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      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2023

      Love brings people together, and weddings bind them as a couple. Everyone’s wish for a Happily Ever After is like a fairy tale. Hindu customs and beliefs are highly obsessed with the muhurat and, to them, their happily ever after can be fulfilled by having a lucky Hindu Wedding date 2023 to get married.

      In most Hindu traditions, the best wedding dates are those that are selected after performing Panchang Shuddhi. These are auspicious dates with shubh time to perform the wedding ceremonies.

      According to Hindu beliefs, when you tie your knot with your partner at an auspicious time, you have to know the zodiac signs of the couple. Each zodiac sign has its own specialities and personality. The astrologer determines the time by looking at the groom’s astrological position in relation to the moon, followed by the bride’s position in relation to the sun.

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      Muhurat: Vedic Importance and Historical Relation

      hindu wedding

      Are we “Muhurat”-obsessed enough? Is looking for an auspicious moment or date a superstition? Or is there any scientific relevance to Mahurat? Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is a logical link between science and the luckiness of the time and date.

      It is hardly necessary to mention again that this practice originated in prehistoric periods when the time was measured using very different standards than it is today. Vedic mantras are chanted as part of every Hindu ceremony, and there is a specific way to carry out these mantras. This chanting, which is always done in accordance with the ritual or rite being performed, places a significant emphasis on rhythm and word pronunciation and is a crucial aspect of Vedic shastras.

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      The importance of Muhurat is extremely strongly represented in mythology. The Shiv Temple of Rameshwara serves as a great illustration. Due to several setbacks, Hanuman was sent by Lord Rama to Kashi to retrieve the Shiv Linga, but his return was delayed. Rama consecrated a sand Linga after realizing that the Muhurat for sanctifying a Linga would soon pass.

      The Scientific Connection

      Science has previously shown that waves or vibrations have a significant impact on our universe and surroundings. This means that sounds traveling through space at a specific frequency affect celestial bodies and planets in the cosmos, as well as planets that already have a significant impact on life on Earth.

      hindu wedding dates

      Therefore, muhurat, or auspicious time, refers to the moment when Vedic mantras best activate the supernatural waves to impact the planets and celestial bodies, which then favorably optimizes the planetary effect. The better these are recited, the more powerful the effect! Therefore, the greatest and most ideal results may be anticipated when a ceremony is performed along with excellent Vedic mantra recitation!

      Auspicious Moments for Special Occasions

      While it’s crucial to speak with a qualified astrologer or pandit to determine the ideal timing for family gatherings, some days are known to be lucky. Akshaya Tritiya and Dusshera have long been revered as auspicious holidays that are favorable for gatherings with friends and family. The most auspicious days of 2023 are as follows:

      Auspicious DayDateDayStart TimeEnd Time
      Basant Panchami26th January 2023Thursday07:12 12:33
      Phulera Dooj21st February 2023 Tuesday09:0429:57+
      Akshay Tritiya22rd April 2023Sunday07:5112:19
      Dev Uthani 4th November 2022Friday06:5008:57
      Indian Bride

      We have created a wedding calendar for the year 2023 after taking all potential Subh Muhurats into account. Not only will this wedding calendar for 2023 feature Saaya days or Shubh Muhurats in accordance with the Hindu Wedding Calendar, but it will also include Symphony Events’ expert-astrologer suggested wedding dates when you may have your ceremony. To learn more, keep reading!


      January is the month of new beginnings. If you are planning to get married, why not at the start of the new year? The month of January is best for beginnings, so starting a new phase in that month is perfect. January is known for its purity and rejuvenation. The best weather conditions in January make people more comfortable. If you are a winter person, there is nothing to worry much about. January is the most suitable month of the year.

      outdoor wedding ideas

      If you unite with your partner at that time, which is considered auspicious and all the stars are aligned, the bond will be strong and last forever. The following are auspicious dates to begin a new life in the month of January, and may it begin with the perfect alignment of the stars and their blessings.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      15 JanuarySundaySwati19:1131:14+
      18 JanuaryWednesdayAnuradha7:1417:22
      25 JanuaryWednesdayUttara Bhadrapada20:0531:12+
      26 JanuaryThursdayUttara Bhadrapada7:1231:12+
      27 JanuaryFridayRevati7:1212:41
      30 JanuaryMondayRohini22:1531:11+


