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      5 Indian Wedding Photography Ideas: Ingredients for Your Wedding Album

      Indian weddings can be a lot to take in with so much going on that you may feel overwhelmed but for photographer’s Indian weddings have so much scope for brilliant frames. Filled with all those colours, aesthetics, and people – young and old coming together dancing and singing. Indian weddings are indeed an explosion of emotions begging to be recorded. It might be a photographer’s dream to be able to capture such an event. Read more about Indian Wedding Photography Ideas.

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      Indian wedding photography is all about capturing every element of the wedding. If you look at Indian wedding photos, you’ll see that the couple, the guests, the decor, and the food offered are all given equal importance. Almost every detail of the wedding will be documented.

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      So, if you’re wondering how and where to incorporate all of these details, here are a few Indian Wedding Photography ideas to consider before photographing an Indian wedding.

      1. Classic Photography Ideas

      Traditional Indian wedding photography ideas focus on the classic stills that distinguish each wedding, such as the old pictures hanging on the wall, with a people-focused approach that may be a little more formal in tone than others.

      Shrey & Lauren - Indian Wedding at Sergeants Mess

      It captures the best moments of the event, showcasing the essence and value of the marriage. It’s not necessary to take candid shots for these. It’s also possible to categorise them. Let’s say you prefer a traditional look. In that situation, the first Indian wedding photography idea you should remember is to use your dupatta, flowers and jewellery.

      The primary goal of these images should be to depict the tranquilly of a beautiful bride in her royal outfit with her dashing groom. Make sure you acquire images that highlight their attire.

      2. Artistic Photography

      The pieces of art seen around the wedding venue serve as inspiration for artistic wedding photos. These photographs intend to blend together tradition and love. It knits everything together, from the burst of colours to the enigmatic locations and the art dispersed across the arena.

      Indian Wedding Photography Ideas

      Technical aids can be used to improve or strengthen the artistic appeal of photographs in this style. To give your shot a personality, find a way to combine the couples’ feelings with a few background artefacts. Giving it a modern and antique flavour could help it attract more attention.

      If you’re having a royal destination wedding, make sure each of your wedding photos captures the venue’s beauty. You can also concentrate on the decor to make your photographs all about colour.

      3. Dramatic Wedding Photography

      What is a big fat Indian wedding without a little Drama? The entire point of Indian weddings is to create drama. So have your cameras ready and dive right in. The goal should be to highlight the individuality and extravagance of the wedding. Remember Bollywood movies, with their exaggerated emotions and glitz and glam? That’s what we’re referring to.

      destination wedding

      Begin with the couple’s closest friends and family. Get a few shots of the bride and groom with their friends, not the formal ones, but the ones where they’re teasing each other, doing silly things, or attempting to look slick.

      When you’re done with that, get the couple together and let their inner craziness out. You can also give them props like sunglasses, poppers, or even garlands if you want them to do some hilarious postures. If you have access to a location with pools or swings, take advantage of them. Read more about Indian Photography Ideas.

      4. Documentary Photography

      The documentary shots are those shots that capture the entire event with a good flow from beginning to end and tells a tale of the ceremony. This style of wedding photography focuses on capturing both major and small details in order to create a story.

      These photographers will later assist the couple in reliving the day. The goal should be to capture the moment in its completeness, focusing on the rarity of the moment rather than dramatic elements and lighting.

      You can even take these pictures during ceremonies or rites if you plan ahead of time. Most of the time, these photographs are about creatively catching the emotional moments like the hugs, handshakes, tears during speeches, the delicate caress of couples without them even noticing the camera is around.

      5. Candid Photography

      Candid wedding photography ideas has long been one of the most popular wedding photography styles because of the beauty it accentuates. This form of wedding photography can capture feelings, emotions, and moments that posed images cannot capture.

      Indian Wedding Photography Ideas

      The thing about candid photographs is that they just happen; we can’t plan them or re-create them exactly; all we can do is keep our cameras ready and take more than one snapshot when the opportunity arises. If we are lucky, they’ll turn out nicely.

      However, with a little practise and experience, you can acquire the skill of foreseeing moments long before they occur, and the trick, they say, is to always press the shutter before the moment occurs, rather than at or during it. This way, you’ll be able to capture the moment perfectly.

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      Even if you’ve perfected the skill of photography, there are a few things to keep in mind before attempting to capture an event:

      • Every bride and groom is unique in their way, and they may have different perspectives and preferences at their wedding.
      • Observe your client, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and determine their ideal profiles. Try some sample shots, or better yet, ask them what they like and check at those.
      • Plan postures that reflect their personalities, ideas, and the type of relationship they have. Talk to your clients, get to know them, and ask them about their spouses so you can have a good picture of who they are and what they want from your photographs.
      • If possible, visit the venue a day or two before the event to evaluate the setting and plan photographs. Take sample photographs and show them to the couple to persuade them that it will be worth it.
      • Not many will tell you this, but if they have anything wrong with their makeup or how their jewellery is set, it will show up in images. Tell them to make such changes politely, so the photos turn out better.

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      Indian Wedding Photography Ideas

      When it comes to Indian weddings, they are diverse, just like the people who attend them. India is a multicultural country, and each culture and religion has its own set of rituals and practises. Hindu weddings differ from Muslim weddings and North Indians from South Indian weddings. Even each Indian state has its own culture, language, and traditions, all of which influence the actual process.

      A typical Indian wedding lasts several days. Each day of the wedding has its own set of rites and ceremonies. When you understand the significance of each event, you’ll be able to capture great photographs since you’ll be aware of the emotional aspects. So it’s a good idea to do some prep work ahead of time.