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      18 Church Wedding Decoration Ideas: Ways to Bedeck a Church

      From quaint churches to lofty Cathedrals, Church wedding decorations are an exquisite way to emulate the theme of your wedding. Although a ceremony within a church is much more traditional, you might be wondering how to uniquely bedeck a church for your nuptials.

      Before You Pick Church Ceremony Decor

      • Spark up a conversation with the church administrators to get the hang of the rules for church wedding decorations.
      • Decide a budget for the decorations.
      • If you are working with a wedding planner, a decor specialist, or anyone else who will assist you with the church wedding decorations, then talk through your priorities and ideas with them, and how they will fit in with the theme and colour scheme for your wedding. If you have a tight budget, then setting priorities for decor will be especially vital.

      Below you will find all the unique ideas you want, from aisle archways to show-stopping flower stands and everything in between.

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      1. Aisle Archway 

      Frame your aisleway with an exquisite archway swirled with identical blooms from your bouquet.

      Incorporating a clear starting point in place showcases everyone who walks down the aisle, from the bride to even the ring bearer.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      2. Bold Colour Schemes

      Throughout their year-round decor, certain churches feature bold colours.

      Adjunct the bold colour scheme within, with aisle blooms, altar displays, and even your bouquets.

      vintage wedding ideas sydney

      3. Flowers and Floral Arrangement 

      Flowers- this church wedding decoration is not just simple, but much cost-effective. Incorporate them into the aisle, pew, and altar.

      Or think of flower petals to line your aisle-you can make the most of real or faux flower petals. This makes for a simple, romantic, stylish, and vivid decoration.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      4. Pew Vases 

      Let your blooms remain fresh during your wedding, by securing petite vases to the end of each pew that lines the aisle.

      Display a spray of flowers within each vase, which goes well with your colour scheme.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      5. Wedding Welcome Signs 

      An elegant wedding welcome sign topped with floral garlands will look marvelous in any church setting. Flowers with some touch of green can truly step it up and even make the sign look much better!

      The best thing with welcome signs is that you can repurpose them as an art piece after your wedding and place them in your living room, to remind you of your special day.

      wedding welcome sign ideas

      6. Rustic Entranceway

      This church wedding decoration idea is idyllic for framing the doorway of your church. Weave your blooms into various curved tree branches.

      For a simple church wedding decoration idea and an out-of-the-box photo-op, attach both sides of the entrance!

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      7. Ceremony Floral Arch 

      For a classic look, frame your ceremony with a vivid arch replete with blooms and greenery. For a tenacious theme, incorporate tulle throughout the arch.

      This decor is contingent on whether or not the church allows it or not, as well as the budget. If it’s allowed, then say I do below a ceremonial arch crafted out of roses, lilies, or flowers you favour. But just ensure that the ceremonial arch matches the rest of the church decor. Otherwise, it may look very out of place.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      8. Exterior Decor 

      A good deal of time will be spent by your guests outdoors too.

      To add an accent to the outside architecture of your church, consider incorporating touches of flowers. This also makes for a perfect spot for first-look shots prior to the wedding.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      9. Wedding Carpets 

      A simple church wedding decoration is a wedding carpet in red, white, black, or even brown. Maybe you can avail it from the church.

      Wedding carpets can conceal hideous carpeting and add an air of grace with ease. Let the ushers lay it down the aisle before the bridal party steps in. But make sure that they are properly secured in place, with weights or tapes.

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      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      10. Keep it Simple 

      Getting hitched in a quaint, classic church?

      Then let the style of the church vindicate itself. Deck up the altar with a simple arrangement of roses and greenery to go well with you and your bouquets.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      11. Church Candle Accents 

      A lot of churches already bedeck the interior with altar candles and ornate candelabras.

      This church wedding decoration idea is to blend the candle decor into your ceremony design, simply taking a cue from floral arrangements and ribbons(Think red).

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      12. Natural or Eclectic Candles 

      Let there be light. No matter whether your church venue already has sunlight seeping in through the windows, candles can be a stunning addition to any nuptials as they create a tranquil and poised atmosphere.

      Since they won’t look very exciting when stacked on their own, complement them with a mirror or glass jar which helps reflect the light.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      13. Go above and beyond with Lanterns 

      Vintage lanterns can illuminate all the way down to the love of your life. Line the aisle with vintage lanterns positioned strategically.

      You can choose from designs on the pricier side or modestly priced ones. The best thing about lanterns is that they’ll still look good as it is, even without adding any candles.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      14. Garden Ceremony

      Bring in the zest of a garden ceremony indoors by bringing in potted plants, tree branches, and other touches of greenery to the church.

      For that fresh aesthetic, complete it with delicate fabric and white blooms.

      15. Don’t Forget the Balconies 

      Churches may have balconies at the back, over the altar, or outside the church. Floral garlands can be swirled across the top of the balcony, just as the altar railing. Or nestle candleholders between the sections of the garland atop the railing.

      You can also get the balcony bedecked with wedding lights draped in tulle, which exude a soft glow.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      16. Draping Decor 

      Frame your church doorway with soft blooms and more lush greenery that dangles down.

      They are meant to extend this way, making them idyllic for an arbour or door frame.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      17. Floral Bouquets 

      Make the most of floral bouquets of varying sizes to decorate the interiors.

      The options for decking them are plenty- the entrance of the church, panels, windows, pews, or even anywhere you fancy. But make sure not to go overboard with them or it may seem clumsy.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      18. Flower Stand 

      A couple of show-stopping flower stands will truly shine on your big day! Elegantly crafted and beautifully designed, flower stands can hold candles exuding a dramatic flair or can display flowers.

      A decor that can act as the key feature at the altar or an accent piece for tables, flower stands truly shine.

      Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

      Be Mindful of the Rules 

      Most churches have stipulations regarding objects that you can and cannot use in the church.

      Obeying church wedding decorations rules are not merely a gesture of respect towards the church, but also make sure that you steer clear of fines for any damage later on. Prevalent rules at churches might comprise:

      • Restrictions on the usage of candles
      • Restrictions on flower use, real and faux
      • Rules for adding decorations to the altar, balconies, or pews.
      • Restrictions on usage of confetti, such as birdseed

      While you explore how to decorate for your nuptials, make sure that you tie the accents of your overall design and colour scheme into your church wedding ceremony decor.

      These preferences will even go a long way in designing your wedding invites. Essentially, settle for a design that reflects you and the unique zest of your big day.