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      Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates and Muhurat in 2022

      When looking for auspicious Hindu Wedding dates, one must be practical and focus on the most important factors while ignoring the less important ones. To know more about the auspicious Hindu Wedding dates in the year 2022, please keep on reading.

      After performing Panchang Shuddhi or Panchangam Shuddhi, Hindu Marriage Dates are computed. Not only does Panchang Shuddhi provide favorable marriage dates, but it also gives Shubh time to perform marriage ceremonies.

      We have compiled a list of all accessible Vivah Muhurat for the year 2022 based on Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana Shuddhi for all days of the year, taking into account fortunate Solar and Lunar months. Days, when Shukra and Guru Tara are set or combusted, are removed. 

      Marriage ceremonies should not take place while Shukra Tara and Guru Tara are Asta/established, according to Muhurta Chintamani and other religious books such as Dharmasindhu. As a result, after deleting the days when Shukra and Guru Tara are set or combusted, Panchang Shuddhi is performed for auspicious marriage dates. During Panchangam Shuddhi, all days during the Leaped Lunar month are eliminated.

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      Muhurats that last at least four hours are listed, but those that last less than four hours are discarded. From sunrise to sunrise, Muhurats are calculated.

      All auspicious marriage dates and marriage timings are location-based, so it’s crucial to first determine the city before writing down the Shubh Marriage Dates and Vivah Muhurat. The Panchang Shuddhi is the first stage in determining an auspicious marriage date, and a skilled astrology scholar should be contacted before selecting a wedding date from a list of available dates. Read more about Hindu Wedding Dates 2022.

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      January 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Paush -Chaturthi22 JanuarySatLeoUttara Phalguni10:38-14:06 | 16:30-31:14
      Paush -Panchami23 JanuarySunVirgoUttara Phalguni07:14-11:09
      Paush – Shasthi24 JanuaryMonVirgoHasta15:57-16:07 | 27:47-31:07

      As far as public knowledge goes, January is the best month to get married since it is the month that represents new beginnings. The first month of the year. It is a month that represents purity and rejuvenation. What better time could there be to tie the knot with your special someone than at the beginning of the year? This month has the perfect balance of weather, so it won’t be a hassle to plan your wedding date in January. As for the year 2022, the auspicious time that has been astrologically aligned has quite a few. It is said that if you unite with your partner at a particular time that is considered auspicious and all the stars are aligned at that moment, you will have a joyous and successful marriage. So step into this new phase of life in January 2022 on the below-mentioned dates and let the stars bless you abundantly.

      Wedding Table Numbers

      February 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Magh-Chaturthi4 FebruaryFriPiscesUttara Bhadrapada15:57-16:07 | 27:47-31:07
      Magh-Panchami5 FebruarySatPiscesUttara Bhadrapada07:07-16:08
      Magh-Shasthi6 FebruarySunPiscesRevati07:07-16:22
      Magh-Saptami7 FebruaryMonAriesAshwini07:06-18:58
      Magh-Ashtami9 FebruaryWedTaurusRohini24:23-31:04
      Magh-Navami10 FebruaryThursTaurusRohini07:04-18:48
      Magh-Dwitiya18 FebruaryFriLeo/VirgoUttara Phalguni16:42-30:56
      Magh-Tritiya19 FebruarySatVirgoUttara Phalguni06:56-10:16

      Want to take the vow of union with the love of your life in a month that is dedicated to love? February is known as the “festival month of love,” a month drenched in romance. A lot of couples want to tie the knot in this extremely pleasant month. Considering the high demand for getting hitched in this shortest month of the year, it’s better to start planning well ahead of time as there might be a lot of competition for your favourite vendors. The weather is absolutely amazing and has its own unique beauty; it’s neither too hot nor too cold. This romantic month is blessed with eight auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2022. So, bookmark these auspicious wedding dates and start planning for your dream wedding well in advance.

      hindu wedding dates 2022

      April 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Chaitra-Chaturdashi15 AprilFriVirgoUttara Phalguni05:56-07:55
      Chaitra-Purnima16 AprilSatVirgoChitra14:21-26:44
      Chaitra-Pratipada17 AprilSunLibraChitra05:54-07:16
      Chaitra-Tritiya19 AprilTuesScorpioAnuradha17:01-25:39
      Chaitra-Chaturthi20 AprilWedSagittariusMoola24:29-29:50
      Chaitra-Panchami21 AprilThursSagittariusMoola05:50-21:51
      Chaitra-Shasthi22 AprilFriSagittarius/CapricornUttara Ashadha20:14-29:48
      Chaitra-Saptami23 AprilSatCapricornUttara Ashadha05:48-18:53
      Chaitra-Navami24 AprilSunCapricornShravan05:47-14:22
      Chaitra-Dwadashi27 AprilWedPiscesUttara Bhadrapada17:05-17:36

