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      22 Most Popular Country Wedding Songs by Australian Artists

      The genre of country music is not usually associated with weddings, however, there are many beautiful ballads that could be used for your wedding. You have nothing to lose by exploring alternative wedding song options” and who knows, you might like some of them!  

      Adding some country music to your wedding playlist can add some soul, expression, and lyrical enduring quality to your special day. Oftentimes, country music songs are performed by live bands very well!

      Supporting Australian musicians is something you love, right? Check out these gorgeous Australian love songs. Find out which tracks we think would go perfectly with your wedding day playlist, including some by our own homegrown talent and a couple by cheeky Kiwis!

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      Top 22 Country Wedding Songs

      The wedding ceremony is the most important aspect of most Australian marriages, according to around 65% of couples. Choosing romantic and emotional wedding ceremony songs is essential when you’re getting married to your loved one. This guide will help you select the perfect music for your wedding ceremony, based on the advice of wedding industry insiders.

      Our collection of 22 Aussie songs to play at your wedding is designed to celebrate all things Aussie musically. This list proves what we all know – Australians have a lot of talent, whether you’re looking for something heartfelt for your first dance or something rocking to get the whole dance floor moving!

      1. A Thousand Years (A Never Wrong Choice)

      I’ve listened to this song while capturing weddings in the past seven years. It’s safe to say that more than a third of the couples I captured use this song during their wedding ceremony. It’s no wonder this song is so popular.

      You can now choose from a variety of wedding versions of this song. You should use the official version by Christina Perri if you plan to marry outdoors or in a chapel.

      An instrument cover would look better in a church if you’re getting married there. This is one of my favorites with piano and cello. The rules for playing this song vary from parish to parish, so check with your priest before playing it.

      2. Marry Me By Train ( Something A Bit Emotional)

      Years ago, I captured the wedding of one of my close friends. My friend who knows this couple’s love story makes me teary-eyed when I listen to this song. You can’t help but be touched by this song when you hear it at a wedding.

      3. Woodlock – Forever Go

      During a lot of time apart, these two couples miss each other, but their love grows stronger by the day. This song was written by an Australian and New Zealand trio. When musicians travel for work, it’s hard to be apart from one another. This is perfect for a couple who misses one another while away:

      4. Woodlock – Baby Girl

      Featuring the NZ/Australian trio for the second time on this list.  In this song about true love, lyrics such as “There will be no one like her love” and “God knows I’m with you, I’ll never break you” are spoken. A great way to express your love for your other half, especially if you call her “Baby Girl”!

      5. Cannon In D Major By Johann Pachelbel ( The Traditional Choice)

      Whether you’re having a Catholic wedding or an outdoor wedding, this song is guaranteed to be one of the most popular entrances. Here is my favorite version with instruments.

      6. Josh Pyke Leeward Side

      There’s nothing we can do about this one! The artist behind this heartfelt tribute is Josh Pyke, from Sydney, Australia. There is a sense of complete devotion from the writer to the subject. “I will be by your side until the day I die ”.

      7. Come Away – Song of the East

      Getting away on road trips and holidays should be a priority for those who love to get away together. It was released in 2015 by this trio, which was formed in 2011.

      “Come away with me, baby

      Join me in my car

      We can go real far away

      Away from here”

      8. Amy Shark – Adore

      Amy Shark’s Adore is another one we can’t get enough of. We remember when we were so smitten with our partners when we were out on the town! This is a special one for Amy:

      There will always be a special place in my heart for this song. There is something special about this song in general. The song is sweet and romantic. My writing style was always pretty negative, so I wasn’t used to writing love songs. I grew to where I am now because of the first time I wrote something positive.

      I enjoy listening to this story because it gives a real sense of what it is like to go out with someone new, fresh, and innocent.

      9. Winterbourne – Steady My Bones

      This song about readiness is written by the amazing Sydney duo Jordan Brady and James Draper. You can play it at your wedding to cement your commitment to each other. Lyrics include:

      “Come on now, I’m ready for it

      Come back now… I’m ready for this”. During the signing of the marriage certificate, it could be a great song (you need a couple for this time!).

      10. Wedding Ceremony Ongoing Songs

      Registry Choices When a Civil Celebrant Performs the Ceremony

      Choosing your registry songs is a bit easier when you tie the knot with a celebrant. I have been listening to the following songs during wedding ceremonies for the past 7 years.

      • “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours by Stevie Wonder”
      • “Stand By Me by Ben E King,1961”

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      11. The Pop Song Choice – “Beautiful In White by Shane Filan”

      It is a truly romantic song thanks to Shane Filan’s beautiful voice. Westlife has been my favorite band since I was in high school. I apologize for being biased. 

      12. Mallrat Charlie

      It just might be true that I love you forever” and “I think you might be an angel”. You’re the angel, Mallrat, AKA Grace Shaw. AWESOME TRACK! There is a lot of love in this song, as well as good feelings and lyrics that are almost tangible. Definitely a hit with me.

      13. Julia Stone 

      A talented Sydneysider declares in this heartfelt track that the angels made you correctly. This song will melt your heart, so take a listen.

      Songs for Weddings in the Catholic Church

      There are some complications involved when you get married in a Catholic Church. Following are the songs for Gathering Songs, Unity Candles, Presentations of Gifts, Communion, and Reflection Songs. If you are unsure about the steps of your wedding ceremony, please check with your priest.

      Have a closer look at the following list of wedding songs!

      14. Gathering Songs – “God Is Able by Hillsong”

      15. Unity Candle Songs – “Ave Maria by Schubert”

      16. Presentation Gift Songs – “One Bread One Body”

      17. Communion – “Amazing Grace”

      18. A Spare One – “Hallelujah by Alison Sparrow”

      19. When you walk out of the altar

      20. Wedding March by Mendelssohn

      21. Marry You by Bruno Mars

      22. Best Day Of My Life by American Authors

      Do brides walk down to the same song as bridesmaids?

      It is customary for the Bridesmaids to enter a separate song, and the bride to enter a different song. A single song can also be used by the entire wedding party. Standing at the front facing the seated guests are the groom, best man, and groomsmen. Upon arrival at the venue, the Usher escorts the bride’s mother to her seat.

      Should a bridesmaid smile when walking down the aisle?

      Looking pleasing is easy when you smile. Smile at everyone who walks down the aisle, even if nobody looks at you. It’s your wedding, so happiness should be evident. Let others know how happy you are by smiling and making them feel the same.

      How do I choose a wedding entrance song?

      Our suggestion is to choose a song that’s upbeat, romantic, and positive to reflect that moment. A song like U2’s “Beautiful Day” or Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” works really well in that situation, as does Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love”.

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      What is a bridal party song?

      There is nothing more fun than dancing with your wedding squad to an upbeat song. The songs are energetic or slow enough to get them on the dance floor and get them up from their seats. In addition to the bride and groom, the wedding party includes bridesmaids, groomsmen, the best man, the maid of honor, as well as some special guests.

      Sum Up

      Among the most famous multicultural cities in the world, Melbourne is one of the most immigrant countries. Music for wedding ceremonies is becoming increasingly complex. Some wedding traditions will be honored by people from different communities and combined with some trends from Australia. 

      You can complete your dream wedding with these top country songs. There is something for everyone on this list of country music to suit a variety of wedding day elements, such as songs that are meaningful, playful, upbeat, hopeful, and romantic. Make sure you include these great tunes in your wedding playlist to help capture the magic and love you feel on your wedding day!