Dessert Stand

Since ages, Desserts are a part of tons of occasions- be it an engagement, wedding, reception, or a birthday party, desserts have found their way to all these!  A lot goes into the presentation of desserts- right from the way it is held. In the times of Pinterest and social media, desserts should look equally appealing as they taste. And luckily, at Symphony events, we have a wide range of dessert stands that you’re looking for! You will be overwhelmed by our dessert stand collection that comes in different designs and types and effectively showcases the style, texture, and shape of the dessert.

Three-tier Dessert Stands 


Serve delectable cupcakes, desserts of your choice and accentuate its appearance with our trio platters connected by dowels. It’s ideal for weddings, birthday parties, receptions, and all sorts of occasions that call for desserts. Its dainty platters make for a spectacular and grand presentation of a variety of desserts. At Symphony events, we value each event and strive to come up with the best possible prices.


Glass Dessert Stand 


A glass dessert stand holding desserts and confections take its look a notch higher. Our one-of-a-kind glass dessert stands are as individual as your requirements, ranging from one tier to 3 tier. We offer vintage, and modern glass dessert stands at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter whether what your theme is; we have an array of glass dessert stands that perfectly complement your event and allows easy access of desserts when guests are ready to try it out.

Dessert Tower Stand


We also specialise in dessert tower stand and have a large collection for you to choose from, that can hold a number of desserts all at once. Our range of dessert tower stand will be an attractive centrepiece to serve desserts as well as create an elegant accent to your tabletop. All our tower stands are made out the safest and graded material, and your safety is our top concern.


Dessert Display Stand


Our affordable range of dessert display stands is what you need, to elevate the presentation of cupcakes, savouries and other deserts. We offer a range of display stands available for hire in various shapes, sizes and compositions and we are sure that you will find one that goes well irrespective of the setting- be it a fancy or a casual one.


Two-tiered Dessert Stand 


Count on us for all your two-tiered dessert stand needs, ideal for showcasing your desserts at any wedding, parties or any other events. The stand can hold a variety of desserts, owing to its large size, offering tremendous flexibility in use. The two-tiered dessert stands not just hold cupcakes, croissants, savouries, and other desserts but also makes an ideal centrepiece to your tableware.

Metal Dessert Stands 


Our metal dessert stands have become a go-to option of Aussies owing to its weight-carrying capacity and sturdy built. They’re often chosen to place desserts that are quite heavy and require a stable base to hold them. You can choose from our range of metal dessert stands in gold-plated as well as silver varieties and embossed ones to showcase your desserts in style.


Iron Wire Dessert Stand

We also stock a range of Iron Wire dessert stands which are heavy-duty ideal for weddings, parties and other events. Our black and white Iron wire stand features intricate designs and placing one can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tablescape. Iron wire desserts stands are popular owing to its lightweight quality.


Typically made of a plethora of materials, such as metal, glass, porcelain, to name a few, dessert stand by Symphony events add the oomph factors to the desserts! You’re bound to find a dessert stand from our collection based on the event, size of the table as well as the budget. Contact us to get started!


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