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      The Ultimate Wedding to-do List for an Indian Bride  

      It’s obvious to think of a wedding as an important moment in life. Our lives are filled with a lot of expected and unexpected incidents, and a wedding is always considered a new beginning for both the Indian bride and groom. It’s not only about two people sharing life but also has the meaning of two families joining hands together. 

      Being the most anticipated day of one’s life, weddings always lead to anxiety, excitement, stress, happiness, and all other crazy feelings. A lot of infinite things and thoughts will rush into your mind that can make you curious and nervous. 

      indian wedding hairstyles

      You may have seen the rush or hurry plans at your relative’s or friend’s wedding. But what about your wedding? Do you have proper plans for your wedding? If not, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. No matter how happy you are about your wedding, it always becomes a challenging or hectic day for the Indian bride, with stress considering a lot of things. 

      So the wait is over. This blog is for all upcoming Indian brides who are planning to get married. Reading ahead you will learn about an appropriate to-do list for an Indian Bride that can make your wedding day the best one with a chill and relaxed mode.  

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      Discussing the Priorities and Budget

      What are your expectations for the wedding as an Indian bride? Like every other bride, you may have thoughts and crazy ideas about your wedding. No matter whether it’s about your wedding looks, wedding outfits, venue, and a lot more things. 

      Among these expectations, you have to prioritize the important and suitable ones. Discuss and confirm with your partner and family. Based on these priorities, you have to make a clear plan for the wedding. Then the next question that arises is ‘What’s the wedding budget?’ Your plans and priorities should be compatible with the decided budget to avoid a crisis. 

      You can draft a rough budget plan to spend your money wisely. So, this should be done at least 6 to 9 months before the wedding. 

      destination wedding

      Photography or Videography

      Photographers are the ones who are responsible for freezing your wedding and converting it into blissful memories of your life. So, after all these factors, photography is one of the important things to consider. 

      You should go for a team having not only photographers but also great videographers to shoot the best moments. Do you want a pre-wedding shoot or a post-wedding shoot? It’s a better way to share your expectations and ideas on wedding photos and videos. It will be easier for them to know how you want your wedding pictures. Looking at their prior wedding pictures and samples, you can finalize the right one for you. 

      indian wedding decorations

      Destination wedding or a Local one

      Do you want a destination wedding? If yes, then don’t wait. Choose your favorite spot for your wedding and plan accordingly. If not, then you have to look at great venues for your wedding. It’s obvious that due to the wedding season, the popular venues might be full of bookings. As a result, it is one of the critical factors that must be addressed before the marriage, ideally 6 to 9 months before it takes place.  

      While booking a venue, you should ensure that the place is capable of accommodating all your guests. Another important factor to be checked is the behavior of the staff. Are they friendly and enthusiastic? Is the venue a perfect spot for your wedding? Finding answers to these questions will help you find the ideal venue for your wedding. All you have to ensure is the venue should be able to spread a great vibe and expected ambience.

      hindu wedding dates

      Your Wedding Ideas

      If you observe, you can see a lot of changes in weddings over the past five years. Since you are an Indian bride, you have to research and know about the current trends and inspirations. By searching through a lot of wedding blogs, bridal trends, and invitation ideas, you can discuss them with your partner and plan your wedding. 

      Do you want to set up events like Haldi or Sangeet for your wedding? What about music and other decorations? Wedding planners are one of the best ideas to fulfill your expectations and ideas for your wedding. 

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      Booking popular wedding planners will be easy if you start thinking about it 5 to 6 months ago. Hiring the right wedding planners for your budget will avoid most of the stress and rush during the wedding. The wedding planner team will also help you arrange the events properly. So, if you are on the hunt for wedding themes, events, and ideas, wedding planners will also help you choose the right ones. 

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      Finalize the best caterer

      What’s your opinion on your wedding food? Catering is one of the crucial parts of the wedding. Sometimes the taste of the food decides the quality of the wedding. So, it’s important to shortlist the best and most popular caterers who are capable of spreading happiness through the taste of their food. 

      So, go to the food tastings of the shortlisted caterers and book the right one. The menu, most caterers will have a menu with basic food items. You can modify, add or replace some of the food items as per your interests. You can also go for traditional Indian cuisine while experimenting with combinations and coming up with a great food menu. 

      Indian Wedding Dresses For Bride

      Indian Bridal wear and makeup

      If you want your wedding photos to be great, you should also have the best accessories, like bridal wear that goes with your selected theme, jewelry, etc. You will have high expectations for your wedding attire if you have been inspired by many weddings. What do you want to wear at a wedding—a gown, lehenga or a saree? 

      As you know, wedding trends always evolve from time to time. If you have enough time, you can tailor your outfits to your specifications. Since it’s your big day, you have to be confident in your outfit and jewelry. It should not only make you beautiful but also be comfortable to reduce the pressure. Based on your outfit, choose the best jewelry considering your budget. 

      Nowadays, popular wedding makeup artists may be overbooked, and if you do not book them ahead of time, you may not have the best makeup artist for your wedding. So like photographers and caterers, you should also shortlist the best beauticians and contact them. Considering their prior works, you can decide on the best one. 

      indian bride

      Take care of your health 

      Along with all of these to-do lists, a bride’s health is an important factor to consider. You may have thoughts like losing some weight, having flawless skin, etc. So, it’s better to go for a balanced diet. You can also hire a fitness trainer. Starting it 1 to 2 months before your wedding, you may experience great results. It’s important to avoid junk food for the time being. 

      Speaking of the skin, you will not achieve it overnight. You have to take care of it with a proper routine. If you begin it before 2 to 4 months, you can expect to recover and have glowing skin. But these things also depend on frequent hydration, appropriate sleep, etc. Taking proper care of your health, including your skin, could give you more happiness and confidence in your wedding. 


      As I said before, being an Indian bride is not easy and as cool as you think. She might undergo a lot of anxiety, stress, excitement, emotions, etc. In some cases, it also becomes hard for a bride to enjoy her wedding. So if you are going to be a bride it’s better to go for a to-do list and plan everything accordingly to avoid all the stress and crisis at the auspicious moments.