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      21 Scenic Garden Wedding Venues in Sydney

      The best celebration in anybody’s life ought to be their wedding. The day they hold hands with the love of their lives and promise to be together forever. Deciding where you want this ceremony to happen is a very crucial task.

      Sydney as a city offers you venues, each better than the other for your big day. But let’s get one thing straight. Although indoor spaces are well-built and perfect for a cozy ceremony, they can never beat an outdoor wedding venue. And what better than cozy, serene garden wedding venues for your big day?

      Sydney is famous for the breathtaking views it offers and its amazing, sophisticated indoor auditoriums. But what it is also famous for is the garden wedding venues Sydney has to present in front of you. Whether you are a minimalist duo or a completely funky boho couple, Sydney offers you a variety of garden wedding venues to choose from.

      Here we have curated a list of 21 garden venues where you can hold your wedding in the peace and tranquillity of flowers. Rest assured, after scrolling through this list, you and your partner will definitely want a garden wedding venue for the biggest celebration of your life.

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      1. Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club Garden

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      If you want a serene wedding venue near mindful landscapes and greenery, the garden inside the Twin Creek Golf and Country Club will be the perfect fit for your wedding. This garden consists of a cute alley that leads to a very eye-pleasing ceremonial court.

      If you think you don’t want to go for that, you can choose to exchange your wedding vows under the shade of the wooden arbour present in this garden. 


      2. Ceremony Garden – Cropley House

      A garden venue might seem a little too exposed for some folks. But fret not. The Ceremony Garden in the Cropley House will be the spot that you have been looking for. This is a private garden wedding venue in Sydney that is very suitable for an intimate, small wedding.

      For brides and grooms who prefer a private space but also want to feel the air and exchange rings under a gazebo, the Ceremony Garden at Cropley is the place for you.


      3. Cottage Lawns – Host Co

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Looking for something budget-friendly but also don’t want to compromise on the perfect cozy, intimate wedding theme? Look no further; Host Co’s Cottage Lawns are the perfect place for you. There is not one, but two cottage lawns available to you based on your needs and guest list size. You can also customize it according to the event that you want to hold here.

      Let it be a wedding ceremony or even the cocktail hour. These cottage lawns are suitable for any of these occasions and more.

      Contact Symphony Events Wedding Styling Services in Sydney, Destination Wedding in Sydney, Wedding Decoration Sydney.

      4. Dear Delicious – Garden

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      As the name of the venue suggests, this place is a very special and intimate spot to hold your wedding day celebration. The garden in Dear Delicious is an embodiment of elegance and aesthetics. If you have a very small guest list and an average budget, then Dear Delicious Garden should be the choice you make.

      The homely feel of this place makes it a perfect entry into the list of the best garden wedding venues in Sydney. 

      5. Centennial Parklands – Rose Garden

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Need something simple but very sophisticated and uptight at the same time? Don’t worry. The Rose Garden is perfect for you to choose as your garden wedding venue.

      The place is surrounded by tall palm trees and the land is adorned with flower beds all over the place. You can have the magic day you have dreamed of in the land of the Rose Garden.

      Also, this garden wedding venue can accommodate up to a guest strength of 150.

      6. Pullman Magenta Shores Resort – The Lakeside Lawn

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Every person dreams of a fairy-tale wedding with their partner. The next one on our list of garden wedding venues is the Lakeside Lawn at Pullman Magenta Shores Resort, which can make this dream come to life.

      This is a beautiful outdoor garden space set up near the serene waterside surrounded by lush green trees and flowers where you exchange vows with the love of your life. 

      7. Belgenny Farm

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      It’s the era of countryside weddings. If country folk is the aesthetic of your wedding theme, what better choice than Belgenny Farm as your garden wedding venue? This farm in Sydney includes wide and expansive lawns with greenery as far as you can see, and unique rustic barns that keep the character of the surrounding countryside.

      Walk down the aisle to the beautiful canopy-like ceremony court in the midst of the beautiful lawns of Belgenny Farm. 

      8. The Royal Botanic Gardens

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      It is not even fair to not include the Royal Botanic Gardens when we are talking about garden wedding venues. The place is part of the historical monuments in Sydney.

      So, if you want to tie the knot with your partner in front of your loved ones at a significant location, the Royal Botanic Garden cannot be beaten. Throughout the garden, you have a variety of venue options to choose from.

