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      30 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Need To Take For Wedding Album

      Weddings are the most awaited and blissful moments in everyone’s life. The celebrations and sweet moments pass in a split second. But we always treasure these cherished memories and think back on them for the next few days. As a result, we all want to keep the photographs for ourselves and future generations.

      The primary step is to hire a skilled wedding photographer who can click the perfect photos that reveal the entire story of the occasion. A beautiful photo album that includes images of everything from the bridal jewels to special romantic moments tells the complete fairy tale of the wedding.

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      The Need For Wedding Photos

      Everyone cherishes the memories of their special occasions. Wedding photography is essential to keep the memory of unique photos that tell the exact moments because a wedding is considered one of the milestones in our lives.  Maintaining a standard photo is not difficult, but capturing a unique photo with fun, emotions, happy moments, and much more requires specific skills. A skilled photographer needs hard work, dedication, creativity, and commitment to capture such moments without losing their actual essence. Wedding photos reveal cultural and traditional aspects of families and locations.

      The wedding dress, bouquets, and cake will all be gone after the ceremony, so it’s necessary to gather as many mementos as possible to remind you of that glorious day. Everyone keeps the wedding photo as a treasure for future generations too.

      Let’s go over some of the cutest and most unique wedding photos that will bring back memories of your special day. 

      1. Wedding Invitation Suites

      The first and foremost impression of the wedding is the invitation to the suites.

      wedding photos

      Nowadays, couples customize the design of invitation suites to make them unique. The guests will also treasure the best and most unique wedding invitations. You can talk to the photographers about customising the photographs to make them unique for your wedding. 

      2. Wedding Ceremony Site

      As the famous saying reveals, “weddings happen in heaven,” and thus the main attraction of a wedding is the ceremony stage, where the actual celebration begins. We all know that wedding decor is one of the most eye-catching places for wedding photos. Couples always have the desire to make the ceremony stage unique.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      Most of them prefer floral decorations with fresh flowers and a gentle aroma, royal throne chairs, and much more. Theme-based wedding ceremonies like beach weddings, fairy tale weddings, royal weddings, colour themes, indoor weddings, etc. are trending now. 

      3. The Wedding Cake

      Cake cutting ceremonies are now an inevitable and trending part of the wedding ceremony. Most of the time, couples prefer theme-based cakes that match the ceremony stage, wedding attire, and wedding story.

      The photos of the theme-based wedding cake show the overall story of the bride and groom. 

      wedding cakes sydney

      4. To Be a Bride

      A close-up shot of the bride’s makeup must be included in the wedding photo. Is the bride looking so pretty? 

      Wedding Makeup Artists in Sydney

      5. When the Father Sees His Princess as a Bride

      Every father always loves to see this photo. One of the cherished moments on the wedding day is seeing the daughter as the beautiful bride. 

      6. Zooming Into the Groom’s Buttonhole

      wedding suit ideas

       Tiny floral bouquets in the groom’s buttonhole give the photos a unique look, even for wedding photos. Focusing on the tiny flower gives us a fresh memory of the wedding day. 

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      7. The Little Flower Girl

      The little girl with flowers accompanying the bride shows an angel following the princess. A little girl scattering the flowers will make a cute wedding photo. 

      The Little Flower Girl

      8. The Floral Bouquet

      No wedding photo is complete without a floral bouquet. Flowers bring fresh energy to loved ones through their amazing colours and adorable fragrance.

      Customising the flower bouquet with unique floral arrangements creates a soul connection with the recipients.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      9. The Royal Gown

      The extravagant princess gown is the main attraction for both the wedding and the bride. The fabulous wedding gown tells the fairy tale of the queen bride.

      A veiled wedding gown enhances the beauty of the dazzling bride.

      Victorian silk lace veil

      10. The Bride Squad

      The bride squad is the brides’ besties, who enjoy the ceremony together. The attraction to them is the dress that matches the wedding ceremony with boards.

      Capturing the wedding photo when the besties see the bride first will be a unique idea. 

