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      Swetha and Mathew - Wedding Reception, Miramare Gardens

      Miramare Gardens witnessed a spectacular celebration of love as family and friends gathered to honor Swetha and Mathew at their grand reception. The venue was transformed into a magical haven, adorned with the timeless elegance of red flowers and the warm glow of candles

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      Reception Venue: For Swetha and Mathew's celebration, the Miramare Garden was adorned with opulent red flowers and golden accessories, creating an ambiance of romance and luxury.

      Reception Decoration: Candles, adorned in golden accessories, cast a soft and enchanting glow throughout the venue. The carefully selected red flowers, arranged in exquisite centerpieces, added a touch of passion and grace to the celebration.

      Wedding Reception Flowers:The choice of white chairs exuded a sense of purity and sophistication. The tables, draped in black cloth, added a touch of contemporary flair to the scene. The red blooms, harmonizing with the chairs, added a sense of romance to the overall aesthetic.

      Reception Dance Floor: The highlight of the evening was the magnificent dancing floor, where the newlyweds and their guests shared moments of joy, laughter, and rhythmic celebration.

      Reception Backdrop: The golden candelabra, added an air of opulence and grandeur to the scene. Their golden radiance echoed the splendor of the occasion that illuminated the entire backdrop. The choice of red flowers echoed the romantic theme of the reception.

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