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      Gowns For Indian Wedding Reception

      In a country where the basis of unity arises not just from the similarity; but from the diversity of its people, it does not come as a surprise when their festivities take diverse forms. One comes across starkly contrasting cultures and traditions without even having to leave the country. The celebration could kindle more euphoria like a good-old Indian wedding! And believe it or not, like many other happy occasions celebrated in India, a wedding too has many genres. Whether north, south, east or west, every wedding is different from the rest!

      Regardless of the region and religion, we get a chance to exemplify the traditions, cultures and rituals of an Indian wedding, especially when it is all about sweets, colours, cute moments and rites, one after another. In addition, the bride, as well as the groom’s dress, matters a lot. No matter the purpose of the occasion, the dress you adorn should be just as perfect as a wedding dress.

      What colour should my Indian Reception Dress be?

      The reception dress for Indian Bride can be varied and rich in culture, that they deserve a special mention. It all starts with the suitable tone for the wedding reception gown. The dream gown of the bride is the most important thing in her reception. You can find a garment of any colour, but we shall give you an insight into the most preferred wedding reception gown of all time.

      The Blood Red: It is still an unconventional tone as it is auspicious for Indians. The blood-red and maroon red symbolizes power, purity. It is also one of the hues offered to Hindu goddesses since the dress of the Hindu goddesses comes in red.

      The Enigmatic Green: They are a new trend of gown, especially the darker shades of green tone as it is very much appealing. It is the centre of attraction as it has a glittery texture of cloth, which looks breathtaking during the Dj night parties on the reception night.

      Additionally, there will be options in the selection of wedding reception gown: pink{faint pink}, blue{royal blue}, sandal, rose gold and many more colours as per the bride desires.

      The Checklist to a Perfect Wedding Dress

      While choosing a gown for your wedding reception, we would advise against sacrificing comfort for looks. As experienced as we are, we have come across several brides who were uncomfortable on their big day just because their clothes were an incorrect fit.

      The perfect wedding reception gown depends on

      • The Stitching
      • The Material selection
      • Comfort
      • Design at the choice of the bride

      It includes inspiration from movie stars, as it becomes the centre of attraction in Indian wedding receptions.

      Accessories for Wedding Reception Gowns

      Accessories are the main elements that complement the reception gown. We have numerous options to choose from. Some brides wish to keep it sober when some prefer to keep it attractive and glittery. Gowns that are colourful and heavy in texture can be matched paired with lesser jewellery or accessories with the dress.

      • If the gown is simple, the bride prefers heavy and attractive accessories with the dress. In addition, the rings are also significant for the wedding gown, especially ultra-glamorous rings that are mostly preferred by the brides that can reveal the grace of the garment.

      • Earrings are also crucial for the gown. It can be heavy or light; it all depends on the dress. We have options for jewellery such as gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, Kundan sets, pearl sets, and diamond sets.

      • If the gown is an off-shoulder one, then a choker kind of designer jewellery is good to go with the dress. A round neck dress can complement a pair of heavy earrings. The V-Neck gown or deep neck gown can best go with a pendant design. Jhumkas are also a great pair with some types of reception dresses and are the favourites of any Indian bride.

      • The tint of the reception gown and the selection of jewellery matters a lot. Some brides prefer everything to be in the same colours. In fact, they need their footwear as well to match with the gown.

      • Preferably, high heels, pencil heels, wedges, mojaris go well with gowns. Taller brides prefer mojari’s, a kind of footwear with a Gown. But some prefer heels as they reveal a great look to the dress and the bride.
      Wedding Reception Gowns and the Perfect Makeup Combo

      Makeups are an uncompromising factor for the bride. The depth of the makeup depends on her gown. Makeup should be sober, else it will not be appealing. Heavy makeup can sometimes plunder the magic of the dress.

      In the land of Kashmir, elegantly embroidered red, pink or yellow lehengas are the standard when it comes to bridal dresses. The bridal attire for a Punjabi is usually a lehenga or salwar kameez. The colour of the bridal attire is generally very bright that complements her fair skin tone. The salwar kameez consists of a long, straight blouse going below the knees, with two slits on either side. This garment is called the kameez and can be seen in tons of different colours, embroideries, pleating and other embellishments.

      Most brides believed that a traditional western white wedding was the right way for a marriage attire. It would usually be deemed bizarre if the wedding was in any colour except for the conventional white or the red. On the other hand, wedding dresses in the historical time, particularly 176 years back, were more commonly coloured, especially red for royalty.

      Weddings are about happiness, laughter, prosperity, exchange of love and the mixing of different cultures. Nevertheless, the wedding dress is the most special possession for brides as she becomes the centre of attention in the entire wedding reception hall. It is a glam statement for brides to be at their best during their wedding and reception ceremony. Her sense of dressing and carrying the gown aesthetically can reveal a lot about her sense of styling.

      Why Symphony Events?

      We have been delivering smiles across all of Australia, helping couples find their perfect wedding celebration. Symphony Events brings out the best of your wedding regardless of your orientation, religion or race. Even at tough times like the pandemic, we only wish to make your special day into a magical one, an evening you would never forget.

      At Symphony Events, we believe that everyone is equal and deserve the same opportunity. Hence we help our clients with their requirements. We are prompt and reliable when it comes to wedding services. With a decade of experience managing wedding ceremonies and other celebrations, we have become the masters of event planning and execution. For details regarding price and packages, make sure to contact us and book your slots before someone else takes away your shot.

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