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      Navarra Venues: Plan an Opulent Indian Wedding in Sydney’s Top Romantic Destination

      When you’re getting hitched, the first item on your to-do curated list will be picking the right wedding venue. That being said, it may be quite a daunting task to narrow down the choices in Sydney, as there is so much on offer. And Sydney isn’t short of fantabulous wedding venues to celebrate your Indian wedding. Indian weddings are a grand affair, with long guest list inclusions, extravagant decor, and whatnot. If you’re in the lookout for an ideal venue which is suitable for the challenge, yet lends an incredible backdrop for all your wedding photographs, then Navarra venues will make your big day become a dream come true.

      With over 47 years of experience, Navarra venues have dealt with incredible 1,00,000 events successfully till date. It all began when the founding father Filippo Navarra with a lot of dreams and vision in his mind arrived in Australia. The empire that exists today, transcend heights and keep up to serve palatial Italian food and drinks to the Aussies. The passion that culminated in his ever-flourishing business has crossed milestones one after the other.

      Conca D’oro

      Filippo Navarra set forth in actualizing the epitome of Italian beauty- Conca D’oro, his first venue. Along with his wife Sarina, the couple has put their heart and soul into beginning their first-ever family business, in the events industry.

      Set in Riverwood, Sydney, Conca D’oro houses three opulent ballrooms and two boutique rooms with the newly reconditioned classic ballroom, The timeless Renoir, Regal lounge, Mirror room, and The Den. The ballrooms can seat a soiree of 120 to 550 whereas the boutique rooms can accommodate 35 to 50 invitees. This timeless flagship venue is ideal for weddings, private functions, and corporate functions.

      The iconic Sydney venue that has set the benchmark in hospitality has set its Italian Kitchen wide open to its guests and delight their taste buds with lip-smacking dishes. The event producers at Conca D’oro will see to it that they’ll have enough time hearing out the needs of their clients and walk them along with the most suitable space. If you’re that bride-to-be, who loves to do everything in style, and stay the course of the ever-evolving trends, then Conca D’oro will be your best bet.

      Classic Ballroom

      This largest ballroom of Conca D’oro features polished parquetry dance floors, ornate crystal chandelier fixtures, a vaulted ceiling, a raised bridal table, to name a few, that will set a spectacular scene to your wedding. The classic ballroom could seat up to 280 guests in the banquet style, 510 in dinner-dance style, 800 in cocktail style and 650 in theatre style.

      The Renoir

      Step into this exquisite venue through the private foyer sated with plush lounges for your guests to sit back and take a sip of champagne. Avail their features such as a gourmet menu with beverage options, AV packages to choose from, and an in-house styling team to walk you along.

      Regal Lounge

      An event space exudes elegance, grandeur, and old-world charm, the Regal lounge features two private foyers, an elevated VIP table, a plush bridal room, and a timber dance floor. This luxe ballroom can comfortably seat a soiree of 240 guests in banquet style, 200 in dinner-dance style, 300 in cocktail style, and 350 in theatre style.

      The Den

      As the name suggests, this boutique room located underground is your best bet for hosting low-key events such as private dinners, family birthdays, Christmas gatherings, or engagements. The Den can comfortably seat a small soiree of 50 invitees in theatre style.

      Mirror Room

      Another boutique room by Conca D’oro, situated right at its ground floor, and replete with ornate light fixtures, a wall mirror, a grand piano, and a dusky black granite floor. If you’re in the lookout for a space to host your intimate wedding ceremony, then a mirror room will be your best bet.

      Le Montage

      The jewel of the Navarra venues group, Le montage was the second venue by Filippo Navarra. Overlooking the shores of Iron cove bay, brother sal and Giovannino Navarra and sister Marie Florio, after realizing the potential of buying the pioneer Apia club, have strived to develop the waterfront venue Le montage. Located in Lilyfield, Sydney, the venue boasts of 9 Sydney indoor event spaces and one picturesque outdoor space where style has no limits. These exquisite event rooms are ideal for weddings, private functions, and corporate events. And the features here are bountiful- Tailored event planning, 180° waterfront views, gourmet cuisine, on-site car parking facility, and a fairy-lit promenade. Of late, the venue has undergone a significant renovation, making it gain the name as Sydney’s premier event space which can comfortably seat as low as 30 guests to 2500 guests.

      Deanah’s View

      Overlooking the breathtaking Iron cove bay, let your guests capture the enchanting views of the waterfront. The venue has got everything to turn your wedding into a memorable extravaganza, from the gourmet menu to on-site parking and everything in between.

      Deanah’s View Ballroom

      Let your guests be stupefied by this picturesque ballroom for your Wedding, social event, or corporate event. This one-of-a-kind combination of Alexandra Lounge and Deanah’s View can easily accommodate up to 770 guests.

