Most Beautiful And Unique Wedding Venues In Australia


10 October 2016

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Most Beautiful And Unique Wedding Venues In Australia

Most Beautiful And Unique Wedding Venues In Australia

If you are planning to get tied in the knots of marriage with your life partner, then you should choose a wedding venue which will be loved by the guest and can create an unforgettable day for you. There are various Wedding venues in Australia where you can get married. If you are interested in getting married at the best wedding places, then you can check out the list of some of the topmost wedding venues in Australia.

Yarrnangobilly Caves House

If you are interested in having an exceptional wedding, then you can decide to book these caves in Australia. People don’t even get the idea of having marriage in the cave but you can have the golden chance to get married in the old and most beautiful limestone caves. The caves are decorated with various shawls and corals and you can enjoy watching this delicate art on the caves. There are six deep adventure caves inside this limestone cave which are 450 million years old making it a perfect destination for your marriage. These caves are protected by the national government and you can book the caves for your marriage beforehand.


Old Melbourne Gaol

If you want to get married at a classy place, then you can decide to get married in this historic spot. It is said that almost 130 men were hanged over there and that’s why it is considered as a dark and mysterious place. If you want to get some adventure in your wedding, then you can decide to get married here.


The Clifftop

The people who are in love with the sky and nature can decide to get married at the Clifftop Phillip Island. It is one and half-hour away from the Melbourne CBD and has the awesome view of sea and sky which enables the guests to enjoy at the Smiths Beach and the pyramid rocks. You will be able to find a green farmland at this place and it is completely surrounded by the natural plants, which is why it is known as one of the magical scenic wedding venues in Australia.

Murugan Temples

For all the Indian Tamils who are living in Australia, Murugan temples are the best destination if you want to get a traditional wedding venue. There are various Murugan temples in Australia like Sri Subramania Murugan temple, Murugan temple in Victoria and many more.

The Lock Up

If you want to be locked up in a relationship with your beloved one, then you can get married at this place. Though this is quite an old place, it is loved by the people because of its uniqueness. This is an art-centered location, which is located at the Newcastle’s historic buildings. Those who want to have creative decoration and space, then they should not go anywhere else.

Starship Cruises

If you want some adventure and wish to have a memorable marriage, then you can decide to get married at waters. Yes, Starship Cruises offer the magical marriage venues to the people. This cruiser is of 34 meters length and can carry 200 people in it easily. There are six different passenger areas where the guests can enjoy the wedding and they will also get the disco dance floor to celebrate their marriage.

Gurdwara Sahib Glenwood

The people of Sikh Community prefer to get married in Gurudwara when they want a traditional marriage theme. Whether you belong to Sikh community or any other community, you can get married according to their rituals in Gurudwara. You will just need to book the Gurudwara by contacting the Australian Marriage Association.

Rosslea Hall Hotel, Helensburgh

This wedding venue has been established from an early 20th century and is located at three and a half miles from the Golf course of Helensburgh. The hotel has got stylish rooms for your guest and along with its a number of services are provided to the guests with best cuisines. With water view and garden terrace, this hotel is one of the best places to get married if you want a classy and decent place to get married in Helensburgh.

Now, the choice is yours and you should make the choice of the venue which is the best place for you to get married.

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