      Do you want to exchange vows during the month of love? If so, you’ve picked the most romantic and beautiful month of the year. It is best to prepare ahead of time because it is the shortest month and the busiest one of the year. Otherwise, your preferred location and vendors will be reserved.

      destination wedding

      When it comes to weather conditions in February, it is neither hot nor cold. This ideal weather will assist you in your preparations. In the month of love, there are 11 auspicious dates. Choose one of those blessed dates to make your wedding day and the years ahead with your partner beautiful and filled with the pure essence of love.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      6 FebruaryMondayMagha21:4331:08+
      7 FebruaryTuesdayMagha7:0816:03
      9 FebruaryThursdayUttara Phalguni, Hasta7:0731:06+
      10 FebruaryFridayHasta7:0616:44
      12 FebruarySundaySwati21:5026:27+
      13 FebruaryMondayAnuradha26:35+31:04+
      14 FebruaryTuesdayAnuradha7:0412:26
      16 FebruaryThursdayMoola7:0222:52
      23 FebruaryThursdayRevati6:5714:22
      27 FebruaryMondayRohini16:1230:53+
      28 FebruaryTuesdayMrigashirsha6:5330:52+


      The month of March is one of the most beautiful of the year. It is the most colourful month because it ushers in spring, with flowers blooming, butterflies fluttering, and fruits ripening. The festival seems to start at the start of summer. People prefer warm weather, and if you enjoy the summer, March is ideal. Because there will be no rain in March, people will be able to travel and shop for wedding-related items.

      Kanchipuram Saree

      As previously stated, the spring season ushers in new life everywhere. So, why should other months be considered? Let us aim for March. The wedding photos will be stunning, and if you are planning a destination wedding, the perfect weather in March is an added bonus.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      6 MarchMondayMagha6:4816:16
      9 MarchThursdayHasta21:0829:56+
      11 MarchSaturdaySwati7:1119:51
      13 MarchMondayAnuradha8:2121:26


      As you can see, spring has already begun. From March to May, the spring season will last nearly three months. If you want to have an outdoor wedding, April is the best month to do it. The April wedding has some perks. They are as follows:

      • Most people consider April to be an off-season month. As a result, you can book your preferred location as well as vendors.
      • As April is the month of vacation, your guests can attend your wedding without any hassle
      • Can reserve your ideal location and vendors at a reasonable cost

      banarasi saree

      Getting married on a lucky day is always considered a blessing. You have two dates in the month of April which are auspicious. Both are on the weekend. Weekend weddings always begin and end with a celebration. So, with the blessings of the stars and the presence of your loving people, go for it.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      29 AprilSaturdayMagha19:2829:58+
      30 AprilSundayMagha5:5815:30


      The month of May is named after the Greek goddess Maia. The month of February is associated with love and success. So, getting married in this lovely month is a blessing. There are several factors that make May an outstanding month for your wedding. This includes:

      • May is the month of vacation, so your potential guests are available
      • The month of May is outside the peak of summer pricing, so you can save a lot of money by getting all the benefits. 
      • As May has lovely warmer weather, guests will not have wedding fatigue, and the more energy they have, the more enthusiastic the wedding will be.
      • The locations for honeymoons and trips will be quieter and more affordable as it is spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere.   

      hindu wedding dates

      There are about 14 auspicious dates in May if you look at the calendar. Choose your date in May and tie your knot with your lovely partner that complements the charming weather of May.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      2 MayTuesdayUttara Phalguni, Hasta11:4929:56+
      3 MayWednesdayHasta5:5620:56
      6 MaySaturdayAnuradha21:1329:54+
      8 MayMondayMula24:48+29:52+
      9 MayTuesdayMula5:5217:45
      10 MayWednesdayUttara Ashadha16:1216:12
      11 MayThursdayUttara Ashadha5:5111:26
      15 MayMondayUttara Bhadrapada9:0829:49+
      16 MayTuesdayUttara Bhadrapada, Revati5:4925:47+
      20 MaySaturdayRohini17:1829:47+
      21 MaySundayRohini, Mrigashirsha5:4729:47+
      22 MayMondayMrigashirsha5:4710:36
      29 MayMondayUttara Phalguni, Hasta5:4529:45+
      30 MayTuesdayHasta5:4520:54


