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Designed so as to showcase scrumptious cakes and desserts in a classy yet elegant way, our range of ornate cake display stands are made out of glass and other sturdy materials to support all your baked delicacy needs. All our cake display stands are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, and any other special occasion that calls for cake display.


Having a beautifully casted bottom, and a lacy look, our beautiful cake display stands are brushed with an antique finish. It doesn’t matter what your event theme is, we can offer you the perfect cake display stands that satiate all your needs yet complements your event perfectly. All our elegantly crafted stands are fully assembled, and have a heavy-duty construction. Our cake display stands available for hire are as individual as your personal requirements, from glass display stands to benchtop cake display stands. 


Our single-tiered cake stands are available for hire at very competitive prices. We have Sydney’s largest and most elegant collection of cake display stands which will add the oomph factor to your sweet delicacies.

Undoubtedly, our cake stands tremendously enhance the overall display at any event. Making the most of our cake stands that go well with your cake design will transform even a simplistic cake into something exceptional. Placing your tiered cake atop our cake stand hire will add that perfect finishing touch to it. Even if your cake is a tall, intricately designed one, or a simple one with minimal detailing, our cake stands will certainly add that final touch of elegance and oomph factor to your cake.


Besides improving the aesthetic appeal of your cake, our cake display stands can be a secure base for your designed cakes. Designing one is an art in itself and demands a lot of precision and effort. Placing cake without any base or support is like waiting for a mishap to happen. Clumsy hands and uneven surface can topple your cake that will be unsalvageable and a wreck. To avoid such disaster, our cake stands can be made the most of, to save your event from being ruined and to firmly secure your cake.


Placing your artistic masterpiece atop sturdy cake stands, for instance, our benchtop cake stand, for heavy cake having more than one tier will secure it through elevating your cake and offering the much-needed base support.

Gold Cake Stand Hire


Flaunt the freshness and quality of your adorned cakes with our glass cake display stands. Our glass cake display stands remain popular, and that too for a reason. Delicate and ephemeral, our glass cake display stands accentuate your cake and takes all the plaudits.


Our glass cake display stand hire is aimed at those who are after a quality hire product to showcase at their special event. Our cake stands feature tactile patterns all over, and our stand can be the perfect centrepiece to any cake table. Cakes presented on our glass cake display stands, simply add to the final appeal of your cake. They make your cake appear sumptuous and taller. The pieces are available in embossed, plain and ruffled-edge designs for a fancier look.


Our cake stands also lets you set and move the cake to the right place on your table, without spoiling the icing or design of your cake. These things quite often happen when a person accidentally touches the icing with their fingers when he/she tries to move the cake. Placing the cake atop our cake stand hire means you can evade from such problems and the cake can be easily and safely moved within the table, simply by pushing the cake stand, rather than pushing or lifting the stand.


Cake stands come in varying price ranges, based on the material, design and quality. Owing to the price factor, a lot of people overlook the importance of cake stands. But our budget-friendly cake stand hire options are absolutely stunning and a bang for your buck. For instance, hire our tabletop cake stand or glass cake stand at your event for a truly spectacular cake display.

Wedding Cake Stand Hire


Plan a perfect party with our brand-new benchtop cake display stand. Our range of benchtop cake display stands are made out of highest-grade materials. Available in a range of pretty hues, our benchtop cake display stands are available for hire in a variety of sizes and shapes that go well with whatever style or theme that you have in your event venue. Let your baked delicacies be the centre of attention and a sight to behold, with a one-of-a-kind and classy presentation.


The sturdy footed base prevents your sweet delicacy from accidental collapsing or toppling. The surface top of our stands are wide enough, that makes it ideal for flaunting your favourite cakes atop the cake table. When you count on us for your benchtop cake display stand needs, you will definitely find one here that matches the vibe of your venue decor and elevate your cake. Your momentous celebrations deserve the best and fitting equipment. Our elegantly crafted cake display stands really make all the difference. 


Make your baked delicacy a piece of art by counting on us for your cake display stand needs- the right cake stand will take the look of your cake a notch higher. Each display stand will certainly add the finishing touch to your cake table and will let your cake float on a halo of loveliness. Made out of premium quality materials, our cake display stands lend great look with classy elegance to your favourite cake and will look perfect atop your dessert table. Our cake display stands are available in pre-made ornate designs that can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your cake.


We offer a wide range of cake stands(coloured and plain) that you can choose from. Choosing the appropriate colour can make all the difference to your cake. When our glass cake stand complements most of the event themes, a coloured cake stand can add a splash of colour to your table and can accentuate your cake. For instance, our pink cake stand will add a pop of colour and imparts a regal look to your cake. 


With a lot of food items or decorative elements atop your table, it can be quite hard to give your tablescape a sophisticated look. Cakes can take up so much space when laid out without the cake standing atop a table. Throw your party in style by using our glass cake stand hire that enhances the overall presentation and in turn, help save a lot of space. The multiple layers help fit more than one cake which not just makes the arrangement look chic and exquisite but saves a lot of space.


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