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      Jaiti & Kanav

      She looked dazzling on our wedding day. Gleaming with light, like the sunshine of my life. Everyone enquired about the artist that did her hair & Makeup. But I honestly can’t thank Jack and the entire team of Symphony Events enough, for they were the ones that planned the entire layout of the wedding and bejeweled the entire space well beyond our imaginations! 

      Loreen & Shaneel

      Indian weddings are vibrant events with all the colors and customs. The wedding of our lovely couple Loreen & Shaneel, which was held at one of Sydney’s most opulent venues, the Miramare Gardens, was an explosion of colors and high energy with loads and lots of traditions. With its breathtaking environment and pure and immaculate gardens, the site is considered a photographer’s dream. The couple chose a fusion mandap with royal red roses in the center and pastels and neutral-toned flowers on the side, such as light pink, peach, and off-white. Their white royal peacock chairs shine as a royal accent in the overall decor of the mandap.

      Miyanka & Bhavik

      We adore Indian weddings because of their rich culture. Indian weddings are typically multi-day celebrations. They may even go for 5 days at a time. The wedding day begins with the priest joining some family members in prayer, followed by the Baraat when the groom enters the venue amid an explosion of colours and music, escorted by the bride’s mother into the auspiciously decorated mandap to attend the Ganesh pooja done by our chief priest. Our wedding decorations were specially designed by Jack and team to deliver an extra luxe look and feeling. Every detailing compliments and enhances the overall ambience and it was truly a magical experience.

      Tejas & Anand

      Our team of wedding venue stylists offers a pleasant and expert service, working with you to bring your wedding ideas to reality. For the Anand and Tejus wedding, we concentrate on the color matching that goes well with the attire of the couple and wedding mandap. The vibrant-colored bridal lehenga was purposefully highlighted with light-colored fresh flowers. The Mandap was specially designed to occupy the wedding priest and the close relatives of the couple. To enhance the fresh flowers, we incorporated golden color lamps and other decoratives.

      Brenden & Nikki

      Wedding decoration includes everything like floral decoration, stage decoration, entrance decoration, satin cloth decoration, and so on. With the combination of all these, an inviting atmosphere is created evoking a celebration mood. Indian wedding decorations that are well thought out sets the theme for your wedding as well as create a festive atmosphere.

      Hassan & Suki

      Marriage can be confusing. A lot of things were new experiences. But believe me, it gives immense relief when you have a shoulder to lean on. It would not have been possible for us to be so carefree on our wedding day if it weren’t for the entire team of Photographers, Artists, and Wedding Planners. We were relaxed throughout the day, not a sweat, nor any sign of stress. “I felt like a King and she was my Queen. The whole space was my magical kingdom. It was our royal wedding!” The floral decoration was enhancing the costumes of Suki and it gave a magical ambience.

      Rahul & Ajita

      North Indian Weddings are a mix of colors, music, joy, and endless celebrations. We, Symphony Events always try to hold it together to get the feeling they should enjoy. We start by having a deep conversation with couples and their families to take the inputs. Then we create a blueprint and start executing the elements to make their dream wedding a reality. Rahul & Ajita were very precise about the fresh flowers that we used for the Mandap decoration. We carefully incorporated it with our accessories and tried our best to not lose the Indian Wedding touch.

      Arathi & Kieren

      North Indian weddings are more like a festival than a wedding, with the entire family gathering together to celebrate and bless the couple’s union. Arathi and Kieren’s wedding was one we were delighted to host. Their wedding was held at one of our most beautiful venues, decked in golden and white theme. The mandap for the wedding was adorned with pastel flowers of various colours, interspersed with golden and orange feathers to provide richness. This magnificent mandap was further enhanced by the addition of cascading floral garlands of white and red roses, which blend perfectly with the white frame creating a lovely mandap ceiling.