Destination Wedding

What is a Destination Wedding?


A destination wedding is an astounding opportunity for the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding in a setting away from their own hometowns, usually at a high-end resort. Opting for a destination wedding means you can club your ceremony and honeymoon at the same venue without looking for another destination. 


By opting for a destination wedding, you can hold your ceremony at an exotic, romantic location far from your hometown, cut corners in numerous ways. Moreover, a destination wedding takes away the stress of planning, unlike a non-destination wedding. Each wedding detail, right from the setting down to the last detail, such as the flowers, can be arranged to suit your taste from afar.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding?


Follow our how-to guide below to jump-start your destination wedding planning:


Choose a Destination


First things first, start by choosing the ideal wedding locale with your better half. Weigh on the season, weather, your expectations and take a final decision based on that. Never be intimidated to go for your first choice and see to it that the chosen destination have every resource that you need.

Symphony events will walk you along, right from picking the ideal destination down to the smallest detail, like choosing the best photographer to capture your moments in time.

Hire a Destination Wedding Planner 


See to it that you hire a pro wedding planner who specialises in destination weddings. Take time and do your research and ensure that the planner is of good repute, yet has access to different vendors.

There comes the relevance of Symphony events, who could readily act to the need of the hour, by which instead of spending hours to make a decision regarding the destination or flowers you have an expert on hand to take care of everything for you.


Consider Your Guests 


You’ll be having less pressure to send invitations to acquaintances, confrère, or those with whom you’re not that close since this is not a regular wedding. Narrow down the guest list to your loved ones and close friends, since they’ll be the main ones who will traverse miles to attend your wedding.

Thailand Destination Wedding 


Thailand is a land well known for its beauty, tropical beaches, natural wonders, hospitality and sumptuous Southeast Asian cuisines, making it just the ideal destination to tie the knot. This tropical paradise is warm all year round, making it suitable to host indoor and outdoor weddings. Thailand is second to none when it comes to amenities. The country houses world-class hotel chains, resorts and standard hotels. Thailand has a lot in store for you. There are bountiful ways to incorporate Thai culture in your wedding ceremony, from making a grand entry to your venue accompanied by Thai artists dresses in Thai traditional attire to bringing in Traditional Thai ceramics in your decor to add a Thai touch to your ceremony. And you can also experiment with Thai dishes to wow your guests and delight their taste buds.

Fiji Destination Wedding 

Set in the pristine South Pacific, Fiji can be best described as an untouched beauty and tropical paradise.

Housing velvety white-sand beaches, soft-coral reefs and tropical forests, this paradise in South Pacific has been attracting couples worldwide to its two major islands- Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. This archipelago offers a pious land for those brides and grooms who are after the ultimate in seclusion and romance. When it comes to wedding locations, Fiji has a lot in store for you, starting from luxury resorts, family-friendly resorts, and private residences. Fiji surrounded by the Bula spirit has innumerable surfing hideouts and pacific waves- that acts as the best backdrop for your wedding.

Destination Wedding Ideas 


Message in a Bottle 


Why not try something unique, that your guests haven’t seen before? For that, you need some bottles, into which you can add sand, some seashells, starfish and anything typical to a beach. Complete it with a label containing the details of your wedding such as the wedding date, venue, and voila, you’re done!


Luggage Tags 


Instead of giving away those traditional save the date cards, ditch them and send out some cool luggage tags. The tags can be designed such that it will be fun, yet including all your details. To keep the theme going, pair the luggage tags with a passport invitation or a boarding pass.


Silent Disco 

A lot of venues ideal for hosting destination weddings have noise ordinances. But a Silent disco idea works well for such destinations. For that, all you need to do is to hire a DJ and give your guests headphones, for a silent disco. Let your guests really have a great time!

Destination Wedding in India 


India renowned for its rich cultural heritage and some exotic locations that can’t be described by words has made the country one of the most sought after destination around the world to tie the knot. The one-of-a-kind locales spanning across India impart the most special occasion of a persons’ life with its incredible magnificence and charm. That can be the reason why destination weddings in India became quite popular around the world. You’ll be overwhelmed by the wide variety of destinations to choose from, such as palaces, forts, beaches, mountains- India has it all! Be it the historic palaces of Jaipur or heritage hotel in Jodhpur, plan your getaway to the wedding of your dreams with Symphony events. 

Even though planning a destination wedding in India is dreamy, wedding planning is far more than simply booking the hotels or caterers. Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding, we’re here to walk you along with our top-notch services and go above and beyond to promise you a hassle-free and fun wedding experience. Our bespoke range of destination wedding packages for a destination wedding in India, Fiji and Thailand ensure that you aren’t left out of the box. Once you choose us, you have bountiful destination wedding packages to choose from so you can pick one that suits your requirements as well as your budget. So, let us join together for a long-lasting association towards actualising your dream come true moment! Reach out to us and we are at your help to expound your concerns regarding destination wedding.


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