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      9 Sureshot Ways to Plan Your Indian Wedding Dance

      Most wedding revelries involve dance performances where the couple, their parents and the attendees dance their hearts out to celebrate the union. And Indian wedding dance is what everyone eagerly awaits and primarily steals the show, given how practicing your dance with your loved ones is much fun, even amidst the boisterous wedding preparations going on.

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      1. Choose the Dances

      Unbeknownst to many, there are four main types of wedding dances- the first dance, when the couples step to the beats of the song, the father-daughter wedding dance, where the couple has a great time with their parents. Then comes the anniversary dance, where the longest-married couples among the guests perform, and then comes the money dance, where the couples are showered with money by the guests, and guests finally get a chance to boogie down on the dance floor.

      Not all brides and grooms choose to perform all these wedding dances at their wedding. So you need to choose wedding dances which you feel are important and are allowed, taking into regard the current situation well ahead of time so that you have enough and more time to practice.

      2. Book a Dance Choreographer

      indian wedding songs

      Most couples wish to perform a one-of-a-kind routine choreographed by a professional. Although it’s obvious that the learning curve differs from one person to that of another, it’s better to start as early as possible. The ones who are performing will only feel comfortable and confident in each step they take during the performance only with a lot of practice.

      Get started with practice 2 to 3 months prior to your big day.

      3. Reach out to the Ones Who Will be Performing

      indian wedding dance

      First Indian wedding dance and father-daughter dance are only allowed, for weddings these days. In case you choose to have a father-daughter wedding dance, then give your parents ample time to choose the apt music and practice to perfection.

      4. Choose the Indian Wedding Songs

      indian wedding dance

      Now it’s time to choose the songs for each dance that you’ll be performing. See to it that the DJ or band is prepared to play it during your wedding.

      5. Practice as Much

      indian wedding songs

      Perfection comes only with practice. During the performance, if you have to think less about remembering the choreography and about the steps, the more you enjoy performing which in turn leads to adding extras like keeping on smiling throughout the performance.

      But amidst the preparations, you won’t be getting enough time to practice all the time. But see to it that you rehearse with your significant other and parents whenever there’s time. A day before your wedding, have a final rehearsal as well.

      6. Type of Choreography

      Let the choreography be easy to memorize doesn’t require too much effort on your part and is something that can be done easily. Not all who perform are great dancers or will be confident enough to step to the beats of the song in front of a soiree. Basically, this is something of immense importance and should top the checklist of your wedding dance planning.

      7. Budget For Choreography

      If you’ve plans to hire a choreographer then start the lookout only after setting aside a specific budget for him/her. But if you don’t have a budget as such, then hiring one isn’t required. If you feel like there’s someone who can deal with the choreography part then give them a chance and plan the performance.

      8. The Wedding Songs of Your Choice

      The choice of wedding dance songs is a lot more imperative than the choreography itself. Even if you’ve gone wrong with the steps or can’t dance the way you intended, the wedding song to which you’re stepping keeps the party going and jazz up the vibe.

      Equally important is the type of song and the one who is dancing. So choose the song that suits the person the most. If you’ve gone wrong with choosing the right song, then the whole effort will be in vain.

      9. Have Fun Along the Way

      On your big day, your near and dear will be there and at that point never be nervous and so enjoy performing instead of getting worried about the steps. Your dance will turn out to be a hit, as long as you smile all throughout the performance and have fun along the way.

      An Indian wedding is incomplete without dance performances. What everyone awaits is the moment when the music rumbles over the dance floor and everyone gets into the groove to shake their legs. Attendees irrespective of age, from the young to the old equally enjoy stepping to the beats of the song. But dances vary from region and also religion.

      Professional Indian wedding DJs are hired to perform in most Indian weddings. The DJ adds splendour to the wedding ceremony with Indian and Western songs. You can perform according to the track played in the background. Depending on the type of music played, the dance varies from Indian to Western.

      How to Dance at an Indian Wedding?

      indian wedding songs
      • For a simple dance position, closely hold your partner. If the song being played is slow, and if you don’t have any problem with getting close while dancing, then embrace each other. Place your hand around your partner’s neck and let your partner’s hand rest over the back of your waist. Extend the other hands together and hold them tight.
      • Slowly move your body back and forth and you can also try stepping side to side with the track played.
      • Apply some pressure on both of your hands and let the partner move in the direction which they like. Ensure that you’re following the steps of your partner and are moving with him.
      • If you wish to have a little flair, then you can also twirl around after swaying, but one at a time.

      With some direction, planning your wedding dance for your restricted wedding won’t be as daunting as you think. Wedding dance performances are all about having much fun, letting out your stress, and having a great time. But everyone wants to perform their best, but merely focusing on your steps isn’t the only thing that you need to do. It will stop you from celebrating your big day to its fullest.

      The key is to be yourself, have fun, and let loose since no one is going to judge how you’ve performed.

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