Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Event Venue in Sydney

Choosing an appropriate venue can be one of the most important steps when you begin planning an event, be it a conference, a wedding, a party, or a small intimate celebration. Settling on a venue will help you finalize major decisions, and keep all your event planning in check. However, even before you can begin looking into this, you need to have a few things figured out.


The venue you zero in on should be capable of housing the number of people you are planning to host. A venue that is too small will lead to a crowded event while having too much space can make the whole event underwhelming. Moreover, larger venues will cost you a lot more and will affect your overall event budget. Estimating the number of attendees can also help you when you begin looking into caterers, getting furniture, and so on.


the overall atmosphere that the venue generates can be a good estimation of how your entire event will turn out. Events can be lively, serious, official, chic, classy, or even below expectations depending on how the venue is set up, where it is located, and the atmosphere that it creates for the guests.


No matter how well you want your event to be and the level of extravagance you dream of, budget constraints exist for every occasion. Make sure that the venue you finalize is the best that is available in the price range you are looking at, while not exceeding your budget. It might be a good idea to go through a few venues and get the feel of the place before you begin to make decisions.


Make sure that the venue will be accessible to all the people that will be attending the event. This includes looking into nearby landmarks, traffic conditions, parking, transportation, and exact address details for giving all the attendees proper information.
Sydney offers a number of different locations to choose from, each with its own specialization. You will find venues that boast elegance and class, venues that hold a rich history, venues that are built for a large audience, designed for conferences, venues for parties, beachside events, and so much more.

Below are a few to give you a general idea of the range of options, but keep in mind that there is a vast range available for every event type, and price range.

1. The Dunbar House:

This is a venue that is offered for meetings, private events, parties, and for closer family functions, with its own facilities which are all state of the art and newly renovated. This waterfront mansion is an ideal location for classy and elegant events that will be smooth sailing from beginning to end, with great services and amazing food.

2. The Wesley conference centre:

This is a space that has been optimized for professional events, including a number of different options in spaces, catering, and audio and video to suit your event needs. The venue has a capacity of around 300 people, which is ample space to hold lively or professional events, as per your needs.

3. The Opera House:

While this may be a far fetched venue unless you are looking to host an extravagant and lavish event, it doesn’t hurt to dream! The Sydney opera house continues to be one of the most widely known event locations in New South Wales, famous as a world heritage venue and has a number of different options for concerts, recitals, and performances. The main rooms that are usually open for hire are the famous Concert Hall, the Utzon Room, and The Studio. It boasts of a seating capacity of almost 6000 for some events, which seems more than enough for any event you can begin to imagine!

4. The Tea Room:

This venue has become quite famous for its place of pride in the Queen Victoria Building, and besides having amazing food, also offers a ballroom that is open for different events, with the right booking of course! The type of event remains entirely up to you, and you have a good amount of freedom with noise levels and can be assured of little to no interruptions. Sounds fairly classy!

This is just the start on a long list of venues that you can choose from when you set your mind to a little hunting. Once you have zeroed in on a venue, the next step will be deciding on the different furniture and things you will need for the event, not to mention all the decorating activities. This is the stage where people usually decide to go for professional help, and with a company like Symphony Events working in Sydney, event decoration has never been easier. Simply get in touch and they will handle most of the seemingly never-ending decoration work and you will have a wide range of options to choose from, to ensure that your event turns out elegant, beautiful, and classy. So go ahead and get started with your event planning, knowing that it is not as complicated as you fear! Good luck!

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