      As March comes to a close, the days are growing longer, and the frost of winter is beginning to dissipate. Is there anything else you’d want to celebrate? Gorgeous spring weather, the beginning of warmer weather, and a beautiful and happy wedding are all hallmarks of April. As April is the finest time of year to be married, it may also be the best time of year to enjoy the best weather and climate for your big day. For an exotic outdoor wedding or a beach wedding, this month is the ideal time of year. You might imagine how nice it would be to celebrate one’s bachelorette party on a gorgeous beach surrounded by lush greenery. It’s a lucky month for a multitude of reasons and can be your wedding month because of the best options it can provide. The auspicious Muhurats of April are numerous, and you can select the most convenient date and time.

      May 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Vaishakha-Dwitiya2 MayMonTaurusRohini24:33-29:39
      Vaishakha-Tritiya3 MayTuesTaurusRohini05:39-16:14 | 18:38-20:31
      Vaishakha-Ashtami9 MayMonLeoMagha17:56-19:53 | 25:01-29:34
      Vaishakha-Navami10 MayTuesLeoMagha05:34-18:40
      Vaishakha-Dashami11 MayWedLeo/VirgoUttara Phalguni19:28-29:33
      Vaishakha-Ekadashi12 MayThursVirgoUttara Phalguni05:33-07:18
      Vaishakha-Chaturdashi15 MaySunLibraSwati09:48-12:46
      Vaishakha-Pratipada17 MayTuesScorpioAnuradha07:17-10:46
      Vaishakha-Tritiya18 MayWedSagittariusMoola08:57-13:18
      Vaishakha-Chaturthi19 MayThursSagittariusMoola05:28-05:37
      Vaishakha-Panchami20 MayFriSagittarius/CapricornUttara Ashadha05:28-25:18
      Vaishakha-Shasthi21 MaySatCapricornShravan05:28-14:59
      Vaishakha-Ekadashi26 MayThursPiscesRevati15:50-23:50
      Vaishakha-Dwadashi27 MayFriAriesAshwini05:25-11:48
      Jyeshta-Pratipada31 MayTuesTaurusMrigashira19:19-24:33

      In May 2022, we have 15 auspicious Hindu wedding dates, which makes it a favourable time for a dream wedding. The month of May has a unique charm that makes it one of the most popular times of the year to get married. This comes as no surprise with the lovely warmer weather, stunning wedding themes, and the fact that spring brings a sense of rebirth and renewal. The days of this month may not be hot, but they are pleasant, cozy, and a little warm in the sun. However, the nights can be nippy, and that’s what makes it magical. Keep in mind that the peak wedding dates will be very competitive, especially in this pandemic situation. Be flexible with your wedding date and book your venue and vendors as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

      hindu wedding dates

      June 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Jyeshta-Dwitiya1 JuneWedGeminiMrigashira05:24-13:00
      Jyeshta-Shasthi5 JuneSunLeoMagha2:13-28:47
      Jyeshta-Shasthi6 JuneMonLeoMagha05:23-26:25
      Jyeshta-Saptami7 JuneTuesLeoUttara Phalguni27:49-28:26
      Jyeshta-Ashtami8 JuneWedLeo/VirgoUttara Phalguni05:23-20:00
      Jyeshta-Navami9 JuneThursVirgoHasta25:49-28:26
      Jyeshta-Dashami10 JuneFriVirgo/LibraChitra05:23-18:42
      Jyeshta-Ekadashi11 JuneSatLibraSwati10:10-26:05
      Jyeshta-Chaturdashi13 JuneMonScorpioAnuradha05:23-09:48
      Jyeshta-Tritiya17 JuneFriCapricornShravan14:21-17:17
      Jyeshta-Dashami23 JuneThursAriesAshwini07:20-09:09 | 21:42-28:52
      Jyeshta-24 JuneFriAriesAshwini05:25-08:04

