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      Boho Wedding, A Wedding Of Your Dreams

      The wedding is one of the most memorable occasions in one’s life, loaded with love, happiness and laughter. Every couple’s big day is unique, and they envision their wedding day as magical as possible. If you have already begun planning your wedding day, you know there is a massive variety of wedding styles out there to choose from.

      It can be easy to get confused with these tons of styles. But, if your style is more like a woodland nymph and you are interested in an eye-catching décor with earth-toned shades, flower tiaras, leaves, wildflowers, etc., a Boho wedding theme may be just what you’re looking for! Earthy details, foliage installations, an assortment of floral centrepieces using wildflowers and traditional blooms, and long flowing gowns with a vintage vibe can transform a traditional wedding into a bohemian wedding.

      “Boho” is abbreviated for “bohemian”, which refers to an unconventional lifestyle artistically. The boho trend in the wedding is springing up all over the place – and it has been for a long while!

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      What is a Boho wedding?

      A bohemian wedding is a free-spirited wedding style that consolidates an eclectic blend of natural, rustic, hippie, gypsy, and vintage details into décor to create a stunning effect. With this style, you can experience the best facets of classic wedding style yet pull it off in happy-go-lucky hippy fashion.

      boho wedding

      Boho wedding style is chock full of romance, elegance, mystique, and magic. In this style, the woodland wedding fairy touches make sure that your guests remember every second of your big day, long into the future.

      Part of the awesomeness of a bohemian wedding is that it allows for many ways to personalise a wedding with its freedom of expression and frugality.

      Fantastic ideas to incorporate bohemian style into your special day

      The venue

      Discover your dream wedding venue that can fit the eccentric boho theme. Being a wedding style inspired by nature, a bohemian wedding venue is usually deeply rooted in nature, even though it doesn’t generally need to be. Do you know what is so great about a bohemian-styled theme? That is its carefree, laid-back, free-spirited, and romantic style.

      It does not adhere to any set rules or restrictions, so you could likewise pick a metropolitan boho scene that is totally rooted in the city’s core, including museums, art galleries, and industrial spaces.

      boho wedding

      On the other hand, if you are planning a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, then choose a venue that embraces Mother Nature in the entirety of its magnificence. An awe-inspiring outdoor with all the allure and grace is the beautiful background for a stylish wedding in nature.

      Gardens, national parks, cottages, mountains, farms, beaches, or woods are perfect settings for a boho wedding theme. Another choice you should give genuine thought to here is deciding to set up yurt or teepee-style tents outside. You can make your dream wedding a reality because there are no limits to creativity in a bohemian theme.

      You can also look for wooden or stone floors, honey-colored stone walls, stunning barns full of character and charm, refurbished chapels, exposed beams, garden gazebos with ivy, etc. These venues will be a fabulous setting for your ceremony, and photo opportunities are in abundance.

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      Dreamy Boho Wedding outfits

      Attire is a significant factor in any bohemian-style wedding, regardless of whether you’re the bride, groom, groomsman, bridesmaid, or flower girl. You can pick a statement wedding outfit with tons of bohemian flair or settle on a design that incorporates subtle boho elements. It is perfect for the bride to go for a more ethereal style than traditional, full of lace and floral patterns.

      Woven or knitted fabric, bell sleeves, flutter sleeves, tassels, flower embroidery, statement lace, and loose flowy skirts are all fun boho dress elements. Moreover, a boho-styled wedding is the best occasion to take full advantage of mix-and-match dresses for bridesmaids.

      boho wedding

      For an utterly timeless bohemian look, you can use accessories like fringed necklaces, shoulder chains, floral crowns or rhinestone headpieces, brimmed hats, glitzy heels or barefoot sandals, etc. Get creative while accessorizing the dress.

      Meanwhile, the groom can go for alternatives like blue suits, casual, vests or suspenders, boutonnieres or bow ties, comfy khakis and a white shirt, unconventional linen suit, and so on for the bohemian vibe. You could even go for outfits like mismatched formal wear, chambray, khakis, or a button-up and blazer for groomsmen.

      The decorations and goodies

      Each décor detail can truly help solidify an unmistakable bohemian feeling from macrame altar decorations to terrarium-filled tablescapes. Macrame goodies, wildflowers, driftwood, great boughs of greenery, mismatched table linens, floating candle centrepieces, mismatched furniture, green vines, fresh fruits, china, and crystal are some of the boho elements you can add to the décor.

      boho wedding

      Hang a few lanterns or bottles and flowers on trees. Feel free to mix and match; you can incorporate many DIY decoration ideas in a style wedding to bring your unique wedding vision to life. The free-spirited boho style bestows you with a plethora of outstanding décor opportunities.

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      The bohemian cake

      A unique bohemian-inspired wedding cake will make your big day even brighter. Therefore, to get an incredible boho cake with a natural and organic look, go for vibrant colours and traditional details like folk motifs, colourful blooms, greens, succulents, fruits, and feathers. Geode-style cakes, which are stunningly decorated layer cakes designed to look like a geode or a crystallised rock structure, are a great go-to option for a bohemian-style wedding.

      boho wedding

      A celestial-themed cake with sparkling celestial elements inspired by the starry sky is another fantastic choice for the boho vibe. If you are planning a winter boho wedding, one option is to go for a light blue wedding cake with sugar beads, ribbons with pearls, and white feathers. Moreover, wedding cakes accentuated with fresh blooms, berries, and greenery can be a gorgeous idea for a summer boho wedding.

      In addition to a stunning wedding cake design, dress your dessert table with various pastries such as doughnut trees, cupcakes, and meringues in your colour palette. Also, you can use a simple macrame for plate decorating.

      Boho wedding invitations

      You can highlight the theme in “save the date” cards and invitations, which will reinforce setting the boho mood for your big day and get guests excited for what’s to come.

      boho wedding

      Consider card designs with earthy tones, antique floral patterns, belly band tag, feathers, etc., that lends a soft touch of boho beauty. You can also go for white cards with light artistic elements or a watercolour design that consolidates components of nature and a loopy cursive text style to exude a bit of hippie flavour.

      Boho wedding makeup and hair

      For an excellent boho beauty look, go for makeup that enhances your natural beauty. The soft, neutral shades for eyes and lips will look stunning. Also, have your hair styled in a twist, braid, or loose, low bun. For a braided hairstyle, you have options from waterfall braid to fishtail braid.

      boho wedding

      Your big day is such a blend of genuine emotions, enthusiasm, spirits, and bliss all folded into one! With the best boho wedding planners like Symphony Events, you can plan and create your bohemian-themed wedding as free-spirited as you.