      Great Gatsby Theme 

      11. The Royal Entry

      Wedding Dress Shops in Sydney

      This will be the ideal wedding photograph, with the bride and groom as the centre of attention.

      12. When the Groom Sees the Bride

      wedding suit ideas

      Ending the long-lasting wait of being single and getting a soul mate is an adorable moment for both couples, and capturing that moment is even more interesting.

      The happiness, the tears, the eagerness, and much more emotion come to one face. This will be the most priceless picture of the entire day.

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      13. The Wow Moment

      Wedding Dress Hire Suppliers in Sydney

      The moment when the groom takes the bride’s hand in his. Did you feel the happiness on their faces? 

      14. The Real Dancing Party

      wedding dj sydney

      The pleasure of the wedding is complete when the party begins. The wedding photos of the dancing party show the real gems of the wedding. 

      15. The Cute Pet

      Wedding Aisle Decorations

      The wedding would be incomplete without the presence of all members of the family. The cute pet also deserves wonderful wedding attire.

      Posing for the wedding with the cute pet gives a cool add-on to the wedding photos. 

      16. Walking to the Stage as a Group

      Candid photos of couples walking together to the stage, accompanied by bride squads and guests, bring colour to the entire wedding ceremony.

      Sol Gardens

      17. The Lasting Rings 

      The zoomed-in photo of the customised wedding rings tells the entire love story of the couple.

      wedding photos

      18. The Happy Faces of Guests

      The candid pics of the enjoying guests reveal the real essence of weddings.

      wedding speech

      19. Cheering Up With Friends

      wedding planning

      It is a special moment for both the bride and groom to enjoy the big day with loving friends.

      Capturing that moment for wedding photographs provides a fresh memory.

      20. Jumping Together

      Having fun together is another cherished moment for the couple, and it is even sweeter on the wedding day.

      wedding photos

      21. Having Cake Together

      Eating and feeding together increases the amount of love between soulmates.

      Capturing the candid wedding photo of this moment brings an adorable memory to life forever. 

      wedding cakes sydney

      22. Exchanging The First Gift

      Wedding Dress Shops in Sydney

      Gifts bring happiness to loved ones. Gifting the most precious gifts to each other on a wedding day brings even more happiness.

      23. The Great Feast

      Wedding Caterers in Sydney

      Gathering together and having special drinks and dishes is an avoidable part of the wedding ceremony.

      The wedding photo of the great feast shows the customs and culture of the families too. 

      24. Next Bride, Who Will Catch the Bouquet?

      wedding photos

      Behind every moment, there will be a story, and the fun of catching the bouquet is portrayed as fun moments of the bride’s squads. 

      25. The First Kiss Under the Veil

      Wedding photography is important because it enhances the beauty of the moments.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      26. Candid Photo With Generations

      What an adorable wedding photo! The most anticipated moments for both parents on their children’s big day. 

      wedding speech

      27. Holding Hands Together

      Wedding Dress Shops in Sydney

      Capturing a close-up of the couple’s strong bond with wedding rings. How cute is this?

      28. Just Married With Floral Shots

      Have you seen their happy faces? The amazing wedding photo of newlyweds with floral petals is showering. 

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      29. Waving GoodBye 

      Wedding Car Hire Suppliers in Sydney

      The farewell of the wedding begins with the cherished moment of the bride and groom waving goodbye to everyone. 

      30. Riding Together

      Wedding Car Hire Suppliers in Sydney

      Travelling together gives you lots of cherished memories. Creating real romantic moments on a greenish background makes a stand-out photo.

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      Wrapping Up

      The cherished moments will pass away within the blink of an eye, so keeping those special moments as wedding photos will be a wonderful keepsake. Only an expert photographer can capture unique photos that tell the exact fairy tale without losing the real essence of the occasion.

      Keep in touch with Symphony Events in order to preserve your cherished memories forever without compromising the true spirit of the occasion. We provide all kinds of support for your functions, like wedding photography, wedding decorations for all types of weddings, and much more. Trust us, We will bring more happiness to your celebrations.