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      20 Engagement Party Decorations from Symphony Events(Sorted by Type & Style)

      In your journey of love, there are an infinite number of moments that sparkle in your mind like stars in the night sky but nothing can beat the moment when you’re about to make it official. The engagement party is a time to raise the toast to the couple’s commitment to each other and to their dreams of togetherness.

      Just like the narrative of any other beautiful occasion, the setting plays a pivotal role. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the swoon-worthy engagement party decorations, where each element weaves together a tale of love and anticipation.

      These decor ideas are sure to make your heart go gaga, leave your guests in awe, and leave your memories etched in the sands of time.

      Ideas for Wedding Decorations That Will Take Your Breath Away

      Let us get on with the list of some of the most loved decor themes at Symphony.

      1. Rustic Romance

      The first thing you have to do here is choose a venue that complements the rustic theme. A barn, a vineyard, a farm, or a garden with native Australian flora would be a great pick. Try to incorporate as many natural elements as possible, such as native flowers, and foliage like euchalyptus leaves, proteas, banksias, and wildflowers, into your bouquets and centrepieces.


      Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

      Wood is the key element in the rustic decor. Add wooden signage, barrels, and crates for an effortless rustic touch. String lights, lanterns, and candles do add that soft glow that helps set the mood for romance.

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      2. Tune in to the Vibrant Hues

      A colourful-themed decor for an Australian wedding is a vibrant and cheeky choice that aligns perfectly with the country’s sprightly culture. This theme is centred on an explosion of hues, so select a rich and diverse palette such as deep reds, vibrant oranges, oceanic blues, lush greens, and earthy browns.

      Pic Courtesy: Party Slate

      Use colourful drapery and linens—tablecloths, runners, and napkins—that go with the choice. Bold and bright fabrics can add a pop of colour. Add colourful accent pieces like vases, candles, and glassware to your tables. These tiny details can make a huge impact on the overall look.

      3. The Splendour of Romantic Pastels

      This theme combines soft, muted pastel hues with the natural charm of the Australian outdoors. Opt for a dreamy pastel colour palette, including shades of soft pink, lavender, pale blue, mint green, and delicate peach. These colours evoke a sense of romance and tranquility.

      Pic Courtesy: Wedding Chicks

      Drape delicate pastel fabrics like chiffon or tulle as part of your decor. They can be used as table runners, chair sashes, or even as elegant drapery for your ceremony arch. Go for softer lighting with fairy lights, candles, and lanterns to create a warm ambience.

      4. Glittery Glam

      Weddings, as you know, are all about glitz and opulence and a glittery theme adds a touch of glamour to your celebrations. Combine the shimmer of metallics and sparkles with the rustic or natural elements to achieve the perfect end look. Create sparkling signage with metallic letters or calligraphy and add some glittery accents to your directional signs.

      For this theme, you can go a bit overboard with the lighting. Use crystal chandeliers, candle-lit candelabras, and fairy lights to create an environment that screams glamour.

      5. Beachfront-Inspired Decor

      The beachside-themed decor has a whole new world of possibilities for us to work with. You can go with nautical elements such as ropes, anchors, and boat steering wheels for decor. Opt for bouquets with white lilies, hydrangeas, and native Australian blooms like sea and lavender, which have an oceanic feel to them.

      beach wedding reception

      Create an island with a pathway of seashells and petals that lead up to the altar and exude whimsical vibes. The tropical greenery and ferns in your floral arrangement would be a great add-on. Consider seashell place card holders and starfish-adorned centrepieces.

      6. Sophisticated Minimalism

      Embrace the clean lines, simplicity, and elegance while allowing the natural beauty of the comely Australian landscapes to shine. Try choosing neutral colour palettes that include shades of white, cream, soft grey, and muted earthy tones to create an understated, sophisticated look.

      When it comes to this theme, always remember that less is more. Use minimalist stationery with minimal ornamentation. White lilies or calla lilies are a great pick for the floral arrangement. For elegant seating, include acrylic or white Chiavari chairs.

      7. Floral Extravaganza

      Select a rich and diverse colour palette, including bold shades of native Australian florals such as crimson waratahs, golden wattles, and purple kangaroo paws. Complement them with greens and earthy tones. A breathtaking floral aisle and well-adorned floral arch are a classic vision of beauty.

      Think of hanging flower-filled terrariums, baskets, or globes from trees, ceilings, or arches. Go for oversized arbors covered in native blooms, creating a sweet background for your vows. Complement the native blooms with abundant greenery, such as cascading vines, ferns, and eucalyptus leaves, adding depth and texture to your decor.

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      8. The Classic Enchanteur

      As you pretty much know, you can never go wrong with the timeless classics. Opt for a timeless colour palette with hues of ivory, cream, gold, and soft pastels. Set the tone with classic and formal wedding invitations featuring calligraphy and traditional designs.

      beach wedding reception

      The bride can flaunt a classic ballgown or A-line wedding dress, while the groom can opt for a classic tuxedo or morning suit. Highlight your venue with crystal chandeliers and elegant candlelight to create a romantic mood. Include traditional decor detailing such as candelabras, antique frames, and vintage-style signage.

      9. Vibing with the Vintage

      For couples who would like to take a walk through the nostalgic charm, this is an ideal theme for you. While choosing your venue, go for ones with historical significance, such as a vintage barn, a historic mansion, or a garden with age-old stone elements. Incorporate retro fonts, colours, and illustrations for your invitations.

      Set tables with vintage china, matched glassware, and retro silverware. Antique teacups and saucers add an effortless touch of vintage elegance. Choose a colour palette that resonates with the era you want to evoke, like blush, mint, lavender, or richer hues such as deep burgundy, gold, and navy.

