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06 October 2020


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A Snapshot of Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muharat Timings in 2020 and 2021

A Snapshot of Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muharat Timings in 2020 and 2021

A wedding date has a substantial impact on a lot of aspects of your wedding. You may know the kind of Sherwani or lehenga that you will be donning or the kind of shoes you wear for your wedding, but unless you have the auspicious wedding dates ready, you can’t commit to anything! You might be wondering- which is the best date for the wedding in 2020? Which are the auspicious marriage dates in the 2021 Hindu calendar? Which are the most auspicious dates that fall on weekend days?


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Hindu Wedding Dates 2020


October 2020


Even though there aren’t any auspicious date in October, fret not! You can still choose to have a non-traditional wedding in October 2020. Pick a date in which you would like to have a wedding and after that throw a wedding party. With that, you’ll not just have your pick of wedding venues and vendors, but it’s the perfect season to have an exhilarating destination wedding since it will be summertime there!


November 2020


November sees only two auspicious Hindu wedding dates and that being said, it will be booked out quickly. Both the dates are towards the end of November, and they’re after a long gap of four months(July to October). So even if there’s a huge break of a year, its best to look for venues well ahead of time, especially if you have a destination wedding.


25 November 2020


Time: 6:56AM to 3:54PM


30 November 2020


Time: 7AM to 7:00AM(1 Dec)


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December 2020


With five auspicious Hindu wedding dates, December 2020 is the month with the most number of Hindu weddings. All the dates are within the first half of December and probably you can get hitched in any one of those dates and choose to have your honeymoon during Christmas. Sounds exciting?


1 December 2020


Time: 7:00AM to 7:00AM(2 Dec)


7 December 2020


Time: 7:19AM to 2:32PM


8 December 2020


Time- 1:47PM to 07:06AM(9 Dec)


9 December 2020


Time- 7:06 AM to 2:06 AM


11 December 2020


Time- 8:48 AM to 3:51 PM


Marriage Dates in 2021 Hindu Calendar


It is believed that getting married as per the Muhurat decided by the pandit will make your marital relationship stronger and married life happier.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, many weddings were canceled or postponed in 2020. Countless couples to reschedule their wedding, which has upset a lot of you. But fret not, here’s a curated list of Hindu wedding dates 2021 that you can consider. In case if you’re considering to tie the knot in the forthcoming year, then take a look at the list, that you can keep handy. 


January 2021

It is expected that January 2021 will be the month with the most number of weddings, since most of them who have cancelled their weddings with the pandemic have January 2021 in their mind. Take a look at the most auspicious Hindu marriage date in 2021, that falls in January.


18 January 2021


Time: 06:27PM to 7:10AM(19 Jan)



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February 2021 


Wish to get married in the month of love? The month sees a lot of couples getting hitched, and thanks to 14 February, and wonderful weather conditions, which is neither too cold, not too hot. What’s more, 14 February in itself is one of the best muhurat dates of this year.


14 February 2021


Time: 4:33PM to 7:02AM(15 Feb)


15 February 2021


Time: 7AM to 2:43PM


16 February 2021


Time: 7AM to 2:20PM


March 2021 


Almost five months from now, March will be right for you, if you’re focusing more on planning your big day with attention to meticulous details. Hopefully, the coronavirus outbreak settles down by March, and you can have a wonderful celebration.


3 March 2021


Time- 3:29 AM to 12:22 AM( 4 Mar)


5 March 2021


Time- 8:54 AM to 7:54 PM 


8 March 2021


Time- 8:40 PM to 11:59 PM


14 March 2021


Time- 5:06 PM to 6:09 PM



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April 2021

Imagine getting married in light lehengas or sorbet coloured outfits in which you look your best, during the month of April. You can even host an exotic beach wedding or Mehendi sundowner in any of these auspicious days:


17 April 2021 


Time- 6:16 to 19:19


22 April 2021


Time- 5:02PM to 6:12AM(23 April)


24 April 2021


Time-6:22AM to 11:43AM(25 April)


25 April 2021


Time- 8:15AM to 1:55AM(26 April)


26 April 2021


Time- 11:06PM to 06:10AM(27 April)


28 April 2021


Time- 5:13PM to 06:08AM(29 April)


29 April 2021


Time- 6:08AM to 11:49AM


30 April 2021


Time- 5:40 PM to 5:40 AM(1 May)


May 2021


Do you still have enough and more time to fix the date? Even if you have tons of time, it’s better to start planning, since May has a whooping 15 auspicious dates to tie the knot. With more demand to get hitched in this month, it’s better to start planning well ahead of time since it might be quite tricky to book your favorite vendor.