      “A June wedding” is a famous phrase used in this generation. June is the beginning of the monsoon. The month where summer takes a backseat and makes way for cool, breezy weather and light drizzles of rain. Just like the flowers that freshly blossomed this year, let your relationship bloom into something beautiful. This is one of the best months to get married in 2022. The mild weather is definitely an advantage and will make your June wedding more refreshing. But more importantly, is it astrologically viable to get married in June this year? The answer is yes. There are a bunch of dates that astrologers have picked for June 2022 that are auspicious for couples to tie the knot. June is one of the months that consists of more auspicious dates this year. With the stars aligned, the blessings showered upon the bride and groom would be abundant.

      hindu wedding dates

      July 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Ashadha-Panchami4 JulyMonLeoMagha05:28-08:43
      Ashadha-Saptami6 JulyWedVirgoUttara Phalguni11:11-11:42
      Ashadha-Ashtami7 JulyThursVirgoHasta07:44-12:19
      Ashadha-Navami8 JulyFriLibraChitra05:30-12:13
      Ashadha-Dashami9 JulySatLibraSwati05:30-11:25
      Ashadha-Pratipada14 JulyThursCapricornUttara Ashadha09:47-20:36
      Ashadha-Panchami18 JulyMonPiscesUttara Bhadrapada25:16-29:35
      Ashadha-Shasthi19 JulyTuesPiscesUttara Bhadrapada05:37-07:50
      Ashadha-Saptami20 JulyWedPiscesRevati05:36-12:02
      Ashadha-Ashtami21 JulyThursAriesAshwini05:36-12:19
      Ashadha-Dashami23 JulySatTaurusRohini19:03-29:38
      Ashadha-Ekadashi24 JulySunTaurusRohini05:38-22:00
      Ashadha-Dwadashi25 JulyMonTaurus/GeminiMrigashira05:38-15:03
      Shravan-Dwitiya30 JulySatLeoMagha19:00-29:42
      Shravan-Tritiya31 JulySunLeoMagha05:42-14:20

      The month of July is one of the least likely months for weddings due to the cold and dry season. But don’t you think the winter season is one of the coziest times of the year to say “I DO”? Due to the lower demand, you can easily get your hands on your favourite venue and vendors. You can’t say no to the gorgeous snowy wedding photos, better venue rates, cheaper travel and accommodations, lack of humidity, off-season discounts, and stunning wedding themes. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces have some auspicious wedding dates to plan their dream wedding in July. If you are not the one who shies away from cold-weather weddings, then take a look at the below list of Hindu wedding dates in 2022 for the month of July picked by astrologers.

      hindu wedding dates

      August 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Shravan-Chaturthi1 AugustMonLeoUttara Phalguni16:06-16:49 | 29:13-29:43
      Shravan-Panchami2 AugustTuesVirgoUttara Phalguni05:43-17:29
      Shravan-Shasthi3 AugustWedVirgoHasta05:44-18:24
      Shravan-Saptami4 AugustThursVirgo/LibraChitra05:44-18:47
      Shravan-Ashtami5 AugustFriLibraSwati16:36-18:37
      Shravan-Ekadashi8 AugustMonSagittariusMoola28:36-29:47
      Shravan-Dwadashi9 AugustTuesSagittariusMoola05:47-12:18
      Shravan-Trayodashi10 AugustWedSagittarius/ CapricornUttara Ashadha09:39-29:48
      Shravan-Chaturdashi11 AugustThursCapricornUttara Ashadha05:48-06-553
      CapricornShravan06:53-10:39 | 20:51-28:07
      Shravan-Tritiya14 AugustSunPiscesUttara Bhadrapada22:36-29:25
      Shravan-Ashtami19 AugustFriTaurusRohini25:43-29:53
      Shravan-Navami20 AugustSatTaurusRohini05:53-28:39
      Shravan-Dashami21 AugustSunTaurusMrigashira05:53-14:21 | 27:36-29:54
      Shravan-Ekadashi22 AugustMonGeminiMrigashira05:54-07:41
      Bhadrapada-Pratipada28 AugustSunLeo/VirgoUttara Phalguni21:56-29:58
      Bhadrapada-Dwitiya29 AugustMonVirgoUttara Phalguni05:58-23:04
      Bhadrapada-Tritiya30 AugustTuesVirgoHasta15:33-24:04
      Bhadrapada-Chaturthi31 AugustWedLibraChitra17:49-24:12