      Montage Ballroom

      This grand indoor event space that exudes a resort-style atmosphere can accommodate a soiree with up to 1580 guests in banquet dinner style, 500 in dinner-dance style, 1630 in cocktail style, and 1550 in theatre style. This event space will be your best bet if you’re after venues ideal for hosting grand scale events.

      Sarah Grand

      The largest among the ballrooms of Le montage, Sarah grand is equally ideal for evening candlelit dinners and daytime events. Offering unobtrusive 180-degree views, the room also features a dedicated foyer, heightened ceilings, designer interiors, crystal chandeliers, a dedicated foyer, and lift access.

      Sarah Grand Ballroom

      Let your guests experience the grandeur of this palatial space, a combination of the Alexandra lounge and Sarah grand. This sleek and sophisticated ballroom can seat up to 1010 guests.

      Glass House

      Want a perfect backdrop for the upcoming party that you wish to throw, like a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or host a corporate luncheon, or christening? The glasshouse, surmounting the Iron cove bay will be your best bet. Space will be all yours, but only during the daytime.

      Alexandra Lounge

      This boutique space that can comfortably accommodate a soiree of 360 in cocktail style and 310 in banquet style will be ideal for a low-key event whilst offering grand styling and grandeur of the capacious ballroom.

      The Gallery

      Boutique, private, and intimate is the words that better define The Gallery. Step into this exquisite venue through the private foyer sated with plush lounges for your guests to sit back and enjoy pre-dinner drinks. Featuring classic decor, an in-built dance floor, dark timber paneling, ornate light fixtures, The Gallery is all set to offer you an opulent and dynamic space to actualize your event.

      The Marquee

      This versatile event space can seat up to 410 guests in theatre style, 460 guests in cocktail style, and 360 guests in banquet style. The Marquee is distinctive with its designer interiors, secluded terrace, floor to ceiling windows, and alfresco ambiance.

      The Lobby Sydney

      The latest addition to Le Montage, The Lobby Sydney features luxe interiors replete with contemporary chandeliers, fireplaces, occasional furniture, and a whiskey bar. Let your guests take delight in their Italian dishes prepared only by sourcing authentic and fresh produce, by their cheeky chefs.

      Curzon Hall

      It was the son of Filippo Navarra, who stumbled upon this exquisite heritage castle owned by the Catholic church while he was driving and went amiss. He came rushing back home to show his father that splendid beauty. However, the castle wasn’t for sale, yet the Navarra group managed to get hold of the venue in 2003. Within 2 years, they were able to kick start their first event with guests.

      Set in Marsfield, Sydney, this iconic sandstone castle boasts of 8 indoor event spaces and 5 outdoor spaces that rests on a capacious three acres of landscaped gardens. This heritage sandstone mansion can accommodate up to 680 guests within the indoor event spaces and 600 within the outdoor event spaces. It’s Victorian Italianate colonnades, detailed cathedral ceilings, sandstone parapets, semi-circular arches- all these features imbue Curzon hall with an old-world charm that will leave your guests spellbound.

      Lady Mary’s Pavilion

      Majestically adorned in the pastel shades and free-flowing backdrop, Lady Mary’s pavilion will be a perfect pick for a grand wedding of your dreams. The newly restyled contemporary ballroom is highlighted using crystal chandeliers and design interiors. 340 – 680 is the seating capacity of the pillarless ballroom with a stunning outdoor view.

      Sabrina’s View

      As the name suggests the view from the hall is its highlighting factor. Full-length glass walls beautifully portrait the dome elevations of the sandstone castle and the manicured gardens as in a frame. Access to the rooftop garden is another attraction of his pillarless ballroom with a seating capacity of up to 380 guests.

      Banquet Room

      Divine is the air inside this elegant former chapel. Semi arch headed openings, beautifully ornate ceilings, stained glasses are the main heritage features that imbibe the architecture of the 1800s to this space.

      Separate space for serving welcome drinks and access to adjoining terrace and gardens are other attractions of this 300 guests seating capacity hall.

      Sir Phillip Lounge

      It’s all white and bright when it comes to Sir Phillip Lounge. Crystal chandeliers and wall mirrors complement the white beauty of the hall. You can find no better place to host your wedding in the beauty of the natural light. Floral carpets, geometrically detailed ceilings reflect the contemporary style of the space.

      Agincourt Room

      Sumptuous and elegant are the design details of this 80 – 160 seating capacity hall located on the first floor of the sandstone castle. The bar counter, antique fireplace, fleur inspired carpets in the seating area, parquetry floor, and lots of natural light blend to offer a memorable experience to guests.

      The Cellars

      For the minds that love to stand out, here is the perfect pick for you, The Cellars. It’s all about wine tasting or cheese tasting when you think of this rustical beauty. The underground space has five rooms including, a dedicated lounge area and bar. Real sandstone walls and metal wine displays are the highlighting features of this space. The Cellars have the seating capacity of a maximum of 150 people.

