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      Coral Organza Sash

      $0.70/ 500 Piece

      • Elegant and beautiful
      • Perfect for all chair covers
      • Innovative appearance 
      • An ideal combination for universal chair covers
      • Adorns empty chairs
      • Multiple quantities are available


      Stunning chair décor adds to the overall elegance of your celebration. Coupling your chair coverings with coral organza chair sashes or simply adorning your empty chairs with beautiful and distinctive coral organza chair sashes gives your chair décor an exquisite and polished appeal, giving it a modern edge. Using different colours or types of chair coverings for each event may add up quickly, especially if you enjoy experimenting with colours and themes. Coral chair sashes are a cost-effective and bright way to dress up your party chairs. For example, use coral organza chair sashes that fit your colour palette and theme. Mix them with universal-coloured chair coverings to effectively remodel your chairs and give your event design a new, innovative appearance.