      Want to say “I do” on an auspicious Hindu wedding date in the month of August? Don’t worry; you can have your magical wedding ceremony in August since the month is filled with plenty of Vivah Muhurats for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, and Gemini. This month is cited as one of the most popular times of the year for weddings as it is the last month of winter that is gradually edging towards spring. The incredible landscapes, great outdoors, cooler evenings, lower levels of rainfall and lower humidity of August make it a perfect time to exchange vows. Take a look at the below table to discover the most auspicious days in August as per astrology to tie the knot and ensure a prosperous marriage.

      hindu wedding dates

      September 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Bhadrapada-Panchami1 SeptemberThursLibraSwati05:59-24:12
      Bhadrapada-Ashtami4 SeptemberSunSagittariusMoola22:31-30:01
      Bhadrapada-Navami5 SeptemberMonSagittariusMoola06:01-20:05
      Bhadrapada-Ekadashi6 SeptemberTuesCapricornUttara Ashadha27:05-30:02
      Bhadrapada-Dwadashi7 SeptemberWedCapricornUttara Ashadha06:02-16:00
      CapricornShravan16:00-21:27 | 27:39:30:03
      Bhadrapada-Trayodashi8 SeptemberThursCapricornShravan06:03-13:46
      Ashwin-Pratipada26 SeptemberMonVirgoHasta27:09-30:12

      It’s a terrific time to tie the knot in September since the days are still long, and the temperature is just right without being oppressively warm. With so many options to choose from, picking September wedding flowers may be a fun challenge. It’s all about the colour with these kinds of blooms.

      Weddings in the spring and fall are more flexible than those in the summer and winter. Colours like gold, copper, dark brown, and purple, as well as shades of green, yellow, and other rarer hues, take centre stage. Make the most of the cooler evenings by decorating with fairy light canopies, flickering candles, and lanterns for a homey feel for your wedding. September weddings are also a favourite among photographers because of the ideal lighting conditions. Guests won’t have to squint as much if they don’t wear sunglasses because of the reduced brightness. Look into the auspicious days in September.

      hindu wedding dates

      November 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Margshirsha-Dwitiya25 NovemberFriSagittariusMoola18:09-28:58
      Margshirsha-Tritiya26 NovemberSatSagittariusMoola06:8-14:58
      Margshirsha-Panchami28 NovemberMonCapricornShravan10:29-30:55
      Margshirsha-Shasthi29 NovemberTuesCapricornShravan06:55-08:38

      November is an ideal month to get married due to the impending winter weather. There are many people who desire to be married in the month of November. November is a great month to get married for a variety of reasons. As a first step, the Lehenga does not bother your skin, the jewellery does not cause breakouts, and excessive tanning does not cause acne. Second, a garden wedding is a beautiful option. Under a blue sky with sunshine flooding in, the Mehendi and Sangeet events are the greatest! November has a lot to offer, from its cool weather to the beautiful sky-lit days. Finding out the most auspicious day in the month of November is now an easy task with these Muhurats. Make your wedding grand and exceptional in the cooler month of the year, November.

      hindu wedding dates

      December 2022

      Month-DateDateDayZodiac SignNakshatraDuration
      Margshirsha-Ashtami1 DecemberThursPiscesUttara Bhadrapada29:43-30:57
      Margshirsha-Dashami2 DecemberFriPiscesUttara Bhadrapada06:57-29:50
      Margshirsha-Dwadashi4 DecemberSunAriesAshwini07:04-27:40
      Margshirsha-Chaturdashi7 DecemberWedTaurusRohini20:47-31:02
      Margshirsha-Purnima8 DecemberThursTaurusRohini07:02-12:33
      Margashirsha-Pratipada9 DecemberFriGeminiMrigashira07:02-14:59
      Margashirsha-Shasti14 DecemberWedLeoMagha08:06-10:46

      Have you ever dreamt of getting married in a romantic oceanfront setting, amidst the lovely sea breeze, with your toes in the sand and with a backdrop of the sun rays beaming off the ocean waves? Then, December is the perfect month for the beach nuptials of your dreams. In Australia, December marks the beginning of the summer season. The balmy days and evenings with a more soothing temperature provide a warm, enjoyable, and cozy atmosphere for your wedding. The following dates are auspicious for solemnizing a marriage in the month of December.