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      18 Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a Budget

      Weddings are magic that happens once in a lifetime where you unite your life with your partner and become a member of each other’s family. However, organising an outdoor wedding can be a daunting process. Read more about Outdoor Wedding Ideas.

      Especially if you are on a budget, it can get more tricky. First, you need to choose the best and most affordable package for literally everything. Then, of course, there is much more to the list, from event decor to catering, photographers, receptions, and dance parties. Finally, as you won’t recreate your D-day again, you need to make sure everything is perfect and in order.

      But from the moment you decide to get married to your better half, you might have a vague idea of what the theme of your wedding should be. We are here to guide you through these preliminary thoughts to practical ideas that come within your budget to make your dream wedding come true. If you are a fan of unconventional themes and photoshoots and want to tie your relationship with your partner close to nature, this is specially made for you. Read more about Outdoor Wedding Ideas on a budget.

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      1. A Wedding in the Garden

      What is more attractive and blissful than having your wedding in your unique garden? 

      Somersby Garden Estate

      In the presence of your loved ones, get married to your better half in the most scenic backdrop of your garden. Keep the decorations minimal, as your garden aesthetics will add enough glam to your big day.

      The best part about having the wedding in your garden is that you know the place and it will be a piece of cake for you to do the decor and arrange the venue. This is one of the essential outdoor wedding ideas on a budget list.

      2. The Fairy Lights

      If you are having an outdoor wedding, one of the biggest challenges can be the lighting for the event. It could be for photography or any other event that is taking place.

      Wedding Arch

      Adding some luminous fairy lights can be the solution to this challenge. This meets the lighting needs, improves the event’s ambiance, and emphasises the whole wedding mood.

      Don’t forget to add this to your list of outdoor wedding ideas on a budget. You can use them as bistro lights overhead or even wrap them up on the pillar arrangements—the perfect addition for the oh-so-perfect fairy tale wedding.

      3. Utilize Your Surroundings

      When designing your wedding venue, consider all of the existing beauty before adding extra decor. For example, if you select an outdoor location with lush greenery and a very rustic touch, you can whip up a whimsical wedding theme with minimal decorations and colour choices.

      hunter valley wedding venues

      Instead, use beautiful plants as natural floral decorations and wooden sculptures or stubs as stands for holding your centrepieces and other decorative items. 

      4. The Outdoor Bar

      The priority in a wedding venue is to make your guests feel at ease as they join you on your special day.And nothing sets the crowd’s mood like a nice, cool beverage bar in the middle. So why don’t you take this opportunity to make it look even more attractive?

      This could be a unique addition to the ideas for outdoor weddings on a budget. Setup your beverage bar outdoors so the guests can serve themselves with a fantastic collection of mocktails and cool drinks.

      Rustic Engagement Party Decorations

      This way, you can keep the good vibes and cheerfulness going while avoiding the inconvenience of the guest having to go inside to get a drink.

      5. The Outside Photo Booth

      Photo Booths are something common nowadays at all wedding events. With the help of props, friends and family have fun clicking weird and beautiful photos together. Why don’t we implement the same with your amazing outdoor wedding theme?

      Even better, you can set a cosy photo booth near a cluster of trees and the guests and the bridegroom can also pose with the greenery and natural beauty dripping out of the pictures.

      Engagement Party Decorations

      To add a whimsical touch to the photos, you can decorate the photo booth with floral arches and stock up on some floral props like tiaras and floral frames.

      6. A Picturesque Backdrop

      Dunes Palm Beach

      When you decide to organise a wedding on the outskirts and not indoors, you get to take advantage of multiple backdrops for your pictures. and a venue that gives you creative freedom to customize your theme in any way you want.

      This is the best opportunity to make the most of your outdoor locations. So create rustic arches and wooden backdrops to perform your wedding ceremony, and let the camera click this moody setting while you exchange your wedding vows.

      7. The White Wedding

      Burnt Orange

      Suppose you are a minimalist and want your wedding to be subtle yet beautiful, just like your relationship. In that case, it is only fair to choose white as your primary colour for the event decoration outdoors. Choose the backgrounds and the seating arrangements all in white. The classic white colour will complement the lush greens and rustic setup of the decor. Drape the green arches present in the venue with white flowy clothes, and the entrances will look much more elegant and beautiful.

      8. A Cozy Dessert Lounge

      Create a cosy dessert lounge outside where your guests can relax and enjoy their sweet treats while chatting with the other guests. While setting this up, add a few wooden tables, wooden chairs, and warm lights to the area to make it look as dreamy and relaxing as possible.

      Dessert bar

      Throw in some cushions on the wooden benches so the guests can finally sit and rest their backs without having to leave their rooms and miss out on the night ceremonies.

      Having a guest lounge is a great addition to the list of outdoor wedding ideas on a budget.

