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      19 Diverse Indian Wedding Decorations in Sydney from Symphony Events

      Indian wedding decorations are one of the most luxurious and grand events that execute every ritual with opulence. These harmonious wedding events were filled with the fun and joy of family and friends together.

      Such auspicious magical moments have been happening in a heaven-like venue where the fragrance and charm of floral arrangements and colourful drapes are adorned.

      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024

      One of the major parts of your wedding ceremony is its decorations, which add an extra touch of extravaganza for your special occasions. From the grandeur of mandaps to the dazzling array of floral arrangements, these decorations bring regional traditions and culture to your wedding.

      Most of the wedding decorations are done based on the themes and colours. Only an expert and professional wedding decorator can bring your ideas into reality and also provide a visual feast for your guests.

      Are you in search of the best Wedding Planner in Sydney? Contact Symphony Events for the best services.

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      Grandeur Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

      Indian weddings are vibrant and lavish, where every part is decorated carefully to transform a unique and magnificent appeal to the entire wedding ceremony. Do you have any plans for conducting your big day in a heaven-like venue? With the help of expert decorators, you can easily craft a basic banquet hall with any theme, like a secret garden, a white fairy world, snow-falling Iceland, and much more.

      Here are some of the wedding decorations from Symphony Events that adorn the priceless occasions of the couples. 

      1. Floral Extravaganza

      The foremost task is to figure out the theme and colour scheme for the venue to create some beautiful memories of your wedding. Fresh and beautiful flowers in diverse colours are always used for Indian wedding decorations and backdrops.

      Since we are experts in doing floral wedding decorations like dense and well-spaced flower walls and bouquets, it is easy to transfigure your thoughts into reality.

      Indian Wedding Dresses For Bride

      We use local and premium flowers like roses, jasmine, marigold, and various gerberas. If you are willing to add some extravagant seasonal flowers, we can import them with certain budget constraints. 

      2. Mandap Marvel

      Wedding Mandap is considered a sacred place for the bride and groom to tie their knots. Most couples prefer lotus mandap for their wedding as it symbolizes purity. The arch can be decorated with fresh flowers, which is in line with the theme of your wedding.

      indian wedding mandap

      Its tradition is to place the pots, which are decorated with flowers, around the four sides of the arch. Mandaps can be decorated both indoors and outdoors, depending on the venue.

      3. Fabric Drape Backdrop

      If you want to get classy and elegant wedding decorations for your big day, then fabric drapes are the best choice for decorations. A myriad of fabrics, like silk, satin, or chiffon, can be used for decoration based on your colour theme and budget.

      Since the drapes come in different colours, a stylish decorator can use multiple drapes together to get various styles.

      Indian Wedding Decorations

      We always use decorative lanterns and chandeliers to give a soft shine, as well as mirrors, sequins, and glitters to elevate the entire decoration.

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      4. Rangoli Art

      Are you planning to decorate your wedding with something unique?, then adorn the entrance and walkways with beautiful rangoli designs using coloured powder or flower petals to welcome guests with traditional Indian artistry.

      Rangoli adds the final touch to wedding decor by enhancing the space where wide decorations are impossible.

      The Madison Function Centre

      We use diyas and small lanterns to create a visual appeal for the rangoli and make it a statement spectacle at the wedding. 

      5. Vintage Charm

      Our vintage charm wedding decorations capture the essence of bygone days, featuring delicate lace accents and weathered wood elements with pastel hues. Just imagine tables adorned with lace doilies and antique teacups that create the ambiance of an English garden party. This will give you an amazing visual feast for you.

      indian wedding

      Vintage wedding centrepieces showcase the beauty of past days, combining antique books, candelabras, and clusters of roses. From classic cake designs to antique venues with original centrepieces, it evokes the charm of a starlit evening from another era.

      6. Rustic Elegance

      Rustic wedding decorations are usually made with greenish elements, which embrace natural beauty. Hand-crafted tiny bouquets, customised Indian wedding invitations, and hand-tied Indian Wedding cakes are the key elements that elevate the rustic charm of your wedding decorations.

      We use stunning house tables and chairs that are adorned with multicolor fabrics in a modern rustic wedding.

      glenworth valley

      Based on the customer’s requirements, we use traditional elements like mason jars and burlap runners. Rustic weddings showcase an amazing way to style your wedding in a warm and relaxing environment.

      7. Royal Palace Theme

      Just step into a world of regal elegance with our Royal Palace theme wedding decorations. This awesome theme promises to turn your special day into a majestic affair of ancient monarchies. The combination of metallic gold and white with a red fabric drape gives you a luxurious appearance for your wedding.

      indian wedding decorations

      The giant vintage flower vases, white royal cushioned diwan coats, and carpeted floor turn your venue into a palace. We will use chandeliers, ornate mirrors, and plush seating according to your requirements.

