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      Bollywood Party Decorations and Bollywood Themed Party by Symphony Events

      Bollywood is like a potpourri of all Indian cultures and celebrations under one roof. Just like that, Bollywood theme parties orchestrated by Symphony Events are a combination of lavish decor, peppy colours, shimmering lights and bulbs, and beautiful Bollywood and other Indian cultural portrayals. Bollywood songs could easily make your foot tap, and the finger-licking, spicy Indian cuisine could get you addicted to it.

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      You could Mimic the old vintage movies or your favourite Bollywood movies and parties to craft invitations for the people. You can opt for Bollywood theme parties for any functions and occasions of your choice in your life, such as pre-wedding parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, post-wedding receptions, or even a birthday party.

      Symphony Events creates the most picturesque stage, ambience, and decor for the Bollywood theme party. Some of the features of Bollywood theme parties that we bring to perfection are: 

      Ambience and Decor

      Bollywood Party

      A Bollywood theme party is lavish and filled with peppy and attractive colours and decor. Symphony Events can craft the ambience and decor of your Bollywood theme party according to your wishes and demands. Venues filled with bright and blushing flowers, numerous candles of different colours and scents, multi-colored drapes and tablecloths, and colour-coded stage designs could give you the perfect Bollywood party ambience you could dream of. 

      These parties can be organised at home, at a hotel, or at a convention centre according to your convenience. Symphony Events has got a group of professional and experienced decor experts to bring your dream Bollywood-themed party to reality. We have several innovative decor ideas for all kinds of parties. The entrance of the venue could be decorated with multi-coloured lights to make it look like a Bollywood dressing room.

      We could also make it really filmy by adding posters and dialogues from legendary movies and actors. Experts from Symphony Events can adapt the decor and colour palette from your favourite movies to let everyone feel the enchanted look of Bollywood. 

      Food and Drinks

      The food and drinks that are served at a party are in accordance with the preferences of the customers. Caterers and other experienced professionals of Symphony Events recommend traditional Indian food items like Rasgulla, Panipuri, Kaju Katli, and so on for your Bollywood-themed party. As it is an Indian Bollywood-themed party, most customers usually prefer a vegetarian menu.

      Hence, serving a whole appetiser like pulao and a delish paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, and other dishes with authentic Indian spices can fill your crowd’s tummies and hearts at the same time. Along with these Indian delicacies and snacks, special Indian drinks such as masala chai, lassi, or a simple, fresh mint lime could be served by Symphony Events.

      bollywood party decorations

      If the party is meant to last for a long time, refresher drinks like fruit sodas, milkshakes, and other small snacks like roasted peanuts, muffins, laddus, and so on could be served. Symphony Events also serves various other kinds of cuisines like continental, Chinese, Arabic, and so on. We could also serve wine and other beverages along with the appetisers.

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      Dress Codes and Costumes

      The dress codes and costumes for these Bollywood themed parties depend on the comfort and choice of the people. If the dress code is for a wedding party in a Bollywood theme, the bride could look alluring with a heavy lehenga, and the groom could wear a kurta and trousers to look like an enticing traditional Indian couple.

      bollywood party decorations

      Choosing a dress code from your favourite Bollywood movie is also perfect. If the Bollywood themed party is for a bachelor party or a bachelorette party, everyone could go for a contemporary look as well, like a cocktail saree with a spaghetti string blouse like Deepika Padukone, a vintage Mumtaz trend of draping a saree, a polka dot saree or dress like Sonam Kapoor, a Punjabi Patiyala suit, an all-white churidar suit, a bodycon dress, a rainbow glittering shirt or dress like Ranveer Singh and so on.

      Entertainment Activities

      Who wouldn’t want to frolic on their or their loved one’s special day? Bollywood themed dances, songs, and other games can make your party more ecstatic and lively. All family and friends could play Bollywood Antakshari.

      Family and friends could perform dances and other cultural activities on stage. Symphony Events would be delighted to arrange and hire a professional choreographer to choreograph and teach dance to all the members of your family and friends for the performance. We could also organise a dance competition between any two groups of audience. 

      bollywood party decorations

      People who love singing could display their talents with a karaoke session. We could also arrange for professional artists to perform for you.

      The party could be anchored by you and your loved ones, or we could hire a professional anchor for the event to make it seem more professional and exquisite. Symphony Events could also set up a Bollywood-style photo booth right in the venue where you and your friends can click goofy and fun pictures and treasure them for life. These are some of the main fun-filled activities that are crafted by Symphony Events for a Bollywood theme party.

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      What Happens at a Bollywood-Themed Party or Bollywood Party?

      A Bollywood-themed party organised by Symphony Events would be an enticingly packed and fun-filled night with a wide variety of activities, food, and entertainment for all the people present. The experience would be exhilarating, and the ambience would be aesthetically pleasing. Some Bollywood theme parties are also costume parties in which all the family and friends dress according to the theme and have an exciting experience.

      Bollywood Party

      You could choose costume themes such as 90s Bollywood, retro Bollywood, and so on. One of the most appealing aspects of Bollywood theme parties is the wide variety of delectable foods.

      Symphony Events arranges all kinds of entertainment and services for the day, which include videography and photography, choreographers, make-up artists, caterers, performers, anchors, and so on. We push our limits to make your venue and ambience as exquisite as possible.