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      Stylish Indian Wedding Outfits for Guests: Get Ready to Impress

      A wedding is a solemn celebration of the unity of two people and their families. It will be a colourful and gorgeous occasion for friends and families to see the exchange of vows between the bride and groom. Depending on cultural and religious customs, the wedding ceremony can be conducted in a variety of ways, but it almost always entails the exchanging of rings and a pledge of everlasting love.

      indian wedding

      Indians live all over the world, and they strictly adhere to almost all traditional wedding rituals. Indian weddings are renowned for their extravagant events, elegance, and excitement and are rich in stunning combinations of tradition and modernity.

      When we talk about guests, they think the wedding of loved ones is an opportunity to showcase their attire and dressing style. India’s rich cultural past is reflected in the range of designs, colours, and materials available for wedding guest attire.

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      Best Attire for Indian Wedding Guests

      Even though a wedding is a fun and exciting event, it will be hard to find the right clothes to wear. Despite the fact that there are numerous clothing styles available, finding the perfect costume that meets both custom and fashion for everyone can be difficult.

      Women’s traditional attire in India includes the sari, Anarkali outfits, salwar kameez, churidar, and many other outfits. Women have a wide variety of clothing options, and they tend to favour vibrant hues like red, pink, silver, orange, and gold for their outfits that coordinate with their accessories. The ensembles were made from silk, georgette, chiffon, and other high-end fabrics.

      What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

      Typical men’s attire consists of a sherwani, a kurta, pajamas, and dhotis. These ensembles have dupattas and are made of opulent materials like silk and brocade. Men favour elegant hues like gold, white, burgundy, and silver.

      Here is a quick look at the different styles, fabrics, and colours of clothes that people often wear to an Indian wedding.

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      Men Indian Wedding Outfits for Guests

      As we’ve already talked about, it’s quite ambiguous for men to figure out what to wear to an Indian wedding. There are numerous choices available in a range of high-quality fabrics and sophisticated hues. Here are some suggestions for men’s clothing:

      1. Sherwani

      A long coat-like outfit known as a sherwani is usually worn on top of a kurta or pyjama. It is a well-liked option for male guests at ceremonies and is available in a variety of materials like silk, cotton, and linen. Sherwanis can be elegantly basic or highly decorated with embroidery, beads, and sequins. You can experiment with different styles and hues in a sherwani with the perfect pair of leather shoes or royal shoes.

      1. Indo-Western fusion wear- Achkan

      These outfits mix Western-style cuts and patterns with native Indian components. They can be designed as anything from plain shirts with embroidered cuffs to full-fledged coats with a contemporary touch. Depending on the situation, Indo-Western attire can be dressed up or down.

      1. Kurta-pyjama

      The Kurta pyjama is a traditional outfit typically used at Indian functions, and it comprises loose-fitting pants and a long Kurta that resembles a robe. Typically made of cotton or silk, this ensemble can be basic or decorated with straightforward embroidery.

      Kurtas come in plain styles and can be worn with jackets. By selecting a stole in a contrasting colour and tying it around your neck, the overall outfit will gain style. A kurta with a Punjabi jutti is an exquisite combination, and black or brown leather sandals can be optional.

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      1. Bandhgala

      A kurta or pyjama is usually worn with a bandhgala garment. This is a dressy ensemble that looks great at ceremonies and is available in wool or silk. Bandhgalas can be simple or ornate, and they are frequently worn with a coordinating pocket handkerchief.

      1. Jodhpuri suit

      A Jodhpuri suit resembles a bandhgala but has a longer, knee-length blazer. It is typically made of silk or wool and worn with pants. Elegant and refined, jodhpuri suits are ideal for traditional outfits.

      Female Indian Wedding Outfits for Guests

      Female guests will have a wide variety of gorgeous costume options that they can design and customise to fit their individual styles. Beautiful clothing in high-end fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, and others will be offered, whether you favour traditional or contemporary design. Here are the various styles of wedding outfits for female guests:

      1. Sarees

      Indian women typically wear sarees, which come in a range of fabrics, colours, and patterns. Given that the saree is a long item of clothing, people in different parts of India drape it around their bodies in different ways. There are countless saree design options; they range from flirty chiffon sarees to heavily beaded silk sarees with intricate needlework and crystals. Let’s look at a few of the most popular saree patterns for wedding attire for guests.

