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      Rustic Wedding: Decoration Ideas, Rustic Wedding Venues, Tips and more

      A wedding with a rustic theme has an essentially soothing quality, much like the cosiness of going home. The rustic wedding style can be characterised by a laid-back environment, calming neutral tones, the abundance of nature, and substantial wood accents to balance the crafted colour scheme.

      Australia is an island country with a vast area of land filled with barns and historic monuments. As designing, organizing, and pulling off a rustic wedding is not an easy task in Sydney, you can contact Symphony Events, one of the top event planning firms in Sydney, to work on all the services that you need.

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      1. Rustic Wedding Venue

      wedding venues NSW

      When it comes to the venue for a rustic wedding, you can make any wedding venue rustic enough for a picturesque wedding, even your backyard. Barns, ranches, and farms are the most popular locations for rustic weddings due to their informal ambience and rural regions. Rustic design works well in vineyards, mountain resorts, and leisure areas as well. Using the right decor and lighting, you can make your venue look perfect for a rustic wedding.

      2. Seating Arrangements

      Wedding Aisle Decorations

      Choose cafeteria-style benches or cross-back chairs to liven up your rustic wedding rather than the standard Chiavari or phantom chairs. Although these tiny changes may appear insignificant, they will give the seating arrangement of your wedding a fresh, unique rustic look.

      3. Wedding Arch Decor

      wedding arch ideas

      Your greatest option for wedding decor with a rustic theme is a wooden or natural wedding arch. Drape chiffon with floral elements over your arch in a well-arranged and unique fashion for a generally appealing appearance. Vibrant blossoms with a combination of greenery are the ideal complement if you’re striving for a more natural environment. By painting or staining the wood to match your rustic wedding’s colour scheme, you may further enhance your wedding’s elegance.

      4. Rustic Wedding Attire

      wedding suit ideas

      Given the relaxed and informal environment associated with rustic theme wedding settings, you can choose a more informal and natural attire for both the bride and the groom for their rustic weddings. There isn’t any stereotype, and you should pick a dress that fits your wedding’s theme, whether it’s a romantic ruffled gown, a chic vintage gown, a stunning traditional gown, etc.

      Along with the simple and informal wedding attire, you can bring a touch of drama to your wedding by showing up with a bouquet with a long tail.

      5. Rustic Wedding Food 

      wedding cake ideas

      It is ideal to serve unique and homemade foods to the guests on your wedding day, especially when it is a rustic wedding. Make sure that all the food you serve is naturally made and cooked, as it reminds the people of the old times. You could also give away some homemade jams or wine to the guests. Let the wedding cake be fruity.

      Why Should You Have a Rustic Wedding?

      wedding venues NSW

      Although the concept of a rustic wedding has gathered a lot of attention in recent years, the truth is that it has always been a classic wedding theme that has been popular for ages. Rustic weddings tend to incorporate a lot of natural textured decor, such as bark, twigs, wood, etc., as well as different organic materials and fibres. They often have a strong country, garden, farm, or barn-like ambience.

      • Rustic weddings are frequently hosted in locations like barns, farms, mountain resorts, or ranches. A rustic-vibe theme wedding works well wherever it features the great outdoors or the countryside.
      • Planning and organising a rustic wedding is like an adventure. The venue, decorations, and other small details of these rustic weddings may give you a rush of adrenaline.
      • Although rustic weddings have been popular for ages, very few people will have attended one in their life. Hence, throwing a rustic-themed wedding party would give your guests a unique experience in their lives.
      • Rustic wedding decor and venues are relatively cheaper, as the barns, gardens, and farms are pretty easy to find. The decorations include wood, antique items, bark, and other natural things, which are also readily available and cheaper.
      • Rustic weddings provide a huge picturesque canvas for the couple. May it be the dark and moody side of the barn, or naturistic, fresh, and green garden, or the meadow, it provides the couple with a lot of areas around the venue to click the most memorable and alluring pictures. 
      • Do you want a luxurious, rustic wedding? Barns are not limited to the old and rustic. There are a wide variety of barns and farms that could provide you with a rustic and, at the same time, luxurious vibe. Hiring a professional event management company and communicating your needs and wants to them is ideal and beneficial for you.

      Top 10 Rustic Wedding Venues in Sydney

      1. The Barn at Mali Brae Farm
      2. Burnbrae Winery and Vineyard
      3. Robertson Public House Rustic Weddings
      4. The William Inglis Hotel at Riverside Stables
      5. The Old Cheese Factory Weddings
      6. The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan
      7. Bellevue Cottage by Antoine
      8. Calvin Estate Wedding and Function Centre
      9. Berry Hill, Hawkesbury River
      10. The Grounds of Alexandria

      Tips for a Rustic Wedding Decor

      Wedding Aisle Decorations
      • Choose a barn wedding. Choosing a barn wedding is as perfect as you can get to pull off a rustic wedding. Barns never fail to give out a neutral rustic colour and ambience.
      • Decorate your wedding venue with neutral-coloured and rustic mood accessories and decors like pretty logs, wooden decors, bark decors, Victorian-style candles and candle holders, and so on. You can get this wide variety of decor from antique shops, charity shops, and flea markets.
      • It is ideal to keep the furnishing of your rustic wedding minimal and natural. Wooden chairs and benches of natural and neutral colours could be the perfect option for you.
      • Even if you want a rustic wedding, you might not want it to be boring, right? You can add a touch of shimmer by installing some neutral yellow-coloured romantic light strings around the venue. Make sure that you don’t overdo it.
      • Make sure you show off your rustic theme in every single aspect of your wedding. May it be your attire, decor, or even food, let the rustic theme stand out.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why are rustic weddings so popular?

      Rustic weddings are so popular in this era and also in the old ages as they provide the most elegant, dark, and moody wedding look at a relatively affordable price. You can pull off these rustic wedding themes almost anywhere. Whether it be your backyard or a small barn, it will look perfect with the decor and create an ambience.

      Where to find rustic wedding decor?

      Rustic wedding decor is not that challenging to find. You can use natural tree wood and bark for the wedding arch and table decor. Victorian model candles and small yellow light chains are readily found on the market. You can also take your rustic wedding decor to the next level by exhibiting real antiquities. You can buy or rent these real antiques from antique stores near your home. 

      Are rustic wedding decorations expensive?

      Rustic wedding decor is not at all expensive if you are not going for a luxurious rustic wedding. The venue of your rustic wedding could be a barn or garden of your choice, both of which are pretty affordable. You can get the required decor items such as wood, bark, candles, and so on from the flea market at cheap rates.


      Wedding Aisle Decorations

      All the above information will help you to plan and organise the perfect rustic wedding of your dreams. All the rustic wedding decors you desire are available online and also at flea markets. If you are looking for the best wedding event management or planning company to curate your dark and moody rustic wedding in Sydney, Symphony Events is the best choice for you.