      10. Destination

      Hand-pick a colour palette that mirrors the destination’s unique elements. For a beach wedding, opt for shades of aqua, coral, and sandy beige. For a vineyard setting, choose deep burgundy, leafy greens, and golden hues.

      beach wedding reception

      Decorate the space with a destination-inspired theme. Seashells and driftwood for the beach, wine barrels and grapevines for the vineyard, or native Australian florals and foliage for the Outback

      11. Bohemian Ecstasy

      For bohemian-themed decor, all you have to do is embrace the free-spirited, nature-loving, and eclectic aspects of boho culture. Opt for a nature-inspired colour palette that includes sage green, terracotta, mustard, yellow and dusty rose, and combine them with rich jewel tones.

      Adorn bouquets with wildflowers, including native blooms such as eucalyptus, kangaroo paws, and billy buttons. Plump for paper lanterns, hang dreamcatchers, and add that tint of macramé detailing from trees or arbours to create a dreamy aura in your backdrop. Hand-painted signs and a DIY photo booth are a great way to add to the boho flair.

      12. Modern and Chic

      Use clean and contemporary decor elements such as geometric shapes, acrylic details, and metallic accents to achieve a modern chic theme. Choose bold and sculptural floral arrangements, using single varieties or monochromatic palettes for an edgy and modern look.

      Set up sleek and contemporary seating with acrylic or ghost chairs, or you could even go for metallic seating options to add that touch of opulence. Incorporate modern art pieces, sculptures, or installations to add an artistic touch to your wedding decor.

      13. Asian-Inspired Decor

      Asians have a rich cultural heritage and diversity, which means they have limitless possibilities for wedding decor and elements. Infuse your decor with a colour palette inspired by traditional hues like deep reds, royal blues, and rich gold. The calming tone of Australian landscapes can excellently balance them.

      Engagement Party

      Incorporate luxuriant bridal lehengas for the bride and the groom can don a sherwani. Adorn your venue with Indian decor, ornate mandapa structures, colourful drapes, and other traditional decor elements.

      14. Game Night

      The theme effortlessly adds a playful and interactive touch to your celebration. Opt for a vibrant and colourful palette that reflects the playful spirit of the game night. Include bright hues like red, cheeky yellows, blue and green.

      Here, there’s a lot of possibility for DIY decor elements too.

      15. Backyard Engagement party

      Look around; your own or your friends’ or relatives’ backyard could serve as the perfect setting for your engagement party celebration. Choose a colour scheme with earthy eucalyptus greens, sandy beige, soft blues, and warm coral as inspiration from the Australian outdoors.

      Use decor elements from your surroundings, such as driftwood, stones, or native Australian flora like native wildflowers or eucalyptus branches. Rustic furniture could add volumes to accentuate the entire look. Wooden tables, hay bales, and mismatched chairs for a cozy seating arrangement.

      16. Elegant Dinner Party

      Create a romantic and elegant aura with candlelight through votive candles, candelabras, or elegant lanterns. Set your ceremony tables with fine china, glassware, and silverware or gold flatware. Elegant linens and personalised place cards add a touch of luxury to your setting.

      beach wedding reception

      Go for floral arrangements featuring garden roses, peonies, and hydrangeas, combined with native blooms like banksias and proteas.

      17. Garden Party: Eden on Earth

      With this theme, we intend to create a vibe as beautiful as Eden on Earth. Going for soft and whimsical colour palettes with pastel hues such as blush pink, soft lavender, mint green, and sky blue, accented by gold and rose gold for a perfect touch of elegance.

      Decorate with garden-inspired elements such as trellises, fairy lights, and hanging floral installations to create magical vibes. Think of adorning the venue with lush, cascading floral arrangements and garlands that blend well with your garden favourites.

      Vintage furniture like wrought iron chairs, wooden benches, and floral cushion covers would look fabulous in a comfy setting.

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      18. Ultra Luxe

      Weddings are all about indulgence, grandeur, and opulence, and this theme absolutely flaunts all three Choose rich colour palettes with deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, royal purple, and accents of gold or silver.

      Adorn the venue with a lavish floral arrangement featuring exotic blooming orchids and abundant roses. Use grand and luxe furnishings such as plush velvet seating, opulent lounges, and elaborate throne-type chairs. Go grand with the lighting too.

      19. Serene Sparks of the Spring

      Spring in itself is the vibe so all we do here is take inspiration from the seasonal blooms of spring. Decorate your backdrop with fresh spring flowers, blooming trees, and potted plants, creating an inviting atmosphere. Use string lights and paper lanterns to illuminate the venue as the sun sets, enhancing the magical ambiance.

      A spring-themed photo booth will be a great add-on.

      20. Casino Night

      Again, a very rich setting decor will make your big day even more magical. Here’s how to create “Vegas Down Under themed wedding decor.

      While choosing the colours, opt for vibrant colours and a glitzy palette to achieve the classic cassino look. Decorate your space with oversized signage, neon lights, and banners showcasing popular casino games. Glam attire is going to look terrific in the setting.

      Set tables with black and red, gold charger plates and casino-themed place cards to elevate the festive look.

      Lets Craft Your Prelude to Forever

      As we’ve explored, there are countless ways to infuse charm, personality, and style into your engagement party. From rustic garden soirees to glitzy casino extravaganzas, your choice of theme sets the tone for the magical chapters yet to unfold.

      Are you planning a dazzling engagement party in Sydney? Let our premium wedding stylists turn your dreams into reality. Contact us today to discuss your vision and experience the epitome of style and elegance for your special day. Your journey to a picture-perfect engagement starts here. Get in touch now!”