      8. Peacock Inspiration

      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024

      Peacocks are iconic creatures on earth that express elegance and beauty. Therefore, most wedding decorators prefer a florally assembled peacock figure in the mandap or entrance of the wedding venue.

      These decorations will add a touch of monsoon nuptials to your wedding venue, and this will create a magical ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. So what are you waiting for? Pick floral peacock feathers for your wedding decorations.

      9. Garden Enchantment

      Garden-inspired wedding decorations are designed to create a romantic ambiance and often take place in outdoor venues. The bride will be welcomed with delicate roses and lush greenery.

      indian wedding decorations

      We will arrange an outdoor garden wedding with cascading floral arrangements, hanging lanterns, and twinkling fairy lights to create a magical setting.

      10. Sangeet Setup

      Sangeet is one of the main events that will take place before the Indian wedding. Hanging dhol is the signature decoration at the Sangeeth event, as the event is filled with dance and music.

      indian wedding decorations

      The LED lights and hanging florals elevate the entire sangeet decorations before your wedding.

      11. Ethereal Candlelight

      Ethereal candlelight wedding decorations cater to a range of aesthetics, from classic and vintage to modern and ethereal. Use an abundance of candles in various sizes and shapes to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere during evening events.

      indian wedding decorations

      If you envision a romantic dinner under the stars, these decorations seamlessly integrate the love and beauty of your life.

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      12. Ethnic Table Settings

      If you want to draw on the heritage of Indian culture for your wedding, then we will ensure ethnic table settings. From enchanting centrepieces to carefully curated tableware, ethnic table settings craft the traditions and elegance that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

      indian wedding decorations

      13. Cultural Backdrops

      Indian weddings are rich in customs and rituals, which will follow the traditional style too. These rituals have a great influence on the wedding decorations, and thus we will incorporate cultural elements like traditional motifs, Om symbols, and Sanskrit verses into backdrops and stage designs.

      rustic wedding decorations

      14. Tent Delight

      If you love colours and would like to incorporate extraordinary space into your wedding, then tents will be a significant choice. A lavish tent with decorative ceiling hangings, embroidered fabrics, and rich cushions creates a luxurious and cozy vibe.

      indian wedding decorations

      15. Photo Booth

      The photo booth is one of the trendy concepts in Indian wedding ceremonies, where the decorated part takes pictures of friends and families. It is often decorated with flowers and colourful drapes with certain themes. A photo booth with quirky Indian-themed props like rikshawala will provide special memories for the guest.

      wedding backdrops

      16. Minimalistic Glamour

      Minimalist weddings always reveal the concept that less is more and the beauty of simplicity. In these wedding decorations, couples would like to create a clean appearance in their ceremony. For this, we always prefer neutral and pastel colour palettes like pink, white, crème, etc.

      indian wedding mandap

      If you want to exchange your vows in a simple but elegant way, then a minimalistic wedding is the right choice.

      17. Bollywood Glam

      Bollywood movies have always been a favourite of Indians, and the glamour of the Indian film industry inspires them. Most of the decorations are done by setting golden arches and luxury fabrics at the entrance. As a bride, when you walk through a gorgeous passage, you’ll be transported to a realm where dreams come true.

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      18. Fusion Wedding Decorations

      Indians have a welcoming nature that blends with different cultures and rituals. Thus, fusion decor means combining elements from other cultures to celebrate diversity and unity. This will craft a new sort of wedding decoration that will make you stand out and be unique.

      indian wedding decorations

      19. Sustainable Decor

      Are you concerned about reducing wedding waste on your big day? then choose a sustainable wedding decoration. We used eco-friendly decor options like potted plants, recycled materials, and biodegradable elements to have a green and eco-conscious wedding celebration.

      wedding reception packages Sydney

      Now, you have a brief idea of the various wedding decorations that can be chosen for your special occasion. But keep in mind that only professional and expert wedding decorators can craft flawless wedding decorations. 

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      Glamour Your Wedding Decorations with Symphony Events

      Indian weddings are filled with enormous rituals and customs. Therefore, the decorations will be adorned with colourful mandaps, rangolis, photobooths, puja trays, and much more. Despite the theme, only an expert and professional decorator who clearly knows about these rituals can make your dream a reality. Here comes the name of Symphony Events.

      Being the leading wedding decorator in Sydney, Symphony Events creates immersive experiences by creating myriads of wedding decorations that create lasting memories. From vibrant, fresh floral arrangements to colourful drapery, their expertise transcends decorations into stunning designs.

      Choose Symphony Events for your big day to ensure a harmonious ceremony that will resonate for a lifetime.