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      Royal Cruise Indian Wedding at Starship Sydney and Starship Aqua – The Story Of Aditya and Urmi

      There’s something so special about the Starship Sydney and Starship Aqua, that can’t be replicated in an on-land event space. Over the years, content couples who had held their nuptials aboard this glamorous vessel have remarked how joyful and laid-back their wedding was. It was an absolutely dynamic Sydney harbor cruise experience for all the attendees and a magically romantic wedding that the couples have always dreamt of.

      When couples choose to host their wedding at this glamorous Starship amidst one of the world’s most iconic scenes, couples can either tie the knot in the sumptuous room which can be adorned as per your specifications or feel the fresh breeze around and get hitched at the open-air viewing deck.

      Let the guests be enthralled and spellbound by the Opera house and Sydney harbour bridge- the choice of harbour locations rests upon the couples. The cruises most often commence in the early afternoon and late morning.

      They choose to tailor the big day of couples to suit the couple’s vision. Taken as an instance, the couples will be provided with a selection of menus, that accommodate their preferred dining style, the dietary requirements of guests and of course, budget. The couples will really enjoy designing the decor and look of the event- it can be vibrant and sparkling or simple yet elegant, as they choose.

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      They can accommodate both traditional and religious requirements on board. Wondering Starship Sydney open sky deck can be that ideal location to host your traditional Indian wedding? All Indian weddings are welcome here!

      When you choose to have your nuptials aboard Starship Sydney, you will not just experience state-of-the-art amenities and the unobtrusive views from the ship, but you will also get a perk from their years of experience in organising a bountiful number of weddings. Starship Sydney surmises what a wonderful occasion your big day is to you and its importance to you and your loved ones. Over all these years, they have curated their inclusions and packages to make everything easy while planning a momentous event. They offer a variety of packages to choose from, inclusive of wedding ceremony on-board.

      A fusion of light and glass, starships offer a futuristic edge to entertainment on Sydney harbour, displaying modern and clean lines and an unimpeded 360-degree Harbour view. Any wedding in Starship will be a celebration like no other!

      Lately, Starship Sydney played host to Aditya and Urmi’s extravagant Indian wedding celebration combining rich Indian culture with stunning decor and plenty of colour. Everything was arranged for the state of ease of their soiree at the open sky deck and that meek consideration set the tone of their big day. There’s no better way to view Sydney harbour than from this open sky deck at Starships, rising 10 meters above the water level.

      Sydney’s top wedding planner Symphony Events transformed the open sky deck into an ultra-romantic and wedding-ready setting. The highlight was the exquisite floral backdrop overlooking Sydney’s Opera house was a sight to behold. In the exquisite Mandap, pops of colour- rose and white with green foliage certainly brought that WOW factor. A ceremonial fire was kindled in the centre of the Mandap. The spirit of happiness in the air and the sweet fragrance of exotic flowers have added to the aura of the Indian wedding. Perhaps what was more iconic is the way all those colours contrasted so well with the tones of the attire that both the couples wore.

      For the traditional Indian Wedding, Urmi looked absolutely stunning in a peach lehenga embellished with hundreds and thousands of sequins, having a charm in itself. Gold jewellery, peep-toe heels, and a peach veil with ornate lace trim completed her classy look. The style quotient of the groom was equally great as the bride- he wore a cream and red embroidered sherwani that exuded elegance.

      The bride Urmi was led to the Mandap by her father and uncle. A Hindu priest presided over the wedding and chanted Sanskrit mantras. The ceremony started off with a prayer to the god of Good fortune, Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles.

      The bride Urmi first exchanged the flower garland during the Jai Mala ceremony. The ceremony in itself symbolizes the couples welcoming each other into their respective families. An Indian wedding is incomplete without a Jaimala ceremony. Now it was the turn of the groom Aditya- he exchanged the flower wedding garland with his heart brimming with joy.

      The couple Aditya and Urmi were traditionally joined beneath the floral Mandap, by their respective parents. Then came that moment when the bride’s father gives away his daughter- the kanyadaan ceremony. During the ceremony, the bride’s father places the bride’s hands into the groom’s hands as the gesture of giving her away.

      Both the bride Urmi offered a handful of rice to the ceremonial fire.

      The mantras of seven vows were chanted by the presiding Hindu priest, and the couples repeated them along. Then came the much-awaited moment- where the groom ties the mangalsutra over the bride’s neck. The groom applied the sindoor along the parting line of the bride’s head, that symbolised her status as a married woman.

      The ceremony gave way to saptapadi, during which the relatives of the couples tied the wedding garments of the couples together- the groom’s sash and the bride’s veil. They circled around the ceremonial fire seven times, and each round symbolised a certain blessing they request to the god.

      Starship Sydney cruise for the Wedding of Aditya and Urmi is something that will be remembered and had made a lasting impression among the guests. Without a shade of doubt, 19th February 2020 will stay in their hearts forever, mainly the out-of-the-ordinary spectacular event space and all the paltriest details.