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      Top 19 Luxury Wedding Venues in Sydney

      Getting married is undoubtedly a magical affair for everybody in their lifetime. But planning a wedding is more of a time-consuming task. There are a lot of things that need to be in check. Factors like event decor, hiring your wedding photography services, choosing the best suitable caterer for the wedding, and much more. But what makes all of this blend in perfectly is the venue you choose to get married in. Now everybody has different tastes when selecting the perfect venue for a wedding.

      Some prefer a very lowkey intimate wedding, whereas others prefer a completely chic, tropical-themed wedding. Some prefer getting married in a subtle, extravagant venue dripping with elegance and royalty. But finding the perfect option from the plethora of choices you have can be a little intimidating. So we have gone all out and did a little digging for those still searching for a luxury wedding venue in Sydney to celebrate the biggest day of their lives with their loved ones.

      So let’s look into the most desirable luxury wedding venues in Sydney without further ado. 

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      1. Intercontinental Double Bay

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      The first one on the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney is the 5-star exquisite wedding venue, Intercontinental Double Bay. This high-end hotel is all about exclusivity and a quality experience. The place is adorned with an extra stylish rooftop and views of the Double Bay Marina.

      If you wish to have an indoor and outdoor ceremony, they provide a luxurious indoor auditorium and a fantastic alfresco courtyard to keep the wedding ceremony outside.

      The place comes with the elegance of a grand ballroom, where you can share the first dance with your partner. 


      2. Dunbar House

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      This fantastic wedding venue, closely located near the Harbour of Sydney, is definitely one of the top picks in the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney.

      If you appreciate the cultural roots and want to tie the knot with your other half in a medieval destination, Dunbar House is the perfect pick.

      You can plan the wedding ceremony on the lawn of this extravagant mansion under the shade of fig trees, where your guests can enjoy the beautiful view of Sydney Harbour. 

      3. Beta Bar & Gallery 

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      If you prefer a location with a particular style and uniqueness, the Beta Bar and Gallery will be a gem of a find for you.

      The place is built with elegant, bricked walls, which gives it an old mansion aesthetic and serves as an excellent backdrop for wedding pictures.

      The infrastructure allows you to decorate in your own style; you can also convert the humongous galleries into lounges with an ecstatic dining experience to serve your guests. 

      4. The Somerley House

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      The next one on the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney is this fantastic 19th-century retreat, which has witnessed many high-profile events such as British royalty weddings.

      This mansion of dreams is situated in the heart of Sutton Forest and consists of an exquisite estate with lush gardens and a garden room. It also provides another guest room if your guest list is longer than you can accommodate.

      You can hold the wedding ceremony in the garden itself, which gives the perfect English royal wedding vibes and aesthetics. 

      5. Gunners Barracks

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Gunners Barracks is a private event space that screams elegant and subtle luxury. This is on top of the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney.

      The ceilings are decorated with exquisite chandeliers and glass centrepieces. The venue walls are handprinted wallpapers from medieval times, making the whole royalty aesthetics better.

      In addition, you will be greeted with a mesmerizing view of Sydney Harbour if you choose this spot as your wedding destination. 

      6. Ivy Ballroom

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      This beautiful building with tall ceiling ballroom halls is just the thing you wanted for your wedding. The lighting is extraordinary in this place because of the fantastic window structures that provide ambience and subtlety.

      The best part of this place is its private garden, which can be the perfect chill lounge for your guests to relax and de-stress. You can hold your wedding ceremony as well as the reception.

      The venue can be custom-tailored according to the couple’s liking. 

      7. Established Ballroom

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Another breathtaking pick on this list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney is the not-at-all-understated Established Ballroom. This is the perfect acoustic venue for you to celebrate your big day and dance and whirl your way into the night at the end of the day.

      The elegant marble floors will indeed sweep you off your feet, literally. It is suitable for both intimate and massive guest gatherings. In addition, you can avail the luxury of cocktail bars and restaurants available for the pre and post-celebration events. 

      8. Sergeants’ Mess

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Another location to overview Sydney Harbour is the Sergeants’ Mess, which is a magical setting for your dream day.

      The place was built with the grandeur of the 1960s with a great view of the waterfront. If luxury is the main goal for your wedding day, then the search can be over at the Sergeants’ Mess, an intricately designed private space.

      On the other hand, if you are planning for an intimate wedding, the privacy feature of the Sergeants’ Mess will definitely strike a chord with you. 

