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Whether you plan to host your wedding in a hotel, function centre or a historic countryside in the outskirts of Sydney, and in the lookout for chairs for your event, we got you covered. We’re Symphony Events, ideally located in Sydney and offer chair hire in and around Sydney.


Our comprehensive range of chairs available for hire caters to nearly all events, from weddings to birthday parties and everything in between. No matter how many chairs you require, we can cater to you, to keep your guests seated in comfort.


We have a stunning range of chairs suited for all occasions, ranging from plastic chair hire Sydney, white plastic chair hire, gladiator chair, peacock chair hire, white chair hire, bentwood chair hire and much more, to seat your guests in style.

Plastic Chair Hire Sydney

For any event, being able to seat your guests comfortably is of prime importance. Our well priced plastic chairs are durable, lightweight and easier to carry around. Our plastic chairs available for hire are perfect for weddings, birthday parties and everything in between, and could add extra elegance and panache to your event.


These affordable and flexible plastic chairs are the go-to option for seating a considerable number of attendees without spending a fortune! Made out of thermoplastic polymer, our range of plastic chairs could withstand heat and fend off any crack. These chairs are equally ideal for outdoor usage, owing to its ability to hold up to 150 kg, UV protection, and of course, durability.

Party Chair Hire Sydney

Create a unique event space and throw a momentous and memorable party with our range of party chair hire. They’re lightweight, yet durable and comfortable. They’re not just suitable for indoor usage, but in outdoors as well, owing to its weather resistance quality. White party chair hire goes well with our party tables. Our range of party tables could accommodate intimate gatherings with up to 30 guests to grand occasions with more than 100 invitees. Being lightweight and stackable, carrying around these chairs won’t be a problem, and you can easily store it when not in use. Contact us for Party Chair Hire Sydney.

Peacock Chair Hire Sydney

Peacock chairs are a truly unique wedding showstopper. It’s a perfect addition to the cocktail area or the newlyweds lounging area. This chair is inclusive of a white chair cushion, to lounge in comfort. We have a stunning range of peacock chairs suited not just for weddings, but also for engagements, or any other special event. Our peacock chairs feature an intricately woven chair back designed to evoke peacock’s plume.


Add a touch of elegance to your event with our ornate designed peacock chairs, which will be a great addition to events centred around park theme. Our peacock chairs are available for hire, as a set of two, and can be paired with any of our tables to add a splash to style to your wedding or any other event that you are hosting.

Wedding Chair Hire Sydney

At times, your chosen event venue would have chairs that don’t go well with the theme, so we offer wedding chair hire Sydney in a wide array of styles, shapes and colours. No event is too big or small for us, so if you need a few chairs for a truly intimate wedding or a considerable number of chairs for a grand wedding, you can count on us for your wedding chair hire Sydney needs. When you hire wedding chairs from us, expect the first-class quality wedding chairs suited for any budget.

Bentwood Chair Hire

If there is a timeless seating option that you can’t go wrong with, it will be a bentwood chair. We are also specialised in Bentwood chair hire Sydney, which will be a perfect addition to wedding, reception, engagement and birthday party venues. By choosing us, you will get the best bentwood chair that you’re looking for, and that too at reasonable prices. A perfect blend of functionality and elegance, this classic chair will best complement literally any type of setting. You can choose to hire the chair as it is, or with an extra addition of cushions for extra comfort.


Our bentwood chairs are not just lightweight but comfortable as well. Choose from our range of dark timber and signature white chairs to lend a touch of elegance to your upcoming event. 

Tiffany Chair Hire Sydney

Our range of white chairs is one of the popular chairs being hired owing to its versatility. The Tiffany Chair Hire Sydney is ideal for usage in garden events, outdoor events, indoor wedding ceremonies, and other events. Our Tiffany Chair Hire  features a built-in seat cushion that lends comfort to the ones seated. Our array of chairs could fit into all and any venue or theme. These chairs feature a white faux leather seating and resin frame giving an overall comfortable and luxe seating experience to your guests.


Extremely easy to carry around, our stackable Tiffany Chair is available for hire will be a stylish addition to weddings, engagements, and literally any other event. In contrast to normal chairs of questionable quality, our commercial-grade Tiffany chairs can hold a load up to 150 kg. Our range of Tiffany chairs is made of high-quality polyprop, which is what makes it sturdy and capable of holding heavyweight. They are versatile and cheapest chairs ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. Contact us for Tiffany Chair Hire Sydney.

Gladiator Chair Hire

This fold-up style chair is ideal for beach, garden, backyard reception and outdoor weddings. You can even dress up the chairs with some vibrant deco to lend a touch of colour that goes well with your theme. Crafted with a strong resin material for added durability and strength.

Our gladiator chairs have consistently set the benchmark for its durability and sturdiness to date. Our gladiator chairs feature a steel-reinforced leg frame, which is what makes the chair stable and sturdy. The chairs are lightweight, anti-static, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. 

Your guests can easily snap in and out the seats within seconds. Owing to its lightweight quality, it’s much easier to move it around.

If you wish to know more on the number of chairs available for hire or would like to know how much it cost you for the comprehensive set of chairs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time.


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