      Curzon Room

      The space is ideal for intimate private gatherings and can seat up to 80 guests. Large mirrors with antique frames highlighted wall, fireplace, make this space unique on its own.

      Balaclava Room

      With a seating capacity of 30 guests at a go, space is suitable to host a small gathering. The simplistic interiors and cosy ambience easily attract minds to this space. Access to the adjoining balcony is another attraction of the Balaclava Room.

      Garden Chateau

      Raised on a circular stage with metal detailing and supported on sandstone pillars, Garden Chanteau will surely back a second look from any who pass by it. Freely flowing full-length backdrops can add to the rustic look of the space. 200 – 600 is the cocktail capacity of Garden Chateau.

      Eternal Garden

      The private area can host up to 160 guests and is featured with a criss-cross geometric highlighted lawn. Metal cage structure with an intrinsic design and water feature makes space reflect the beauty of a medieval painting.

      Sir Joseph Terrace

      Rich with scenic beauty and Italian luxury, the outdoor space will surely top your venue choice list. Sandstone borders, stone-paved floors, and background castle view make the alfresco a grand choice for celebrations. The seating capacity varies in the range between 40 – 60.

      Enchanted Garden

      In the lap of nature, nothing less than this can describe the space better. The white gazebo structure that stands enchanting in the pool of greenery and the sandstone walkway highlights this versatile event space.

      Oatlands House

      Epochal Oatlands House, once a homestead estate was acquired by the Navarra venues group in the year 2012 out of the parlous need for a facelift. The venue marked by its old-world charm rests over 5 acres of landscaped garden. This romantic Georgian chateau is the go-to option for Weddings, outdoor weddings, destination weddings, garden weddings, corporate events, and private functions. Set in Oatlands, Sydney, Oatlands house is complemented by modern amenities, gourmet menus, and outstanding customer service. The venue that exudes vintage charm boasts of 6 indoor event spaces and 4 outdoor event spaces. The venue that will enchant you in all aspects

      Georgian Grand Ballroom

      The open-plan event space is the largest room in the Oatlands House. It consists of Garden Ballroom and The Rose Suite along with a private entry. Break out area, garden view, wooden dance floor, private bar, natural lighting are the attractive features of the room. The curved shaped ceiling and crystal chandeliers add to the beauty of the space. The seating capacity of this grand area is 320 – 550.

      Garden Ballroom

      The freshly restyled ballroom reflects the interior of an Italian farmhouse. Crystal chandeliers and ornate ceilings make space a perfect fit to host celebrations. The access to the beautiful garden and stone-paved vineyards is another attractive factor of the room. 220 – 380 is the seating capacity of the space.

      Deck Room

      Experience the alfresco ambiance and grandeur of the conservatory structure at the Deck room. This venue will be that ideal destination that you’re looking for, to celebrate your glam wedding or gala dinner.

      Elizabeth Suite

      The event space features ornate chandeliers, timber paneling, and lends an unobtrusive view of the surrounding lush gardens as well as the golf course, making it the ideal space for low key weddings, and special events.

      Enchanted Garden

      Enchanted Garden is the go-to option of Aussie couples for their garden ceremony, and themed ceremony. This intimate event space adjacent to the Garden ballroom is accentuated with manicured topiaries, signature vines, and lush greenery, which will be your best complement to your wedding.

      Oatlands Chateau

      Circumscribed by the scenic landscaped garden with the elegant manor as the backdrop, Oatlands Chateau is ideal for Chateau weddings. Featuring ornate wrought iron canopy and romanesque pillars the event space can seat 780 guests in cocktail style and 700 guests in theatre style and are ideal for outdoor experiences.

      Rebecca Suite

      Named after the first bride to get hitched in the iconic Oatlands house, Rebecca suite is steeped in historic detailings, lending you a great backdrop for your wedding photographs. The event space features aristocratic chandeliers, timber floorboards, a sandstone feature wall, that will take the look of your wedding photographs a notch up.

      Rose Garden

      An ideal wedding locale for a French chateau wedding, Rose garden space can comfortably seat a soiree of 140 guests in cocktail style and 80 in banquet dinner style.

      Rose Suite

      At the rose suite, you can have a bountiful choice of gourmet menu and AV packages, and avail the services of an in-house styling team. Let your guests take a sip of champagne at the covered terrace before moving on to your event.

      The Vineyard

      Tie the knot in the midst of a romantic and majestic vineyard setting. The vineyard is all set to lend an unforgettable experience no matter whether you choose to host a low-key wedding or a grand one and delight their taste buds with a tailored gourmet menu and luscious wine.

      Dreaming of walking down the aisle holding the hand of your soulmate? Navarra venues will be the perfect wedding venue for you with its old-world charm and grandeur.