1 May 2021(Saturday)

6:08AM to 10:17AM


2 May 2021(Sunday)

8:58 to 14:51


7 May 2021(Friday)

19:32 (7 May) to 6:05 AM(8 May)


8 May 2021(Saturday) 

6:05 AM (8 May) to 6:04 AM (9 May)


9 May 2021(Sunday)

6:04 AM (9 May) to 10:50 AM(10 May)


13 May 2021(Thursday)

12:52 PM to 06:02AM(14 May)


14 May 2021(Friday)

6:02AM(14 May) to 6:02 AM(15 May)


21 May 2021(Friday)

Time- 3:22 PM to 05:58 AM ( 22 May)


22 May 2021 (Saturday)

Time- 6:00 AM to 8:04 PM


23 May 2021(Sunday)

Time- 6:43 AM to 12:13PM


24 May 2021(Monday)

Time- 11:15 AM to 5:59 AM(25 May)


26 May 2021(Wednesday)

Time- 6:36 AM to 1:16 AM(27 May)


28 May 2021(Friday)

Time- 5:59 AM to 8:02PM 


29 May 2021(Saturday)

6:05 PM to 5:59 AM (30 May)


30 May 2021(Sunday)

5:59 AM to 4:43 PM 


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June 2021 


In case if you’re on a tight budget and don’t wish to have a full-scale wedding, then June should be your pick. Alike weddings until May, June weddings are going to be as big with 11 auspicious dates to choose from.


3 June 2021(Thursday)

Time- 6:37 AM to 5:59 AM (4 June)


4 June 2021(Friday)

Time- 5:59AM to 3:12PM


5 June 2021(Saturday)

Time- 5:59AM to 4:49PM


16 June 2021 (Wednesday)

Time- 5:59AM to 10:16PM


19 June 2021 (Saturday)

Time- 5:58AM to 8:28PM


20 June 2021(Sunday)

Time- 9 PM to 2:59 AM(21 June)


21 June 2021( Monday)

Time- 1:31 PM to 4:45 PM


22 June 2021 (Tuesday)

Time- 2:24 PM to 6:01 AM (23 June)


23 June 2021 (Wednesday)

Time- 6:01 AM to 11:49 AM


24 June 2021 (Thursday)

Time- 2:34 PM to 6:01 AM (25 June)



July 2021 


The month just before a huge break in 2021! If you favour a low-key wedding with limited guests, then just go for July. Being a combination of lesser demand when compared to previous months and lesser auspicious Hindu wedding dates 2021, July can be your best bet.


1 July 2021(Thursday)

Time- 6:02 AM to 6:01 AM (2 July)


2 July 2021 (Friday)

Time- 6:02 AM to 10:55 AM


7 July 2021 (Wednesday)

Time- 3:36 PM to 3:21 AM(8 July)


13 July 2021 (Tuesday)

Time- 9:21 AM to 2:50 PM


15 July 2021 (Thursday)

Time- 6:06 AM to 11:45 AM 


August, September, October 



Sit back, repose, and scroll through Symphony events to get inspired by our Wedding ideas! You will be dreaming of donning your designer lehenga and taking Saat Phere with your significant other, but unfortunately, no auspicious dates fall on these months. But if you still wish to marry during any of these months, then you can go ahead and choose to have a court marriage. Later on, throw a dashing wedding party to celebrate with your near and dear ones. With a limited demand, you can even avail of your dream wedding vendors as well!


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November 2021

After a long break, this month opens up the second wedding season of 2021 offering seven auspicious dates to choose from for the brides and grooms who are looking to be forever! The dates fall towards the second half of November, and you can enjoy your wedding celebrations to the fullest owing to the great weather conditions!


15 November 2021 (Monday)

Time- 6:41 AM to 6:00 AM (Nov 16)


16 November 2021 (Tuesday)

Time- 6:42 AM to 1:45 PM


20 November 2021 (Saturday)

Time- 6:40 AM to 6:50 AM (21 Nov)


21 November 2021 (Sunday)

Time- 6:45 AM to 6:50 AM (22 Nov)


28 November 2021 (Sunday)

Time- 10:05 PM to 6:51 AM (29 Nov)


29 November 2021 ( Monday)

Time- 6:45 AM to 4:56 PM


30 November 2021 (Tuesday)

Time- 6:55 AM to 8:35 PM 


Wedding Decoration Sydney

Wedding Decoration Sydney


December 2021

The final month of the year and everyone’s favourite, this month have the most number of Hindu weddings in contrast to any other months. The month is blessed with six auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2021.


1 December 2021 (Wednesday)

Time- 6:47 PM to 6 AM


2 December 2021 (Thursday)

Time- 6 AM to 4:28 PM


6 December 2021 (Monday)

Time- 2:20 AM to 7 AM


7 December 2021 (Tuesday)

Time- 7 AM to 1 PM


11 December 2021 (Saturday)

Time- 10:42 PM to 6 AM


13 December 2021 (Monday)

Time- 7:01 AM to 7:31 PM 


Now that you know the most auspicious dates from October 2020 to December 2021, its high time that you bookmark some wedding inspirations and wedding venues for your big day! With this list of auspicious dates handy with you, you can lock a date to get hitched and plan everything accordingly for your D-day at your own leisure. 


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