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      How to Plan a Big Fat Wedding Without Making a Bankrupt – 20 Quirky Tips

      Indian weddings call for a hearty celebration where you need to ensure that your wedding is the best party that you’ve ever thrown in your lifetime. From choosing a venue to hiring accessories, weddings should be picture-perfect without any sign of frugality.

      But a survey indicates that 74% of newlyweds have debt after their big fat wedding. Therefore a clear-cut idea of what you truly need to afford and whatnot will help you steer clear of being a part of these statistics. Take a look at some of the tips to walk you along to make sure that you won’t thwart your long-term financial goals.

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      1. Try a Digital Invitation

      Printed invitation cards for your near and dear ones come at a price. A great and entirely free alternative is digital invitations, or you can even consider creating a wedding website. What makes this a wiser option is that it not only saves printing costs, but you don’t have to pay for postage as well.

      luxury wedding venues sydney

      On top of that, your guests can easily spot details regarding the wedding venue, like directions, nearby landmarks, etc., and post their images or comments after the wedding.

      2. Keep Your Guest Circle Small

      Even though you have a tendency to invite everyone you know to your wedding, it isn’t that great an idea.

      With each person you choose to include in your list, you do not just make your wedding a less intimate affair, but you’re adding extra costs as well.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      So to make the event an intimate one and cut corners, try inviting fewer guests- the ones whom you really wish to be a part of your big day.

      Cut down your wedding list by 20% move on to cut another 20%, and see to it that you’re happy with the list or not.

      3. Book Everything in Advance

      Book the wedding hall of your choice six months prior to the wedding. Not only does booking the venue matter a lot, but booking the caterers, decorators, and photographers in advance is equally important.

      The downside of last-minute preparations is that you won’t have any other option left, but to outsource vendors from another city, with the unavailability of native vendors.

      The Tea Room Sydney

      Booking well ahead of time won’t burn a hole in your pocket in contrast to trying to book a venue at the last minute, or snag a caterer, especially in the wedding season.

      4. Plan an Off-season Big Fat Wedding

      Do your parents wish to go ahead with an auspicious date as chosen by an astrologer? Or do your parents wish to go ahead with a date that you choose? If so, then it’s wiser to go for a date that falls in the off-season.

      Being the season where most numbers of big fat weddings take place, it’s better to give wedding season a miss- you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for everything, starting from the venue to the decorations, in fact, you’ll be taken aback by the amount of money that you’ll save, by picking an off-season date.

      Conca D’Oro

      In Australia, the Peak season falls in November(Spring) and March(Autumn) and attracts exorbitant prices with increasing demand over these times.

      Whereas, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, June and July are considered as an off-season. You may get quoted a lower price for your wedding venue, owing to the less demand, and for other services, such as photography, catering, and flowers.

      5. DIY Whatever Possible

      No matter what you’re into- crafting some cluster floral centrepieces or experimenting with table runners or designing a floral photo booth backdrop, you’re saving a whole lot of money, by DIY everything possible. But the thing is, never over-commit.

      Go ahead with the DIY project, only if you’re completely confident, after choosing a DIY project wisely. And if you think you’re not creative or full of DIY ideas, then try to seek the help of your family member or friend who is exceptionally creative.

      The Lemnos

      Symphony events specialize in marquee hire, marquee flooring hire, stage hire, chair hire, table hire, mandap decorations hire, and table cloth hire– everything you need for your much-awaited day! If you’re still looking for equipment hire, then our range of equipment is sure to inspire.

      So when you count on us for all your rental needs, instead of relying on multiple suppliers, you can considerably bring down wedding costs.

      6. Set Budget in Prior For Everything

      If you have plans to fund your big fat wedding with your significant other, then it’s important that you sit down with your partner and set a budget for everything in advance. If you’ve plans to settle the expenses, with the help of your parents, then you need to sit down with them and discuss the overall budget.

      If you’ve already made a decision regarding the date of the wedding, then it’s high time that you make a decision regarding the venue, catering, and outfits as well as the amount you spend for each.