      9. The Food Fiesta

      If you plan to have your wedding outside your home, you will be familiar with the local food joints near your area. So why don’t you give them a chance to cater your wedding instead of going for alternate and costly options?


      This can save you a lot of money and the time it takes to find the perfect caterer for the day. And you would not have to worry about the taste and quality of the food as you have known them for a while.

      10. A live band performance

      If there is no music on your wedding day, let it be an indoor or outdoor occasion, the function will feel incomplete. With the help of music, you can book yourself a live performing band on your D-day and set up a stage for them prominently in the venue.

      They can celebrate your joy along with you. Bands performing in the background of your wedding are very dreamy and give your function a unique vibe.

      11. The Dining 

      When considering having an outdoor wedding on a budget, you can get really creative with the dining arrangements. For example, you can set up a buffet near the lawn where your guests can serve themselves the delicious food you have provided at the venue.

      beach wedding reception

      However, if you are not a fan of buffet dinners, you can set up a wooden greenhouse arrangement with wooden chairs and tables near your platform where all of your guests can be seated and enjoy the wedding dinner and chat with other family members.

      12. Aesthetic Aisles

      When you walk down the aisle to your partner, make it as elegant and beautiful as possible because you won’t witness this moment again. If there is a lake present in your venue, set up the ceremony on the other side of the lake and arrange a wooden rustic-vibe bridge with floral arrangements.

      backyard wedding ideas

      And as you walk down the bridge to the ceremony spot, you will undoubtedly feel like a princess who is about to marry your prince.

      13. Floral and Rustic Arches

      Most folks prefer having an ecstatic photoshoot with a photogenic background just after the ceremony. But for indoor weddings, the options are limited. You will have to do a few scenes and walls and let creativity take over. But in outdoor weddings, this is not the case.

      Wedding Arch

      You get an abundance of picturesque backgrounds to click pictures of. But you need to spruce up the area a little bit. That is where arches come in. You can arrange different floral and rustic arches throughout the outskirts of your venue, which will serve as the perfect entrances and the best backdrops for your wedding pictures.

      14. The Path to the Venue 

      wedding arch ideas

      Outdoor weddings can be a bit hard to organize. It’s more like you might not have a specific road to walk on or park the guests’ vehicles. So why not fix this by defining the paths for your guests?

      You can also do it on a budget.Make a path with little lanterns facing sideways to guide your friends and family to the ceremony venue. Light up the lights on the way trails so that the event looks dreamy and bright, just like your wedding.

      If needed, you can add rugs and carpets under the seating arrangements and the path trails to give them a bohemian touch. These lantern path trails can be a unique addition to your outdoor wedding ideas on a budget.

      15. Construct Tents in the Area

      Why not go all wild on your special day and invite your guests to be a part of it?

      Build cosy little tents on the property for the guests to rest and reside in on the day of your wedding. This will be an excellent experience for everyone invited to the wedding, and they will never forget the tent stay. This can save you the cost of booking expensive hotel rooms for your guests and yourself.

      Construct Tents in the Area

      For an added drama, build a honeymoon suite tent inside the luscious greens for you and your partner to spend time on your wedding day away from the rush and hurry of the city. This wild, beautiful idea for a classic tent reception will be the most loved outdoor wedding idea on a budget.

      16. The Games Floor

      A celebration is always an inevitable part of a wedding. So let your guests have a little fun at your wedding. It is a great idea to add some fun games to the crowd after the ceremony, when the guests are relaxing by having a drink in the lounge.

      Mostly board games or “spin the bottle” kinds of games. It will lighten the mood of the audience, and since it’s outdoors, everyone will be enjoying the scenery along with the games and their drinks. 

      17. Wooden Barrels and Palettes

      You can’t get away from a wooden accent in the decor. Wooden arrangements complement the greenery and the mood of your wedding and completely change the ambiance of the wedding from ordinary to fabulous. You can use wooden palettes to create tables and little wood ottomans for the guests to relax on in the lounge, and the barrels can be used as stands to keep the flower vases and centrepieces at the wedding.

      Wooden Barrels and Palettes

      There will be wooden boards at the entrance where the wedding details are written in most outdoor weddings. Here, the bride and groom’s names and the programme chart will be engraved. This unique piece will catch the audience’s attention when they enter the wedding venue. 

      18. Juice Carts

      Cold fruit drinks are a must-have at your venue for guests’ refreshments at a summertime wedding. But instead of keeping refreshment drinks at ordinary stalls, why not spruce up the arrangement a little bit? Present your summer drinks on beautiful, vintage-looking wooden carts.

      And instead of using regular glasses and bottles, add a little farm charm to the juice cart by serving drinks in mason jars with cute straws.

      Juice Carts

      For self-service refreshments, keep empty mason jars in trays near the beverage dispensers so that the guests can have a really unique vintage experience on their own.

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