      Planning to tie the knot in the month of weddings? If so, you have made the best decision, as the month of June is often believed to be a lucky month for couples to get married. You even get the assurance from the astrologers that couples who get married in the month of June get to live a long, happily-ever-after life.

      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2023

      What makes June even more special is that the month is dedicated to the Roman goddess of marriage and fertility, Juno. Yes, as you can see, Juno and June rhyme; the month is named after the goddess. Even after the Roman Empire, June marriages were so special among young couples that it is known as the month of marriage.

      Aside from Roman history, June weddings can have romantic and mushy vibes, similar to those seen in Bollywood films, due to the Indian monsoons. As a result, the couple will remember every detail of their wedding day for the rest of their lives. Here are some auspicious dates and shubh muhurat for you and your loved ones to get together.

      indian wedding

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      1 JuneThursdaySwati6:4819:00
      3 JuneSaturdayAnuradha6:1511:16
      3 JuneSaturdayAnuradha22:1729:03+
      5 JuneMondayMula8:5225:23+
      6 JuneTuesdayUttara Ashadha24:49+29:44+
      7 JuneWednesdayUttara Ashadha5:4421:02
      11 JuneSundayUttara Bhadrapada14:3129:44+
      12 JuneMondayUttara Bhadrapada, Revati5:4421:58
      23 JuneFridayMagha11:0329:46+
      26 JuneMondayHasta13:1829:47+


      November is not the busiest month for weddings. It is a season known for its celebrations, such as Diwali and bonfire nights. Everyone purchases sparklers in bundles for celebrations, so the month can be called a month of brightness. November has always been associated with melancholy and boredom. So, planning weddings in November is like trying to find a way to lighten up the mood of the month.

      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2023

      November’s climatic conditions are ideal, making your Sangeet, Mehendi, and engagement parties look more radiant and the photos look absolutely stunning. Because November is the coolest month of the year, pick an auspicious date and make your nuptials as lovely as the days of November.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      23 NovemberThursdayRevati21:0130:50+
      27 NovemberMondayRohini13:3530:53+
      28 NovemberTuesdayRohini, Mrigashirsha6:5330:53+
      29 NovemberWednesdayMrigashirsha6:5313:58


      When it comes to planning a December wedding, there are multiple reasons why you should get married in December. These primarily include the Christmas season and related holidays. The climatic conditions of the month are another added benefit for those planning a December wedding.

      The month of December evokes memories of jingle bells, Christmas lights, and pure happiness. The month of celebration, holidays, and spending the most memorable moments with one’s family makes it easier for your loved ones to join the great union.

      wedding ceremony

      December marks the start of the summer season in Australia, making it the ideal time to visit for fun and memorable experiences. You get a warm, cosy, and balmy evening filled with joy. Here are some auspicious December dates for Hindus to begin a new life and live a long and happy life.

      Auspicious Wedding DateShubh Muhurat DayNakshatraStart timeEnd time
      6 DecemberWednesdayUttara Phalguni6:5830:59+
      7 DecemberThursdayHasta6:5916:08
      9 DecemberSaturdaySwati10:4223:37
      15 DecemberFridayUttara Ashadha8:1030:24+

      Indian Wedding Suppliers in Sydney

      At your wedding, you want everything to be flawless. Even the slightest details are crucial to make your wedding a success, from the music for the bride’s entrance to the Baraat vehicle you choose. It is a fairytale event, and in order to make it perfect, you must start on the right foot by finding the proper wedding day with the assistance of a Pandit. This wedding calendar for 2023 is provided to assist you in selecting the date that works best for your wedding and kicking off wedding preparations.

      To know more about an auspicious date, speak with the experienced Pandits at Symphony Events and get your Kundalis matched.