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      How To Plan A Wedding Amid COVID-19: Tips From Jack

      The world is facing an unexpected situation due to the pandemic, and its reflections are affecting every life. It is a real challenge to deal with this ever-evolving situation, especially when we plan a celebration like a wedding.

      The government of Australia has restricted the count of wedding attendees to twenty numbers, and the people must follow the ‘one person per 4 square meter rule‘ when in the event.

      Here at Symphony Events, we are also reviving our practices to safeguard the health of couples, guests, and employees. We are at your service, supporting you throughout the process of planning a safe and elegant wedding. We continuously update our work process according to the government’s latest COVID-19 rules and information from experts in the wedding domain.

      It is essential to restructure every step involved in the planning of the big event. Here are some points to help you through the wedding planning process amid the COVID-19.

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      Always Follow Government Rules

      Social distancing is the best way to deal with the coronavirus, and the government has already passed a 4-square-meter rule to ensure it. Make sure that our wedding arrangements also allow a four-meter physical distance between the attendees. The attendees’ number is restricted to twenty to ensure social distance norms.

      Backup Your Plans With Alternative Solutions

      Of course, changing the plan is challenging and stressful, but it is never impossible to set beautiful moments with alternative strategies.

      When it comes to postponing the wedding dates, contact the vendors to make sure they are available on them. Book and block the days to avoid confusion later on. Be mindful of the changes in dates; it is better to note them down on a calendar or mark in a diary.

      Be In Touch With Your Guests

      The guests must be aware of the changes made and about the backup plans. The situation can take an emotional toll on the guests as well. Several feel guilty about celebrating in a situation when many are suffering badly. It is your responsibility to influence them and make them comfortable with the event.

      Even if you have no changes in the plans, communicate with the guests because they will be expecting confirmation in this uncertain situation.

      Set And Circulate Change-The-Date

      If you postpone the wedding, make sure that you notify the changed date to all the guests through prints or online platforms. If you have set up a website for the wedding, update it with the latest information on the wedding function.

      Last-Minute Weddings Can Be A Bad Idea

      With many wedding venues shutting down and several others refusing to take new commitments. So plan your wedding, considering the availability of venues and other vendors of the domain.

      Opt For Virtual Communication

      Technology has advanced and made it easy to manage things virtually. Make use of social media platforms and virtual communication platforms for shopping and dealing with vendors.

      The situation demands to promotion of social distancing, and online platforms prove to be the best counterparts that help in planning and executing successful events.

      Sharing Your Photos Through Social Media

      There are pros and cons to sharing photos on social media, especially when the images are set for public view. Carefully share a few numbers of photos and try to avoid the attendee photos as it can hurt the feelings of many who wished to but couldn’t attend the event.

      Also, displaying wedding photos that don’t stick to the government-laid protocols can invite legal complications for the couple.

      Care Your Health

      It’s normal to feel stressed when you plan for a big event in the current situation. Remember to prioritize your health; after all, weddings are very personal events, built on a strong base of happiness and care. Do not panic about dealing with this unfortunate situation.

      When it comes to arranging a big event like a wedding, challenges are a part of it; but now the challenges have adopted a new face, which is unfamiliar to us. Let us work together against the odds and make the dream event a reality.

      Special Packages From Symphony Events

      Symphony offers special hire packages and Wedding Decoration Packages designed to accommodate the prevailing coronavirus situation’s needs.

      Take a look at our budget packages and feel free to contact us; we are happy to hear from you.

      Hire Package

      Our budget-friendly hire package of 200 dollars includes:

      • A 3/3 meter backdrop with fairy lights.
      • Twenty pristine chair covers and 20 chair sashes of the preferred color.
      • Beautifully set bridal table skirting
      • Four tablecloths, matching your overall theme.
      • Four elegant centrepieces for 10$ each

      Decor Package

      We also offer decor packages for weddings for an unbeatable rate of 900 dollars. The package includes setting up a basic Mandap with all related accessories. Our packages are thoughtfully designed to match the particular requirements of clients during the pandemic situation.