. There are two options to choose from- either the engraving of a peacock or merely its feather design on the wedding cake. There are peacock themed Indian Wedding Cakes available with a pair of peacocks. The colour of the cake can be pure white or the colours that a peacock has. Not only does the cake look stunning, but it will also surely impress the guests as well.

Taj Mahal Cake

The symbol of eternal love is slowly gaining popularity among newlyweds who celebrate their wedding at the wedding venue in Sydney. These cakes are not only available in white, but it’s also available in a dark brown colour as well.

Henna Design Cake

Mehendi designs look stunning when applied on hands, and will equally look great on Indian Wedding Cakes. Mehendi designs are used as the icing of the wedding cake, making it unique from the rest of the cake options.

Even if a wedding cake has a western flavour, it will look Indian if it has a henna design on it. Henna design Indian Wedding Cakes are available, with brown icing on a white cake. Another popular option is a dark coloured cake with golden icing. 

Flower Cake

Flowers are an indispensable part of any Indian wedding, be it any culture, a wedding venue Sydney is made stunning using flowers. Flowers are not only used for decorating a venue, but it’s also used to beautify a bride as well. Just like how a Taj mahal cake or a peacock cake is beautiful in itself, a flower cake looks stunning! Flower trail, flower bouquet on each layer and flower carving are the different ways by which the cakes are designed.

Elephant Cake

Elephants are often associated with royalty. In Indian royal weddings, the groom normally arrives mounted on the top of an elephant. An elephant cake is apt for Indian royal weddings. Some communities regard the trumpet of an elephant as propitious. Normally these Indian Wedding Cakes are designed with an elephant having a crown placed on its head and a carpet on its back. The cake is available either with the carving of an elephant or just a print of an elephant on the cake.

Printed Wedding Cake

Printed cakes are not only meant for birthdays but also for weddings as well. Printed wedding cakes have gained popularity these days. The fondant covered cake can be covered with the newlywed’s image, their initials, a quote, wedding invitation, or even the lyrics of a song. You can easily get the cake personalised from the bakery of your choice. These Indian Wedding Cakes are normally decorated with an edible image.

Tips to Choose an Indian Wedding Cake

The best part of a wedding planning process is obviously choosing a cake. Some Indian couples do not prefer a cake, and some opt for two-tier or even five-tier cakes that astonish everyone with its design. Before choosing a cake, you need to consider a lot of factors, so that you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

Choosing the Bakery

Wedding venue Sydney or hotels might have contact with some bakeries or recommend some bakeries. So, you can choose the bakery easily. You can also enquire your friends or family members about the best places where you can buy a wedding cake.

Choosing the Bakery

Wedding venue Sydney or hotels might have contact with some bakeries or recommend some bakeries. So, you can choose the bakery easily. You can also enquire your friends or family members about the best places where you can buy a wedding cake.

Place the Order Earlier

Another important thing that you have to consider while choosing a wedding cake is the timing. Always order for the cake soon after you have decided on the wedding attire, venue, and the theme. Never postpone buying a wedding cake to the last minute. You can order the cake six weeks before the date of your wedding.

Choose the Right Size

You should know the number of guests attending the function so that you can decide the number of tiers and the size of the tiers easily. Normally a three-tier cake will be enough for the function if there are about 100 guests. And a five-tier cake is enough for 200 guests.

Choose an Unusual Flavor

Nowadays, you can order a cake in such a way that each tier has a different flavour. This means, if you’re planning to order a 3-tier cake, then there will be 3 flavours. But it’s better if you stick to just two flavours or a maximum of 3. Choose a flavour that you think your guests will like.

Taste the Cake

After deciding the size and flavour, the next step is to taste the cake.


Tasting a cake is a must if you want to reconsider your option if the cake is not that good. Never assume that a cake looks good just by looking into its design and colour. Suppose if the cake has various flavours in it, you get an idea of the taste of the cake having different flavours.


The bakery where you have ordered your wedding cake will be coordinating with the wedding venue Sydney regarding the delivery. Ask your venue coordinators to set the cake in advance, to avoid last-minute worries. 


Nowadays, Indian Wedding Cakes are becoming more and more unique with its theme. Cake cutting ceremony is a sort of celebration by the newlyweds soon after the wedding, and the function becomes more special with fireworks and the entry of the newlyweds.


These are some of the popular themes for Indian wedding cakes. But the themes aren’t limited to all these; there are many more themes that you can find, or you can even customise the cake according to your wish. Make sure that you follow some of the tips mentioned above so that you get exactly what you’ve ordered.


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