      9. Burnham Grove Estate

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Located amidst the vast acres of landscaped gardens, the Burnham Grove Estate in Sydney will be the perfect fit for your country wedding with warm music. You can choose from four extremely gorgeous ceremony locations inside the estate for your wedding ceremony.

      There is also a garden marquee present that serves as a pristine look of the lawns, which you can turn into the perfect reception spot for the wedding.

      10. Miramare Gardens

      outdoor wedding ideas

      This one in the list of garden wedding venues is the perfect blend of elegance and charm. If you are looking for a classy wedding venue for your big day, then this is it. Miramare Gardens is the location just for you. You have a lot of options for the reception to choose from in the Miramare gardens.

      If you prefer, the ceremony can be held right in the middle of the lawn with a cozy arrangement, and you can enjoy the after-party indoors if that’s how you want the event to take place.

      11. Calvin Estate – Hunter Valley

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      As we are talking about garden wedding venues, why not plan something different? Yes, that unique touch to your garden wedding theme would be the wineries at the Calvin Estate in the Hunter Valley.

      The winery grounds are pleasing and similar to the garden aesthetics you might be looking for. Doing country event decor in the midst of an estate winery will definitely make your wedding stand out from the crowd and also give a lot of creative freedom for wedding pictures.

      12. Chateau Elan

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Are you a vintage fan? Then you would definitely like to keep your wedding as vintage-ish as possible, wouldn’t you?

      For this to happen, the Chateau Elan is the best option out there in Sydney for you to choose. What makes Chateau Elan special in the world of garden wedding venues is its way of combining the traditional garden aesthetic with a sophisticated countryside touch, which makes it as vintage as it is. 

      13. Wendy’s Secret Garden

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      For folks who are planning an intimate wedding ceremony, this secret alley garden in the lavender bay will be the best fit. Wendy’s Secret Garden offers you a calm yet serene location for your wedding ceremony and also lets you enjoy the city from a greener perspective.

      As the name suggests, the place has a mysterious charm to it, and this mystery could be a part of your wedding day.

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      14. Lindesay House Gardens

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      A nice view from your wedding venue will serve as a delight for the guests at your function. Right? Then consider the Lindesay House Gardens as your wedding venue, as it offers a mesmerizing view of Sydney Harbour while you hold hands with your partner in the most gorgeous garden on the site. 

      15. Tuscany Estate

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Most people prefer a private experience for their wedding as they just want no noise but just the love in the air with the closest people in their life.

      The Tuscany Estate is the perfect place for a private wedding ceremony and has everything you need for your wedding and the reception.

      16. Eschol Park House 

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Want to do something different from the traditional wedding venues? Then this cultural heritage home, Eschol Park House, might just be the fit. It is located in the Macarthur region of Sydney and is surrounded by vast acres of serene gardens.

      Since the place is covered with lush greenery, the wedding can be a very private and intimate one, just as you wanted.

      17. Centennial Park and Homestead

      Centennial Park provides you with a whole range of garden options to choose from. So, if you’re looking for an extravagant garden wedding venue, Centennial Park is the place to be.

      Since the location is near the CBD, you can have the ceremony in the gardens and head somewhere else for the after-functions as it is not that far away.

      18. Bendooley Lakeside 

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      Some couples are adventurous and want to explore locations that are not mainstream, but at the same time, venues that ooze elegance and green charm.

      Bendooley Lakeside is such a location for you. The lakeside estate offers you a private estate set up with a garden ceremony court to exchange your wedding vows.

      19. Breenhold Gardens

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      For someone who wants a wedding away from the noise and bustle of the city, the Garden Estate of Breenhold is the venue for them. Breenhold Gardens are on the inside of Mount Wilson, with a proper private estate setup, which can be apt for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception.

      The colour hues of this location in the autumn season will be nothing but a magical addition to your wedding day.

      20. Milton Park 

      If you want your guests to experience a whole vacation vibe at your wedding functions, choose Milton Park as your garden wedding venue.

      This private wedding place offers everything that you want to include in your wedding, from a premium spa for the guests to a lounge area in the garden. They have set up cozy arrangements in the middle of the garden for holding your wedding ceremony. 

      21. Ottimo House, Sydney

      garden wedding venues Sydney

      There is no better place to marry your partner than the countryside, which is why it is popular among this generation of couples.

      This location is a dream come true spot for people who have imagined a fairy tale wedding that is completely blended into nature.

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