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Since 2012, Jack has been at the forefront in actualising extraordinary events in Sydney. The moment he realised his call, he stepped down from his Government service and set forth as a dedicated event stylist. As the first step towards achieving his dream goal, Jack completed an Event management diploma, which led him to move his direction into wedding planning. The decision proved to be right, as the event domain witnessed the growth of a most sought after, award-winning event planning company, Symphony Events.


Jack’s exquisite knack for transforming any space into premium venues through his magical touch has gained appreciation from the experts in the wedding field. As a recognition of his outstanding works, ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) offered the company Independent Event Consulting Award.


The personalised approach to creating one of its kind events makes Jack and his firm stand out among its peers. Concept designing being the favourite part of his job, Jack has mastered in tailoring premium events on the strong base of customer suggestions and ideas. He accomplished more than 300 successful luxury weddings that makes him confident to approach new styles in event management.


As an award-winning young entrepreneur, he takes pride in developing the ethos of Symphony Events through a strong association with vendors and clients. An enthusiastic  personality, he remains a constant source of inspiration and support for the co-workers to deliver excellence.


Jack is an active participant when it comes to social service. He serves as the Justice Of Peace NSW and considers bringing people together and creating a cherishable experience for them is also a part of the social service.


Professional approach and personalised attention make Jack and his team an exceptional choice for the brides and grooms of Australia.

Here are a few words from the CEO at Symphony Events Jackson Fernandez (Jack) about his experience in the field. I resigned from my work in the government services after I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do for my entire life. Being a wedding planner and event stylist was always something that fascinated me…..

Starting my company Symphony Events was all it took for me to realize it was what I yearned to do in life. Getting into the wedding planning business, I knew that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to give the couple getting married experience of a lifetime. One thing I understood I had to do was focusing on things other than decorating when it comes to a wedding planned.

I was in love with my business the minute I started it. My passion for giving a gorgeous wedding to the bride and groom only grew as the years passed. Planning the wedding from the very start till executing it beautifully was something I enjoyed doing the most in life.

I loved paying attention to every little detail when it came to planning and executing a wedding successfully. I continued to explore various aspects of this field as the time passed and I am proud to admit that we have planned some of Sydney’s most vibrant weddings to date.

One of the brides for whom I planned the wedding once told me, “Choosing your company was the second best decision I made in my entire life.” The groom was the best decision of course. I think her saying that is what sealed the deal for me.

For us, understanding the client’s needs to the very last detail is the most crucial thing. As a wedding planner, I try to focus on their needs and expectations from us. Putting the client before anything else enables us to give a never forgettable wedding.

Once the client tells us all their requirements, it is time for us to start working. While conceptualizing the wedding, we try to let our imagination run as free as possible.

We try to make each wedding something different so it is a great experience for the client. Adding a personalized touch to each wedding we plan is something we are extremely proud of. Personalization allows us to be innovative at all times and deliver something new each time.

We want to allow them to create beautiful memories that will last them forever. During the entire process, we try to make solid timelines keeping everything in mind. Having a good plan is very essential as it decides the success or failure of a wedding.

There is no better happiness for me than to see the glow on the newly married couple’s face. Their satisfaction makes all the work that we put into a wedding absolutely worth it. With each wedding we plan, we only try to grow more and more.

Creativity is something that I consider my best friend when it comes to my business. Every successful wedding lets me be more creative with the next event I plan.

Something else that encourages me to do better work is the client’s involvement. It is awesome to see when the client personally participates in the entire process and gets to decide exactly what we do.

They put all their trust in us while choosing our business and that makes me more hungry for being the best. Knowing that the outcome of my work is going to give someone life-lasting memories and pleasure is the main reason why I do what I do. And that is also the reason why Symphony Events will stop at nothing but the absolute best when it comes to planning your dream wedding.

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