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      Gold five arms candelabras 75 cm

      $20/ 500 Piece

      • Length of 75cm
      • Glossy and vibrant
      • Prompt service
      • Ideal for any type of tables
      • Blends with the ambience
      • Large enough to brighten up the venue


      Gold five arms candelabras 75cm are perfect for someone searching for subtle but beautiful tabletop décor. Large in size and ideal for tables of any size for a lovely and unique occasion. It is perfect for a beautiful wedding eve or a romantic wedding anniversary! Symphony Events has the most gleaming and opulent-looking gold five arms candelabras to complement your event’s theme. So, are you ready to make everything elegant? Yes, we’ll do it together, and with our prompt service and guidance, we’ll make your tables amazing! Just amaze your guests with these beautiful gold five arms candelabras!