      9. Lauriston House Function Centre

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Another favourite choice in the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney is this 5-star heritage venue which has received a lot of joyous acclamations from the people who have hosted a venue here.

      The place offers a colossal dining room and a beautiful dance floor for your wedding ceremonies.

      The best features are their private bridal rooms and launch rooms which are highly decorated with luxurious and glam ceilings and grand pillars. 

      10. The Tea Room QVB

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Ballroom venues are perfect for couples looking for a luxury wedding venue in Sydney for their D-day. And what better destination than The Tea Room QVB. This dreamy location is situated in the heart of Sydney at the Queen Victoria Building.

      The whole place sets off a royal British aesthetic and is your best bet on having a wedding with an English royalty interior. This spectacular ballroom venue has a very high ceiling with glass chandeliers and medieval-looking pillar infrastructure, which will leave all of your guests in awe of its beauty. 

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      11. The Westella Renaissance

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      What most people look for in luxurious wedding spots is the site’s reputation and how many great reviews it has received. In that case, the next one on the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney is the Westella Renaissance.

      They have been the hosting ground for over 15,000 weddings and have an important place in the category of luxury weddings in the land of Sydney. The Westella Renaissance offers the couple a diverse choice of rooms and wedding ceremony spots of all types.

      In addition, they have an incredible history of reputation over the years in event management and making weddings look as ecstatic and elegant as possible. 

      12. Centennial Homestead

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      While discussing luxury wedding venues in Sydney, we cannot leave talking about Centennial Park’s goodness, which is Centennial Homestead. Centennial Homestead could be the perfect match for couples looking for a luxurious wedding experience.

      The list of specialties of this place can go on and on. The rolling green lawns, and small waterfronts like lakes and little ponds, give your wedding the green, lush feel it deserves.

      This place can serve as an intimate wedding gathering as it offers the privacy you seek for your big event. If the guest list is as lavish as your wedding, fret not. Centennial Homestead can be the host for as big as a crowd of 1,000 guests. 

      13. Four Seasons Hotel

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Four Seasons Hotels are well known for always being the favourite choice of people to host the most luxurious weddings.

      What makes it the best choice for a wedding is where it is located. Right among the iconic places such as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

      If this is not a place of luxury, then what is it? The place offers you art-inspired decors, chandeliers, and a fine dining experience. 

      14. Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      This location is perfectly placed in the heart of Sydney as it is one of the top picks in the list of luxury wedding venues in Sydney.

      Sofitel features a very cultural approach to its decor, as it is art inspired by history and gives you many options of rooms to choose from for the function.

      It does not compromise on the capacity it can have for the guests at the wedding as it is spacious enough to accommodate up to 1000 guests in one go. 

      15. Luna Park Weddings 

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      If you want to remember and cherish your wedding as a fairytale and as luxurious as a royal wedding, then Luna Park Weddings is the best choice.

      This venue is a heritage-listed spot where elegance and prestige combine to form the perfect wedding destination.

      In addition, they can offer you personalized services and a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour.

      16. Riverside Oaks Golf Resort

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      What about an extravagant luxury wedding on the sides of the Hawkesbury River?

      Nobody can say no to that. Riverside Oaks Golf Resort is an exquisite clubhouse with indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony locations near the Hawkesbury River.

      The best part of choosing this venue is the fantastic photo shoot locations you can find for your wedding album.

      17. The Spit-Zest Waterfront Boathouse

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Next on the list is a fantastic luxury: The Zest Waterfront Boathouse at The Spit. This is perfect for an oceanfront wedding if you want something luxurious near the beaches.

      The whole place has a rustic vibe with timber ceilings, which serves as the ideal glam addition every couple craves at their wedding. 

      18. Ottimo House Function Centres

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      This is a perfect countryside getaway for a luxury wedding venue you can choose for your wedding. Acres of green and lush lawns and vintage function rooms are all you need to make your dream day unique. The venue is surrounded by tree lines and lakes with a breathtaking view.

      One of the best features they have is their friendly staff and team, who will always take that extra step to make you and your guests comfortable and make your wedding a memorable one.

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      19. Clarence House Function Centre

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      Last but not least, when it comes to luxury wedding venues in Sydney, Clarence House Function Centre is the top choice. They have over 15 years of experience hosting weddings and making them memorable for the couple and the families.

      The specialty of Clarence House is its Georgian room setup for accommodating more than 700 guests smoothly. They will surely meet all the expectations you have on your dream day.