      Sydney Town Hall

      Through this, you can pick out which costs matter the most and spot where all you can cut down costs.

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      7. Consolidated Events

      A variety of traditions are followed for Indian big fat weddings, be it in North India or South India, which normally go on for a few days. And each ceremony comes at a price. If it’s the sangeet ceremony, then you need to set aside money for the DJ, lights, decoration, and food.

      And if it’s Mehendi, then there’s an extra cost of food and decoration, along with the cost of Mehendi artists.

      The Sapphire Sydney

      Consider clubbing multiple events, preferably on the same date and same venue, or try having one consolidated event, to bring down wedding expenses a few notches.

      8. Choose the Venue Wisely

      Think out of the box if you’re after wedding venues to bag a good deal. Consider hosting all the events at the same venue, instead of choosing different venues to host each event. Most importantly, your options are not just limited to a banquet hall a 5-star hotel, or a ballroom- you can save a ton of money by settling for a beach wedding, a heritage house, or even a hilltop venue, for which you may even get a good deal.

      And, gone are the days of getting hitched in a wedding hall. Or if you want to keep it short yet wish to seek the blessings of God, just go for a temple wedding, which is a cheaper affair.

      Think the other way around and choose a comparatively low-priced venue, and spend more on decorations, to save money that you’ll otherwise spend for an exorbitant venue. With that, you’re not just saving money, you can actually bring in elegance and visual appeal.

      9. Hire Wedding Dresses if Possible

      Needless to say, wedding outfits and jewelry come with a price. But it doesn’t have to be newly bought. Instead of shopping for something new for each event, consider donning something that you already have, and when it comes to a bridal outfit, borrow your mother’s wedding attire.

      In fact, the wedding outfits that you wear will be stranded in the corner of your wardrobe after use, or your jewellery will be locked forever safely in a safe.

      There are a few cloth and jewellery renting stores where you can try your hands at.

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      10. Choose a Simple Menu

      Pick simple dishes for the menu, and let it be few, instead of including as many dishes as possible. By doing so, you’ll realise that the money that you have saved is quite a large amount.

      How large the guest list is, will dictate how you choose dishes for your menu.

      Grand Royale

      Consider spending less per plate, to save a bit of cash. Choosing dishes can sometimes be tricky since what appeals to one guest won’t appeal to the other. Make sure that from the starters to the final desserts served, the dishes should not be heavy.

      11. Don’t Fund Everybody’s Trip

      Is yours a destination wedding? Or does your partner hail from another city, due to which you can’t have the big fat wedding in your city?

      If so, then most of your invitees can afford to fund their trip. You really don’t have to bear the costs of everybody’s trip, be it the plane tickets, train tickets or even the cost of accommodation.

      Wedding Dance Floors in Sydney to Hire

      Unless there is a situation where your guests can afford to fund their trip, then you can go ahead and bear the travel costs. But apart from this exception, there is no need to fund your guest’s travel and accommodation.

      It was the norm to do so, in the past, but it’s high time that you steer clear of such practices.

      12. Avoid Return Gifting

      Are you planning to buy return gifts for your close ones or for the entire soiree? Then it will definitely add up to your bills. However, you can give a return gifting a miss altogether.

      Instead of giving away expensive guests such as sarees, crockery sets, or other costly items, consider DIY return gifting.

      The Highline Venue

      Enlist the help of your creative relatives or friends to DIY return gifts. If return gifts are a gesture of goodwill, then you can choose to spend money on the gifts but just make sure that you don’t spend a lot on such gifts.

      13. Choose a Wedding Planner Wisely by Checking Their Previous Works

      Not many are aware of the fact that wedding planners can actually bring down wedding costs a few notches by arranging with partner vendors for discounts and other perks. They’ll work within your budget, create schedules, and timelines, and make sure that your big fat wedding goes without a hitch.

      A pro wedding planner will lead you in the right direction and offer you smart advice while saving a lot of money and time.

      So take your own time and pick the best wedding planner so that you can revel in your wedding day with your family and friends. If possible, talk with the previously wedded couples about the wedding planner of your choice.