      1. Lehenga

      The next option for female visitors at Indian weddings is the lehenga choli. Lehengas, or embroidered long skirts, are typically worn with crop top blouses (cholis) and heavily embroidered dupattas (scarves). Lehenga cholis come in a variety of cuts, including A-line, mermaid, and flared, and are embellished with elaborate stitching and patterns.

      1. Salwar Kameez
      Salwar Kameez

      This ensemble consists of a long garment (kameez), a set of baggy trousers (salwar), and a dupatta-like Punjabi style. Salwar kameez styles range from simple and elegant to heavily beaded and embroidered. Dupattas are frequently the focal point of wedding attire.

      1. Anarkali suits

      Anarkali outfits have a long, loose tunic (kurta), fitted pants (churidar), and a scarf (dupatta). Anarkali clothing is available in a wide range of styles and fabrics, from simple cotton to silk with extravagant embroidery. Most of the time, the designs of the outfits have a lot of beading and embroidery, but the pants and dupatta have less work on them.

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      1. Lehenga saree

      The Lehenga saree is a style that combines the traditional sari drape with a blouse and a long skirt called a lehenga. For ceremonial events like weddings and celebrations, young people frequently wear this clothing, which offers hassle-free saree draping.

      Lehengas often have a lot of fancy needlework, pearls, or sequins on them to make them look elegant and on-trend. The saree fabric provides a traditional touch, and the lehenga gives it a trendy appearance.

      1. Churidar set with dupatta

      A churidar is the most comfortable and attractive garment for women to wear on any occasion, based on its handwork and design. A churidar set consists of a dupatta, kurta, and garment with coordinating patterns and designs.

      This item is available in a vast array of colours, materials, and designs and features embroidery, beadwork, and other detailed work. Most people favour Patiala and Punjabi-style designs with heavy thread and beadwork in the dupatta.

      Popular Destinations to Get Stylish Outfits for Wedding Guests

      Several online platforms are available to purchase a range of ethnic wear for everyone. This website lets users shop for traditional and modern outfits from a variety of designers and labels. A wide range of sarees, lehengas, salwar kameezes, pajamas, and other traditional attire can be purchased. Here are some of the top online platforms for all kinds of wedding attire. 

      1. Kalki Fashion  

      Kalki Fashion is the leading online platform for all kinds of wedding outfits and accessories for everyone. They have a wide range of collections that are made for each part of an Indian wedding ceremony. Along with exclusive brand outlets, they offer online services in India, the US, the UK, and Australia.  

      For more information, visit:

      1. Utsav Fashion  

      Utsav Fashion is a popular online platform for Indian ethnic wear that includes all kinds of wedding outfits for men, women, and kids. They offer traditional, contemporary, and fusion outfits, as well as free shipping on orders of $99 or more. 

      For more information, visit

      1. Bollywood Fashion 
      Gowns For Indian Wedding Reception

      Bollywood Fashion is an online platform that sells Indian fashion and accessories. Trendy designer sarees, salwar kameezes, pajamas, sherwanis, and much more are available for women, men, and kids. 

      For more information, visit:

      1. Silk And Sparkle

      The opulent fashion store Silk and Sparkle consists of a broad selection of premium ethnic clothing for weddings. Sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, and kurtis, among other traditional Indian garments, are the focus of the store’s collection.

      For more information, visit:

      1. Fabricoz
      What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

      Fabricoz is an Australian online store that provides a wide range of premium clothes, traditional South Asian attire, and accessories for weddings and other special events. People who enjoy dressing in traditional South Asian attire, such as sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga cholis, and sherwanis, will definitely get the perfect outfit from Fabricoz. 

      For more information, visit:


      Indian weddings are colourful and rich in traditional rituals, so people give more importance to outfits and accessories to showcase their style and fashion. They can choose from various styles and designs in sarees, lehengas, salwar kameez, and fusion wear for weddings. Numerous online platforms are available in Sydney for Indian wedding outfits based on traditions like haldi, sangeet, mehendi, and so on.

      Once the outfit is ready, the next step is to find the perfect wedding planner. Symphony Events, the premier wedding planner in Sydney, can organise your wedding, business event, or a social meeting with breathtaking visual effects. They offer special and unique packages for destination weddings, beach weddings, Indian weddings, and so on.