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Being a special occasion of great importance, a birthday should be celebrated in a memorable way. There is an air of excitement when it comes to celebrating a birthday, be it that of yours, or your loved ones. For a memorable birthday party, lots of decorations as well as planning is required. You can do it with ease and surprise your loved ones by choosing our birthday party decoration services.


Let it be your wife’s birthday or your child’s birthday, or any such occasion, the decoration is an essential part of the birthday. Merely arranging a gathering, and cutting the cake amid your loved ones will not suffice, and to get the look and feel of a birthday party, there should be decorations. With all the sparkling and colourful decoration, the venue will not only look stunning but will be a treat to the eyes of your loved one as well.


Everyone present at the party, from your family members to guests will just enjoy the birthday celebration, with the right party decorations. Our birthday party decorators Sydney, will help you with that. 

Our birthday party decorators Sydney only use high quality and latest props for decoration purposes, for instance, balloons, lanterns etc. The addition of decorative elements to the venue can transform the complete look and feel of the party. If you’ve opted for theme decoration, we take immense care so that the event goes as per the theme, making it an enjoyable moment for the ones gathered. 


It doesn’t matter where you want to make it happen- be it your home or at a party venue, we bestow your services at affordable prices. Indian wedding decorations, Indian mandap decorations, are some of the other decoration services that we offer, besides birthday party decorations. It will give you and your family members and other guests a sweet and memorable birthday experience. Our birthday party decorators Sydney have a clear cut understanding of the birthday decoration requirements of people belonging to different age groups.

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birthday decorators

We provide birthday table decoration that can be customised according to your needs, ensuring that there is a flawless execution of parties of all sizes. Based on your budget and needs, we provide decoration services to give your party that wow factor. Leave everything to us, and enjoy every moment at the birthday party with your guests and let them wonder how you managed to create a memorable birthday party. Let the budget be small, or large, we handle varied party decorations suitable for all budgets.

Why Choose Symphony Events for Birthday Party Decorations?


According to the theme in your mind, we make the venue beautiful by using balloons, lightings, flowers and other properties. We know that in order to set the mood of a birthday party, the right lighting and right sound is required. With that in mind, we offer the best music as well as lighting so that your party has a positive and joyous vibe. Our highly experienced and professional birthday party decorators Sydney work closely with you, ensuring that the birthday party reflects your personality and taste. Our birthday party decorators Sydney, have immense experience in offering birthday table decoration services for birthday parties. Till date, we have worked with our clients taking every detail into consideration, throughout the birthday party, making sure that nothing is left to chance.


We always come up with fresh and unique ideas for birthday party decorations and provide advice based on the requirements of the clients. Through all these years, we have surpassed the expectations of our clients. Our birthday party decorators Sydney know exactly how much it means to bring about an experience that your loved ones won’t forget.


On the day of the party, we’ll carry out timely decoration, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Do tell us the time and date of the decorations beforehand.

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birthday decorators

Are you looking for the best Birthday Party Decorators Sydney?

We can help you with Birthday Party Decorations.

Let us take care of your birthday decorations, while you focus on giving the birthday boy/girl your love and surprises!


We decorate; you celebrate. Planning a birthday party in our busy city is not so easy, and it takes skills and time to make it all look easy-going. let us help you create a stress-free birthday party. Being classical, we have an acute eye for looking up for the latest developments in the world and infuse them into your parties to make it an avant-garde event. Birthday parties have special importance in each human’s life and we promise to make your birthday party distinctive and unforgettable.


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