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      How Much Does an Indian Wedding Cost in Australia?

      Planning a wedding is pretty tough, and planning a wedding on a set budget is the hardest part. Also, the grandeur of your wedding depends more on your social status and how well you want to shine on your big day. 

      Wedding ceremonies differ significantly from one region to the other. As you all know, the special bond that two people make when they get married should be filled with affection. More than any other wedding, Indian weddings are tied to faith and customs, just like the country they come from.

      indian wedding

      Hinduism is often connected to an Indian marriage, which is seen as a spiritual union between two souls. If you want to have an Indian wedding, you must go through a series of steps. Some of them are engagement ceremonies, Mehandi, Sangeet, Tilak, Haldi, and Roka. The cost of your wedding will go up as the number of ceremonies goes up. More than the budget, one might think about making their wedding day as grand and elegant as possible. 

      This blog lets you know more about the expenses that an Indian wedding costs in Australia. 

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      What Makes Indian Weddings So Special?

      Weddings happen all over the world. But you can’t find a wedding like that in India even if you look in every nook and cranny of the world.

      The abundance of songs, dances, colours, and rituals all work together to make the Indian wedding as wonderful and elegant as possible. Once the celebration starts, it will go on forever, making everyone happier, more connected, and more in love with their family and all of their relatives.

      Engagement Party Decorations

      The wonders and beauty that separate Indian weddings from others are: 

      1. Embedded in Culture

      As you may know, India is a land rich in culture, and weddings in India are a direct reflection of all the beautiful traditions that every Indian upholds throughout their lives.

      Attending an Indian wedding is more about discovering Indians and their values and beliefs. From the attire to the cuisine, Indian weddings are designed in such a way that they attract everyone.

      1. Beautiful Rituals and Cultures

      What makes Indian marriages unique? It is, after all, about rituals and traditions. When it comes to Indian weddings, there are a plethora of traditions that will appeal to everyone and differ from one another.

      Every ritual, from Haldi to Roka, is fascinating, and it helps couples know more about themselves while also enjoying their union with their loved ones.

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      hindu wedding dates
      1. Endless Cuisine

      When it comes to food, Indians enjoy eating, and the food in India is nothing but delicious. If there is a party, Indian food, from appetizers to desserts, is always delicious.

      It has so many dishes that guests get confused about what to eat, but the good news is that whatever you take is yummy.

      1. Filled With Bright Colours

      Indian celebrations are full of bright colours, and weddings are no exception. Each small event at weddings, like Haldi, Sangeet, and everything else, has bright colours that stand out. If you’ve only ever been to black-and-white Western celebrations, Indian weddings are like a feast for the eyes. The colours of the Indian wedding dresses and the wedding jewellery on almost every part of the body are also very eye-catching.

      Wedding Aisle Decorations
      1. Creating a Longer Celebration

      Indians love to share their joys and sorrows with others. Everyone wishes to have a month-long celebration with their extended family. The last three days of the wedding celebrations are the best, and spending time with family and friends is the happiest moment that anyone can cherish for the rest of their lives. When you get a longer time to spend it will redefine and strengthen the bond with your family.

      Planning a Modest Indian Wedding? Don’t Miss Out on These Points.

      When planning a wedding, there are several things to keep in mind to make wedding preparations more cost-effective.

      These may appear to be simple suggestions, but they are effective ways to make your wedding look grand while spending less money. The location, number of guests on your lists, and theme are all general factors.

      However, there are a few additional details to consider if you’re planning on having an Indian wedding.

      indian wedding cost

      Marriage is seen as tangible evidence of a family’s economic standing in India. The wedding festivals could last for more than a week, depending on the culture, religion, caste, and money.

      The Indian economic industry’s ever-changing inflation rates make it impossible to provide an exact estimate for the cost of a wedding in India and other countries that are inspired to celebrate their big day like Indians.

      The Pundit’s fee, the Mehendi Ki Rasm, the Mandap, and other components of Indian wedding celebrations all contribute to the overall cost of the wedding.

      As a result, weddings for the lower middle class can range from one to three million rupees. 

      1. Think of New Ways to Invite Guests

      Wedding cards are no longer the preferred method of inviting guests to weddings. It costs more to print and send to the right address. Consider new methods, such as e-invites or creating a video and sharing it with your guests. These methods are more visually appealing and save a lot of money.

      hindu wedding dates
      1. Capture Exquisite Images

      A well-known professional photographer will charge a high fee to photograph your wedding. There are professional photographers and artists willing to work for less money while maintaining the same level of quality. When you approach these experts, they will capture your special moments in more creative and less expensive ways.

      1. Pick the Right Location

      Wedding planners recommend planning your big day during the off-season so that wedding venues and hotels are available at the best prices.

      Every lovely couple dreams of finding the perfect location for their wedding day. If your location is less crowded and reasonably priced, it will undoubtedly bring you more joy.

      destination wedding
      1. The Theme of Your Choice

      The bride and groom will always decide together on the theme of the wedding. It is always in the way they envisioned. Some people may want a casual day with their loved ones, while others may want something more modern and fancy.

      The point to keep in mind is that your wedding theme choice may affect the overall budget. So choose the one that fits your budget and your preferred location. If you want to have an Indian wedding, you don’t need themes like those in Western weddings as much.

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      How Much Does an Indian Wedding Cost in Australia?

      The best environment, climate, and other characteristics needed for habitation can be found in Australia. Wedding venues in Australia are also popular due to their scenic beauty. In Australia, the average cost of a wedding is between $35,000 and $55,000.

      The situation with COVID-19 pandemic all over the world also affected weddings. With the restrictions, the average cost has dropped to about $27,000. If you want an Indian wedding in Australia, the average cost will be higher than for an Australian wedding.

      What are the primary costs of Indian weddings in Australia? Do you have a question like this in your mind? Probably yes. Here’s the answer to your unspoken question. Yes, there are some big costs to think about when planning a wedding. Here are some of them:

      wedding cake ideas

      Estimates say that the Indian wedding industry in Australia is worth about EUR 34.5 billion and is growing at a phenomenal rate of 20–25% per year.

      A wedding in a big city costs between $30,000 and $90,000, and online marriage services make a lot of money each year from the fees people pay to sign up and be matched. The average wedding budget for middle-class couples is between Rs 2 and Rs 7 million, while upper-middle-class couples can spend anywhere between Rs 5 and Rs 20 million, or even more in some extreme cases.

      To Have the Nuptials of Your Dreams

      Symphony Events are the experts in the field of event creation and coordination throughout Australia. Symphony has the most exquisite taste when it comes to wedding planning, corporate event styling, birthday decorations, holy communion decorations, saree function decorations, and housewarming decorations.

      Celebrate a wedding, and nothing beats an Indian wedding. They are celebrated as festivals, not just as weddings.

      One can’t put into words how much fun it is to be a part of Indian wedding celebrations. Indian weddings send out messages of unity to all of us in the same way that India upholds unity in diversity.

      wedding ceremony

      Symphony offers a wide range of wedding planning services, making them the best in the market. All of the services are done with a lot of care and in the way that the lovely couples pictured their weddings.

      They are well immersed in the field of events due to their ability to build loyal relationships and trust between their clients.

      So, be it Australia or any other part of the world, celebrate Indian weddings and send a message of celebration and unity throughout the world.