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      16 Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles: Curated List

      Bridal makeup plays an important part on the wedding day. Not just the bride but the groom also try to look their best, on their dream wedding day.

      Indian wedding hairstyles are a new area of specialisation in making the bride unique from other brides. Specialised hair setters create beautiful hairstyles and make the brides look stunning. There are many different styles of hairdos which makes the bride unique from all other traditional looks.

      The beautiful look incorporates different Western hairstyles as well as our traditional hairstyles, or sometimes it becomes a mix of these.

      indian wedding hairstyles

      In terms of hair and makeup for brides on their wedding day, the differences between regions are astounding.

      Check out some of the different Indian wedding makeup and hairstyles that brides across the country have chosen to wear on their big day with Symphony events.

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      Whether you’re after a dramatic look or just want to keep it light and neat all the while during the day, the aforementioned curated list of Indian wedding hairstyles will totally rock your bridal look. Check it out.

      1. Traditional Braid With Floral Extravaganza

      Exuding its timeless charm, a traditional floral braid swathed in jasmine will never go out of style. It’s a coiffure that you can absolutely trust- something that you’ll never go wrong with. To begin with, get rid of the tangles in your hair by combing, and dividing it into 3 different sections.

      Start braiding your hair, and when you have braided until dawn, secure your hair with a bun. Pin the jasmine flower garland around the crown of your head and intertwine it until the end to complete the look. It’s a go-to option if you’re on the lookout for a hairdo for long tresses, to slay on your d-day!

      Traditional Braid With Floral Extravaganza

      2. Fresh Flowers in a Bridal Bun

      Bun hairdo is what you need, to look ethereal. It doesn’t matter whether you have short or long hair, a bridal bun is all you need to take your entire look up a notch. Start with removing the tangles from your hair.

      Dress up your hair into a bridal bun and you can use extensions, just in case if you have kept your hair short, and wrap jasmine garland around the bun, pin some flowers on the bun as well, and tuck your dupatta with it, and voila- a stunning Indian bridal hairdo for short hair and long tresses alike!

      3. Open Hair With a Top Soft Lock

      What’s a better spot to show off your long dresses cascading down your shoulder than a zestful Indian wedding? To achieve this look, make sure that your hair is free from all sorts of tangles, and apply some serum to remove any frizz and sleek it down.

      Backcomb your hair in the front portion. Tie your hair half up, secure it, and pin some dainty flowers atop to complete the look.

      indian wedding hairstyles

      4. Voluminous Braid With Ringlets

      Wanna go for a full dramatic hairdo? Then there is no Indian hairdo other than a voluminous braid with ringlets with some dainty flowers lining it atop. If you’re wondering which hairdo suits your not-that-thick hair, then a voluminous braid is your best bet, which adds volume to your hair.

      Prep your hair take small sections of hair and roll them into ringlets. Take the top section of hair, over your crown area, and do a French braid, taking each section from both the left and right side at a time. When done, secure the hair with a bun and you’re done!

      Voluminous Braid With Ringlets

      5. Smooth wavy curls

      Indian brides of today wear white and ivory lehengas with brightly coloured jewellery and accents as part of their wedding attire.

      Loose waves are perfect for a low-key bride who wants to keep things simple and let her dupatta shine.

      indian wedding hairstyles

      6. Bun with traditional flowers

      The beauty is ethereal with a traditional bun that is beautifully arranged with flowers.

      The bride looks extremely pretty with such a traditional hairdo, and the flowers just make it magical.

      indian wedding hairstyles

      7. Traditional fishtail twist

      A beautiful fish braid with jasmine flowers arranged in a twisted manner.

      The hairdo gives a voluminous look and gives the bride extra beauty with a blend of style and ethnicity.

      Mehndi Night

      8. Contemporary up-bun

      This adds up to the Western look of the bride with traditional attire, giving her a contemporary and classy look.

      This will make the day extra beautiful for the bride.

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      9. Traditional braid with flowers

      The traditional braid is a perfect match for those brides who want a simple and elegant look.

      Flowers elevate the beauty of such traditional braids and make the bride feel confident for her big day and her beautiful look.

      indian wedding hairstyles

      10. Braided undo with flowers

      This hairstyle is a blend of traditions and style.

      This goes perfectly with a beautiful saree that is single-pleated. This adds to the elegance of the bride, which gives it a classy and contemporary look.

      Braided undo with flowers

      11. Bridal bun with a side braid

      The beauty of braids is everlasting, and it gives a sense of a traditional look but is very elegant.

      When combined with a bridal bun and a side braid, it makes it ethereal, and the bride stands out for its uniqueness and perfection.

      rustic wedding decorations

      12. Braided bun

      The beautiful braided bun is alluring, and at the same time, it looks elegant.

      The bride could pair it with a beautiful gown or lehenga and be as beautiful as she always wanted to be for her big day.

      Braided bun

      13. Open hairstyle with tiara

      This hairstyle with a beautiful tiara gives the bride a perfect look for her Mehendi or Sangeet function and looks picture-perfect.

      The small curls with open hair give her an extra charm for her days filled with celebrations.

      indian wedding hairstyles

      14. Long bun-braid

      A perfect hairstyle for a stunning South-Indian bride. She will look alluring with flowers all over her long braid, and her beauty just becomes magical.

      A beautiful silk saree with all her ornaments and long braid just makes her resemble a goddess who is a symbol of luck and charm.

      Long bun-braid

      15. Puffy bun and roses

      It is a perfect hairstyle for a wedding reception paired with a beautiful gown or a stunning lehenga. Roses will add to the warmth and love the bride is having for her beloved groom.

      She will just look amazing with this hairstyle.

      Puffy bun and roses

      16. One-sided curls

      This is a classy look for all the brides who will have to wear a ghoonghat.

      This will help them highlight their hair with beautiful loose curls and make it look pretty.

      One-sided curls

      We have a thousand Indian wedding hairstyles that suit each of our pretty brides, and we customize them according to the bride’s demand.

      Our beautiful and personalised hairdos make your day stunning. We guarantee you that you will be the most beautiful bride.

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      Symphony Events specializes in creating memorable personal moments for the bride and groom, as well as their guests, that they will remember for a lifetime. As a company, our mission is to deliver high-quality work, and we take great care to adhere to it. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take on and execute all types of wedding makeup and hairdos.

      We believe in providing the best hairstyles for each of our brides and making her day most special for the bride, groom, and their entire family.

      Your special days will be even more colourful and memorable with our help, and the experience will surely surpass the expectations you had for us!