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      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024

      The right person at the right time is something we all believe in. And it is the “happily ever after” fairy tale we all wish for. When it comes to fixing a Hindu wedding date, people stick to the muhurat so as to have a long-lasting marriage. The list of the best wedding dates is crafted after performing the Panchang Shuddhi.

      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024

      Making a decision on Hindu weddings additionally depends on the zodiac signs of the couple, since each sign has its own unique behaviour. The astrologer makes a choice based on the astrological position of the groom with the moon and the astrological position of the bride with the sun.

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      The Deep-Rooted Vedic Traditions and Significance of Muhurat in Hindu Weddings

      Speaking of Hindu weddings, we have our beliefs deeply rooted in the rich traditions passed down long ago. These traditions are still practised owing to the profound meaning and symbolism they carry. And the term muhurat is a central term in any Vedic tradition that holds utmost importance on special occasions. 

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      It is based on the Vedic texts, zodiac signs, and astrological calculations, Pandits analyse and determine the most propitious time for a great union. As per the beliefs, there are positive cosmic energies during these auspicious moments to bless the couple with a strong foundation, love, understanding, and happiness ever after.


      How about stepping into a new life in the month of new beginnings? Known for purity, rejuvenation, and the best beginnings, the month of January is perfect. Talking about the weather, this month has the best climatic conditions to offer. For summer lovers, January is warm enough to hold outdoor weddings. 

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      16 January 2024, Tuesday20:01 to 17 Jan 07:15Uttara-Bhadrapada, RevatiShashthi, Saptami
      17 January 2023, Wednesday07:15 to 21:50RevatiSaptami
      20 January 2024, Saturday03:09 to 21 Jan 07:14RohiniEkadashi
      21 January 2024, Sunday07:14 to 07:23RohiniEkadashi
      22 January 2024, Monday07:14 to 23 Jan 04:58MrigashiraDwadashi, Trayodashi
      27 January 2024, Saturday19:44 to 28 Jan 07: 12MaghaDwitiya, Tritiya
      28 January 2024, Sunday07:12 to 15:53MaghaTritiya
      30 January 2024, Tuesday10:43 to 31 Jan 07:10Uttara Phalguni, HastaPanchami
      31 January 2024, Wednesday07:10 to 1 Feb 01:08HastaPanchami, Shashthi

      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024


      What makes the union of two individuals more romantic than getting hitched in the month of love? It has neither cold nor hot weather, along with a gentle breeze, which could make it one of the best months for auspicious events. February, being the busiest and shortest month of the year, is the best time to reserve vendors and plan wedding ceremonies way before.  

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      4 February 2024, Sunday07:21 to 05 Feb 05:44AnuradhaNavami, Dashami
      6 February 2024, Tuesday13:18 to 07 Feb 06:27MoolEkadashi, Dwadashi
      7 February 2024, Wednesday04:37 to 08 Feb 07:05UttarashadaTrayodashi
      8 February 2024, Thursday07:05 to 11:17UttarashadaTrayodashi
      12 February 2024, Monday14:56 to 13 Feb 07:02Uttar BhadrapadaTritiya, Chaturthi
      13 February 2024, Tuesday14:41 to 14 Feb 05:11RevatiPanchami
      17 February 2024, Saturday08:46 to 13:44RohiniNavami
      24 February 2024, Saturday13:35 to 22:20MaghaPurnima, Pratipada
      25 February 2024, Sunday01:24 to 26 Feb 06:50Uttara PhalguniDwitiya
      26 February 2024, Monday06:50 to 15:27Uttara PhalguniDwitiya
      29 February 2024, Thursday10:22 to 01 Mar 06:46SwatiPanchami
      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024


      The month of March is considered the most auspicious time of the year to hold a big wedding. And what makes the month so good is the climate transition. The gradual change from summer to autumn helps in retaining an optimal temperature of 22 degrees. In addition, you will find vendors of your choice easily.

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      1 March 2024, Friday06:46 to 12:48SwatiShashthi
      2 March 2024, Saturday20:24 to 03 Mar 06:44AnuradhaSaptami
      March 3, 2024, Sunday06:44 to 15:55AnuradhaSaptami, Ashtami
      4 March 2024, Monday22:16 to 05 Mar 06:42MoolNavami
      5 March 2024, Tuesday06:42 to 14:09MoolNavami, Dashami
      6 March 2024, Wednesday14:52 to 07 Mar 06:40UttarashadaEkadashi, Dwadashi
      7 March 2024, Thursday06:40 to 08:24UttarashadaDwadashi
      10 March 2024, Sunday01:55 to 11 Mar 06:35Uttar BhadrapadaPratipada
      11 March 2024, Monday06:35 to 12 Mar 06:34Uttar Bhadrapada, RevatiPratipada, Dwitiya
      12 March 2024, Tuesday06:34 to 15:08RevatiTritiya
      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024


      March through May is the official transition period from autumn to winter. And April, coming right in the middle, has the perfect climate for perfect outdoor weddings. As an off-season month, you can easily book destinations for your wedding and keep the chaos aside. Plus, the point of April weddings is how reasonable the prices would be.