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      Having actualised numerous weddings in Sydney, we just want to tell you that for us, nothing is a stretch too far and we’re here to walk you along through each step of planning and organising your wedding.

      We know exactly how to single out only the best suppliers in Sydney, in order to make both the wedding planning and styling seamless and hassle-free. Whether it’s a big fat wedding or a destination wedding, we will work closely with you and only the best vendors to actualise what you have envisioned.

      We had the privilege to associate with numerous couples across Sydney, to actualise their wedding dreams.

      Hyatt Regency Sydney

      The two foremost traits that a wedding planner should have, besides being adaptable and understanding are creativity and patience. Being at the forefront of wedding planning since 2012, Jackson Fernadez, the founder and CEO of Symphony Events, is the very epitome of creativity and patience, having dealt with a great portfolio of weddings to date. Event planning, especially weddings, is all about details.

      That’s exactly what he is into- attention to detail and attaining perfection while getting into the thick of things. What makes him the prime choice of couples in Australia is his professional approach and personalised attention.

      14. Take Advice From Recently Wedded Couples

      wedding decoration hire

      Have you recently attended a wedding where you really had a good time? It can be that of your close friend a relative or anyone acquainted with you.

      If so, then take advice and insights from those couples. They’ll be most probably happy to share their experience with you, as well as suggest some tips and tricks that they have got along the way. This way, you get to know everything that you should be aware of regarding the ceremony.

      15. Hire the Accessories Accordingly

      Minto Mandir Shri Shiva Mandir

      Wedding accessories are something that takes a heavy toll on your budget. If both the wedding and reception spaces are nearby, then instead of renting separate accessories for each event, make the accessories do double duty.

      During the cocktail hour, seeking the help of venue staff or your family members, you can move the rentals. Consider making some transformations to change its look through budget-friendly alterations.

      16. Switch to a Daytime Wedding to Avoid Extra Expenses in Lighting

      If you’re not getting married during the daytime, then extra expenses for lighting may add up. By switching to a daytime wedding, you can not just avail of less expensive catering and expect the event spaces to charge less but honestly save money that you’ll otherwise spend for lighting.

      And on top of that, daytime weddings can be more casual than non-daytime weddings.

      17. Smart Shopping For Dresses

      During a popular season, the most in-demand item will cost you more. For this reason, try an off-season time to shop around your wedding attire.

      The best part is that you may sometimes get a discount making it a much ideal for shopping from your favourite brand which may otherwise come at exorbitant price tags.


      Additionally, you have quite a lot of options to make a wedding purchase. Your option is not just limited to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, but you can even check some online sites as well.

      You can quickly compare the price and pick a suitable attire for your big fat wedding.

      18. Choose a Weekday

      If you’re planning to host the wedding on the weekend, then it’s wiser to change it and set the wedding on a weekday, considering the drastic change in expenses it can make.

      By hosting a weekend wedding, you’ll not just expand your guest list but expand the cost per plate as well.

      shangri la

      Just choose to have your wedding on a weekday as suggested by the astrologer. Don’t forget to ensure that the chosen date is not a holiday.

      19. See What Your Venue Has to Offer

      Prior to booking a wedding venue, it will be better to ask out their policy on rentals. Certain full-service venues offer chairs, tables, and other items often at no extra cost.

      But you have to provide everything on your own if the venue of your choice doesn’t host many weddings. You can cut down costs by picking a venue that offers partial or full rentals, in order to make the most of what they offer.

      20. Keep Everything Simple

      The more intricate details like wedding dresses, centrepieces, wedding cakes, or wedding invitations are, then the more expensive they will be. But if you think that some elements are a must, then take the less-is-more approach.

      For instance, a simple, flower arrangement paired with some candles will cost less in contrast to ceiling-scraping centrepieces.

      Luna Park Venues

      When it comes to invitations, avoid deckled edges, illustrations, custom calligraphy, and other expensive details.

      Following these tips will definitely walk you along with your big fat wedding that calls for more than just one day of celebration.

      Just remember that you can still have a zestful and opulent big fat wedding without compromising your financial goals and without falling into debt.