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      18 April 2024, Thursday00:44 to 19 Apr 05:51MaghaEkadashi
      19 April 2024, Friday05:51 to 06:46MaghaEkadashi
      20 April 2024, Saturday14:04 to 21 Apr 02:48Uttara PhalguniDwadashi, Trayodashi
      21 April 2024 Sunday03:45 to 22 Apr 05:48HastaChaturdashi
      22 April 2024, Monday05:48 to 20:00HastaChaturdashi
      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2024


      As per the astrological signs and muhurat, there are no auspicious dates in the month of May.


      As per the astrological signs and muhurat, there are no auspicious dates in the month of June.


      In Australia, July is best defined as the heart of the winter season. How about snowflakes as a picturesque backdrop for your wedding? Compared to the months of May and June, there are several possible wedding dates. Find out your favourable date and start planning your big day in the most beautiful scenarios of Australia.

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      9 July 2024, Tuesday14:28 to 18:56MaghaChaturthi
      11 July 2024, Thursday13:04 to 12 Jul 04:09Uttara PhalguniShashthi
      12 July 2024, Friday05:15 to 13 Jul 05:32HastaSaptami
      13 July 2024, Saturday05:32 to 15:05HastaSaptami
      14 July 2024, Sunday22:06 to 15 Jul 05:33SwatiNavami
      15 July 2024, Monday05:33 to 16 Jul 00:30SwatiNavami, Dashami

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      As per the astrological signs and muhurat, there are no auspicious dates in the month of August.


      As per the astrological signs and muhurat, there are no auspicious dates in the month of September.


      As per the astrological signs and muhurat, there are no auspicious dates in the month of September. 


      Spring, fluttering butterflies, blooming flowers, and ripening fruits are what November is all about. All these contribute to making the month more colourful, along with the beginning of summer. The climate thus makes it easier for the couple to do their grand shopping and for guests to travel across the country. 

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      12 November 2024, Tuesday16:04 to 19:10Uttar BhadrapadaDwadashi
      13 November 2024 Wednesday15:26 to 21:48RevatiTrayodashi
      16 November 2024 Saturday23:48 to 17 Nov 06:45RohiniDwitiya
      17 November 2024, Sunday06:45 to 18 Nov 06:46Rohini, MrigashiraDwitiya, Tritiya
      18 November 2024, Monday06:46 to 07:56MrigashiraTritiya
      22 November 2024, Friday23:44 to 23 Nov 06:50MaghaAshtami
      23 November 2024, Saturday06:50 to 11:42MaghaAshtami
      25 November 2024, Monday01:01 to 26 Nov 06:53HastaEkadashi
      26 November 2024, Tuesday06:53 to 27 Nov 04:35HastaEkadashi
      28 November 2024, Thursday07:36 to 29 Nov 06:55SwatiTrayodashi
      29 November 2024, Friday06:55 to 08:39SwatiTrayodashi
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      According to Hindu traditions, December is a dreamy month to hold summer weddings, as it offers a blend of cultural customs and favourable weather conditions. The pleasant atmosphere and long daylight hours create an ideal backdrop for traditional Hindu weddings.

      Day and DateMuhurat TimingNakshatraTithi
      4 December 2024, Wednesday17:15 to 05 Dec 01:02UttarashadaChaturthi
      5 December 2024, Thursday12:49 to 17:26UttarashadaPanchami
      9 December 2024, Monday14:56 to 10 Dec 01:06Uttar BhadrapadaNavami
      10 December 2024, Tuesday22:03 to 11 Dec 06:13RevatiDashami, Ekadashi
      14 December 2024, Saturday07:06 to 16:58MrigashiraPurnima
      15 December 2024, Sunday03:42 to 07:06MrigashiraPurnima
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      Meet Symphony Events to Plan Your Hindu Wedding in 2024

      A wedding is the most memorable day of your life that you cherish in your life. And at the end of the day, when planning your big day, all you want is everything to be perfect. Just like meeting the right person at the right age. Now that you are aware of the best wedding dates in 2024, plan your wedding way ahead of time.

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